Play Live Blackjack Online - Top Casinos in 2024

Live online casinos have made Live Blackjack more convenient than ever before. The thrilling action of Live Blackjack may now be experienced anywhere and whenever you choose. The integrated technology of the best live blackjack casino options makes it simple to get into the action on any device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Play against real dealers, chat with other players, and make in-the-moment strategic calls, all from the comfort of your own smartphone. Live Blackjack online puts the power of the game into your hands, allowing you to play anywhere and whenever you choose.

Play Live Blackjack Online - Top Casinos in 2024
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What is Online Live Blackjack?

As one of the most popular games, in live blackjack, online players face a real live dealer who is streamed on a live video. Communication between the dealer and the players is in real-time courtesy of a live chat function.

The player uses a computer screen to place a bet through a console. Any technical problems that may arise are solved by a technology manager. Live Casinos are an increasingly popular way to gamble online. To find the best live blackjack casinos, a player can view the full list of live blackjack online casinos CasinoRank has listed.

The Pros & Cons of Online Live Blackjack

Online Blackjack Live Dealer

There is always a real human dealer in Live Blackjack casinos. This dealer interacts with the players and facilitates the game. Players can join in on mobile or desktop devices from all over the world.

Players communicate with the live Blackjack dealer via chat and place wagers digitally too. In the beginning, live Blackjack was criticized for its technological problems. Poor internet speed and inadequate hardware technology meant that the video often froze, disrupting the game and experience for the players. But more recently, the proliferation of high internet speed along with other technological advancements has made Live BlackJack far smoother and much more reliable.

Another recent change in live Blackjack is the ability to choose the language of your dealer. Providers offer many different languages in the hope that this will make players more comfortable and improve their experience. These improvements in the game have led to a fast rise in its popularity and for gamblers to find the best live dealer Blackjack suitable for them.

All About Online Live Blackjack Dealers

How to Play Live Blackjack Online

Once players have chosen the top live blackjack casinos, the game gives the best of both worlds; the convenience of online gambling as well as the traditional feel of a classic game of Blackjack. Optical character recognition technology is used to translate the results of the physically dealing of cards into data so that players can interact with the game in a similar way to how they would in a virtual casino game. Typically there is a technology manager employed to ensure that the technical problems are solved quickly.

Live casino blackjack varies depending on the provider. But most variations use Las Vegas Strip rules as the standard.

Live Blackjack Rules

When gamblers have found their best live blackjack online casino, it is essential to understand the rules. In a live blackjack casino, the goal of a player is to accumulate a total number of cards that are closer to 21 to beat the dealer. The dealer and players start with 2 cards. In each round, the player can either hit the dealer (take a card) or stand (take no card). They can also double down or raise the bet by 100% at maximum.

Whilst Live Blackjack can vary slightly across providers, most follow the standard Las Vegas Strip rules. The aim of the player is to have a total closer to 21 than the dealer. The total refers to the sum of the cards in the hand of the player.

Whilst a table usually has 7 seats, each player is competing individually against the dealer. All players and the dealer begin with a hand of 2 cards. At each round players choose one of these options:

  • Hit - To take another card from the dealer.
  • Stand - To take no more cards from the dealer.
  • Double Down - Increase the initial bet by up to 100%. If a player chooses to Double Down they will receive only one more card.
  • Split - If a player receives two cards with the same value at the beginning of the game, they may choose to split these cards into two hands. The player must place an additional bet equal to their original. The player now has two separate hands and the dealer will draw an additional card to each. There are some restrictions placed on a split hand. An ace and a 10-value card are treated as a 21, not a blackjack. A split ace will only receive one extra card, meaning a player cannot hit again.

Aces count as either 11 or 1, face cards as 10 and number cards are worth their written value. If your first two cards are an ace and a ten-value card then you have BlackJack and win 1.5 times your bet. If the total value of your cards is closer to 21 than the dealers, you win your bet amount. If the total of your cards is 21, then you ‘bust’ and of course lose your bet.

If you draw with the dealer, that is your total and the total of the dealer are of the same value, then neither of you win and the bet is returned to you. This is called a ‘push’ and only occurs if the card total is higher than 17.

Live BlackJack uses 8 decks of cards. The live dealer blackjack online must draw on all totals of 16 or less and stand on all totals of 17 to 21. This can vary slightly depending on the provider's rules regarding whether the total must be a soft or hard 17. Doubling down is allowed on any initial pair.

