Top Live Casinos in Germany

Located in Central Europe and hailed as the financial and political center of Europe, Germany, is one of the highest-developed countries in the world. Playing live casino games is something that many people love doing around the globe.

Most people engage in online gaming activities the real-life experience and the fun of it.

There are players in Germany accessing live casinos available as a pastime. Here are a handful of things worth understanding about the best live casinos in Germany in 2022.

Top  Live Casinos in Germany
German Live Casinos

German Live Casinos

When players search for German online casinos, they want to find the best options. This means connecting with casino providers who offer an extensive range of games and bonuses, as well as a great experience for players when they head online. There are a number of different licensed casinos in Germany, so casino reviews are vital in assisting with this search.

We help players find these reviews so that they can sign up for accounts at the top German online casinos. These reviews are designed to be impartial and easy to compare, offering a clear and transparent route through a sometimes confusing marketplace.

Convenience and Flexibility in Live Casinos

German live casinos use digital connections to stream games in real-time. Players using these digital connections experience gameplay the same way they would in a physical casino — placing live bets and communicating with dealers and operators at tables, slots, and roulette wheels within Germany.

All of this is achieved with a high level of convenience and ease. Mobile devices and tablets allow customers to play on the move or from the comfort of their sofa, although these customers can choose to play from desktop PCs or other devices if they prefer. Convenience and flexibility are two factors that make live casino gaming so popular in Germany and around the world.

German Live Casinos
Future of Live Casinos in Germany

Future of Live Casinos in Germany

Thanks to the latest changes that were made in the German law on gambling, the future of casinos in Germany is looking very bright. It is projected that the new regulations will be of massive economic benefit. Online casinos will be paying in taxes and employ thousands of people, thus further solidifying Germany as one of the most powerful and most economically advanced countries in the world.

As for the specific types of games that people love, live casinos are expected to be the future of online gambling in Germany. These games are a fairly new concept and have risen in popularity very fast. It is expected that they will completely dominate the online casino industry by 2025.

Future of Live Casinos in Germany
Best Live Game Providers

Best Live Game Providers

German players are always looking for the best live casinos to play their favorite games at. They have extremely high standards when it comes to the game library, which is why they are always searching for the most reputable and trusted game providers in the world.

Here are the top software popular in Germany:

Best Live Game Providers
Top Casino Bonuses in Germany

Top Casino Bonuses in Germany

Seeing as live casinos are vastly popular in Germany, players like to utilize bonuses when playing. Read all about the most popular bonuses and know what to look out for in these live casinos:

  • VIP Programs

The percentage that players receive varies from one casino to another, but there is an additional factor that may influence it. That is loyalty programs. Loyalty programs, or also known as VIP programs are special clubs in which the most loyal players at live casinos are members. They level up by playing casino games for real money and the higher the players are on the VIP scale, the better the bonus percentage is.

  • Welcome Bonuses

Next up, welcome bonuses are the second-most preferred live casino bonus for UK players. These are provided to newly-registered players and they reward them on their first few deposits. In most cases, welcome bonuses match the amount of money players have deposited. Welcome bonuses can be applied to any of the player's favorite live casino games. However, the wagering requirements are higher compared to regular casino games. It is best to read terms and conditions before signing up.

How To Claim These Bonuses

All of the preferred bonuses in Germany come with terms and conditions. They vary from casino to casino which is why it is important for players to read them. Two general terms and conditions that apply to these bonuses are:

  • the player must be of legal age
  • he/she must be registered at the casino

Welcome bonuses are only available to newly-registered players and can be claimed just once. There is also a minimum deposit amount which usually varies between $10 and $20.

Some additional terms that the casino might implement are bonus codes to claim bonuses and/or contacting the Support team before you claim the respective bonus.

Top Casino Bonuses in Germany
Live Casino Gambling Laws and Restrictions in Germany

Live Casino Gambling Laws and Restrictions in Germany

Until 2008, there were no laws or regulations prohibiting online gambling in Germany. However, since this date, the situation has grown more complex, and German rules have become stricter.

Players must respect and abide by the laws and regulations in their local area. Responsible and regulated gambling is vital to the industry as it grows, and players need to support this by choosing licensed and approved betting providers and live casinos. We only provide live casino reviews for licensed and legal operators, but players still need to be aware of restrictions in their own regions.

Legal Live Online Casino Gambling in Germany

Online gambling is legal in Germany but only within a single jurisdiction — the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Authorities in this state provided online casino licenses to more than 30 different providers in 2012 when it opted out of a nationwide treaty to outlaw gambling.

Since then, Schleswig-Holstein has declined to provide new licenses to German live casinos. The only casinos permitted to provide these games are those that already have licenses — around 24 of these remain. Within Germany, only players in Schleswig-Holstein are allowed to place bets on these casino games.