Doubling after a split is usually permitted and re-splitting is usually allowed as well. Cards are usually shuffled either by a machine or on a separate table. This is usually done within the sight of the player. Cards are dealt from the dealers left to right.


Like Poker and Baccarat, a blackjack live casino offers a standard pack of 52 cards. But the six-deck game is more common, providing 312 cards. The live dealer holds a blank plastic card that is never dealt. It marks the stage at which cards need reshuffling. The shuffling is done by an RNG machine. Then the cards are dealt from left to right.

How to Win at Live Blackjack

Novices are advised to start with blackjack online free. One of the live blackjack tips to win the game is to capture a 10 and an ace during the first round of 2 cards. The goal is to acquire a total number of cards almost at 21 or have the dealer going bust.

The player beats the dealer if the latter has a total number of cards exceeding 21. There are mathematical concepts that can be used to increase the odds of winning. These formulas depend on the face-up card of the dealer and whether the total number of cards is soft or hard.

A soft total is one that includes an ace. A hard total doesn’t have an ace. A good rule of thumb is to choose games with fewer decks of cards. A single deck is easier, though rare in online casinos. Side bets can also increase the chances of winning.

Online Live Blackjack Tips & Tricks

Live Blackjack Online Software Providers

The top leading live blackjack software providers are Evolution Gaming And NetEntertainment.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is the world leader in live dealer gaming. They provide quality live casino blackjack online production studios based in Latvia and Malta. Their services are provided on a commission basis to gaming operators.

There are 7 core seats available at each live table. Additional players can get involved by joining in through the ‘Bet Behind’ feature. This feature makes their Blackjack game highly scalable. Blackjack Party is a variant of the standard Live Blackjack offered by Evolution. In this version the game is guided by a dealer and co-hostess, who work to ensure a fun experience for the players.

Pre-decision is another feature of Evolution’s Live Blackjack, where players can make their decision to Hit, Stand, Double Down or Split while they are waiting for their turn. This gives more active game time for the players as well as more games per hour for the operators.

Net Entertainment

NetEnt has been a digital entertainment provider for over 20 years. NetEnt Live delivers custom solutions to gaming providers that operate on both mobile and desktop devices.

NetEnt offer several variants of live Blackjack games like:

  • Live Common Draw Blackjack- this game is where an unlimited number of players can participate in the game.
  • Live Perfect Blackjack- is where players are dealt cards according to the perfect Blackjack strategy.

This means that the house’s edge is lowered to 0.5 percent. NetEnt is the only provider in the market to offer autoplay. Live Perfect Blackjack is fast, easy to use, and popular amongst new users.


Best Payment Methods at Blackjack Live Casinos

Blackjack is the most widely played casino banking game in the world. This popular game is a variation of twenty-one, with two to seven players betting on the outcome of one to eight standard card decks. If you're searching for live online blackjack, there are lots of casinos to choose from. Live blackjack streaming has taken off around the world, with casinos offering easy access and simple payment solutions.

From Visa and Mastercard to Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal, the following payment options are available:


As the leading payment provider in the world, Visa has unmatched security and scope. It can be used at most online blackjack live casino establishments. Visa is backed by the Visa Secure authentication system and supported by low fees, instant deposits, and multiple card options. Read more about Visa in live casinos here.


As a trusted global payment provider, Mastercard is used by casinos around the world. It offers trusted purchase protection, reliable customer support, and robust global certification. This payment solution has low fees, instant deposits, and multiple card options. Read more about Mastercard in live casinos here.


As one of the world's leading digital wallets, Skrill has support throughout the casino industry. It is supported by prepaid Mastercard and other payment types. This solution allows email transactions and instant deposits, and it provides complete cryptocurrency integration. Read more about Skrill in live casinos here.


As a leading digital wallet provider, Neteller is used by live casinos in every corner of the world. It offers multiple money transfer options and cryptocurrency support. This service also offers no fees, instant deposits, and cashouts from instant to 48 hours. Read more about Neteller in live casinos here.


As the world's oldest online payment and digital wallet solution, PayPal is widely supported and completely secure. PayPal offers transaction dispute mechanisms, no fees for most users, instant deposits, and cashouts from instant to 48 hours. This option is ideal for live online blackjack. Read more about PayPal in live casinos here.