Placing Bets on Live Casinos in Other Areas of Germany

It is illegal to place bets on Schleswig-Holstein casino games from any German location outside of the state. However, many German players continue to do so, and the authorities have not prosecuted anyone for doing this.

We cannot advocate or encourage placing bets from German areas outside Schleswig-Holstein. All players are advised to abide by the laws of their local jurisdiction. Players based outside Germany can play in live casinos in Schleswig-Holstein, as long as their local jurisdiction permits gambling.

Live Casino Gambling Laws and Restrictions in Germany
How We Select the Best Live Online Casinos in Germany

How We Select the Best Live Online Casinos in Germany

Finding the top casino sites in Germany is the main priority for gamblers exploring their options in this market. With this in mind, we offer reviews that customers can use while they seek the best German casino options.

All of the German casino sites we feature here on the website are safe and secure. We view this as a basic necessity for players, but we also recognize that these players need more than just the basics, which is why we review casinos based on a wealth of different attributes. These include;


The casino must be easy for all players to access, with a user-friendly interface across different devices. The casino site also needs to cater to users with specific access requirements, such as gamers with disabilities or impairments.


The best of Germany's casinos will provide high levels of security to their customers, utilizing secure payment gateways and multi-factor authentication to protect player data. This is a major factor we consider when giving casino reviews to customers.


Players need to know how different live casinos perform in the German and international markets. Therefore, we include information on the popularity of various casino sites among players, providing comparisons with other gaming providers.


All gamblers need to be able to enjoy safe gameplay. Therefore, casino game providers should not provide offers that encourage irresponsible gambling or host ads that expose customers to fraud.

Company Website

The best live casino sites in Germany have a user-friendly design and SSL encryption. Players need to find casino companies with reliable websites that are easy to use.


German online casinos need to offer great support to their customers, assisting them with any queries or issues they might encounter. Therefore, we try to help players find the casinos with the best levels of support.

Product Range

The product range is another important aspect of our reviews. Customers need to be able to access a wide variety of different games online, from poker and baccarat through to roulette and Sic Bo.

How We Select the Best Live Online Casinos in Germany

Latest news

Greentube Debuts in Germany Via OnlineCasino Deutschland AG

Greentube Debuts in Germany Via OnlineCasino Deutschland AG

On July 7, 2021, Greentube announced that its' game portfolio would debut in the newly-regulated German market via OnlineCasino Deutschland. Now this makes the Novomatic Interactive division one of the first casino game developers to enter the market.


Everything you need to know about casinos

Who regulates online gambling in Germany?

Even though the new Interstate Treaty of 2021 legalized online gambling in Germany, it is set to come into effect in July 2021. Hence, a regulatory body that will oversee and regulate all online casinos in Germany is yet to be formed.

Is Bitcoin accepted as a payment method in Germany?

Yes, Bitcoin is an accepted payment method in Germany. Not only that, but this cryptocurrency has had a certain rise in popularity in the recent period. Due to the fact that it is fully optimized for online use and players gain access to unique Bitcoin games is more than a reason for them to use it as a payment method. It is worth noting that it is nowhere near as popular as regular payment methods like credit and debit cards, though.

What is the role of Schleswig-Holstein in the online casino industry in Germany?

Schleswig-Holstein was the only state that defied the 2012 Interstate Treaty which stated that online gambling was illegal in Germany. Instead, this state created its own Gambling Act which allowed 23 casino operators and 25 sports betting operators to obtain licenses and legally provide its services to the players.

What is the legal age for gambling in Germany?

The legal age for gambling in Germany is 18.

Are withdrawal fees applied?

Withdrawal fees are not charged in most cases. However, that depends on the online casino that the player chooses as well as the payment method. E-wallets, especially Neteller and Skrill, usually come with withdrawal fees. The Banking tab of the chosen online casino has all of the information on this topic.

Are live dealer games popular in Germany?

Yes, live dealer games are among the most popular and most favourite games for German players.

What is the most preferred bonus in Germany?

Cashback bonuses are the most preferred bonuses in Germany. Welcome bonuses and various types of sportsbook bonuses also deserve a mention as they are connected to the most popular games for German players.

What is the future of live casinos in Germany?

Considering the fact that online casinos will be legalized in Germany, the future of online gambling is looking very bright in this country.

When were live casinos legalized in Germany?

All gambling-related activities in Germany will become legal in 2021. The new Interstate Treaty is set to come into effect in July 2021 and from this point, online casinos will be legal to operate in Germany.

How fast are deposits in live casinos?

A vast majority of the payment methods at online casinos provide the players with instant deposits.