Top Blackjack Bonus Offers

If you want to find the perfect live blackjack casino for your needs, you need to understand bonuses. The availability of these bonuses may depend on your location, deposit amount, and deposit history. Multiple bonus options are available, such as the following:

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonuses are available from many live casinos. This bonus type is easy to understand, with new players given free money when they sign up for a service. There are differences between welcome bonuses, however, with some casinos offering a set sum and others offering a sum based on your deposit amount. Read more about welcome bonuses in live casinos here.

Cashback bonus

Cashback bonuses offer players a specific amount of money whether they win or lose. This bonus is designed to keep players engaged with a specific casino or gambling service. When you're researching online blackjack live casino offers, it's important to review and compare cashback options. Read more about cashback bonuses in live casinos here.

VIP bonus

VIP bonuses, also known as exclusive bonuses, are designed to attract high rollers by giving them access to various perks. Live casinos offer multiple VIP options dependent on specific eligibility criteria. Along with financial bonuses, other perks may be available to promote loyalty among VIPs. Read more about VIP bonuses in live casinos here.

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses provide new players with additional funds when they sign up for a gambling service. If you want to enjoy live online blackjack and take advantage of new betting opportunities, these bonuses are a major advantage. No deposit bonuses offer rewards without risks. Read more about no deposit bonuses in live casinos here.

Affiliate payment bonus

Affiliate payment bonuses offer financial rewards when you make deposits via a specific payment provider. For example, some casinos may have a relationship with Bitcoin, and others may be partnered with a digital wallet provider. If you don't have a preference when it comes to deposits, these bonuses can be a great way to add funds to your account.


Blackjack RTP

The percentage return to player, or RTP, is the expected percentage return from a specific game of chance when analyzed on a long-term basis. This percentage can either be calculated mathematically or worked out via simulation. Live online blackjack typically has an RTP between 98-99%, with the exact RTP for blackjack dependent on the highly-variable rules of the game.

While the house always has an edge in blackjack, this advantage varies widely. For example, the 3 to 2 natural blackjack payout lowers the house edge by 1.39%, using a single deck lowers it by 0.47%, and doubling down on any two cards lowers the house edge by 0.25%. Other rules also come into play, including soft 17, DAS, re-splitting aces, and late surrender.

Blackjack House Edge

When players take part in live casino blackjack games, there will be a casino game house edge they need to be aware of. This is fundamentally the opposite of the RTP (return to player) and refers to the percentage of the player winnings that the casino will keep.

This means if a player wins $100 on a live casino blackjack game but only keeps $98, the house has taken $2 as a fee. This puts the house edge at 2%.

How to Spot the Blackjack Casino Game with the Lowest House Edge

When searching for the lowest possible blackjack house edge, what should players look out for? Take a look at some typical rates.

  • The blackjack house edge is considered low if it is below 2%.
  • A blackjack house edge of between 2% and 5% is medium.
  • The house edge in blackjack is considered high if it is above 5%.

Country and Regions

When you start to use live casinos, you can play blackjack and other games from anywhere in the world. Blackjack is broadcast and streamed on a live video link, which makes it easy to view the action, make bets, and communicate with the dealer via your computer. Depending on your country, multiple casinos may be available to choose from.

If you're searching for an online blackjack live casino, it's important to keep the following advice in mind. Only deal with licensed and well-respected casinos, with reviews widely available online. In addition, it's important to choose a service that uses your native language and local currency. While there are lots of casinos out there to choose from, access to specific games and bonuses may depend on your location.

For the very best live online blackjack, please review our selection.


Live Betting Blackjack

Each player must place a bet before the dealer. There is a designated area with chips for betting in front of the dealer. In speed blackjack, the first two cards by the player are dealt with normally.

When the dealing is done, players are given a chance to hit, split, or double down. Whoever makes the quickest decision gets their subsequent card dealt first.

How Many Bets are There in Live Blackjack?

Side BetA side bet wagers on specific outcomes. It is usually accompanied by huge prizes.
Bet BehindOne player bets on the hand of another player while waiting to get a seat. It is an unlimited bet.
Hit Split AcesHere, the player can only get one more card when they split a pair of aces.
ResplitWhen a player splits two similar cards to get another similar pair, they are allowed to split again.
Double Any 2This is a type of bet where players double down in case of a combination of cards hence more freedom of choice.
Double 9-11This bet gives the power to double down when a player holds a 9, 10, or 11. The bet is doubled, and they receive an extra card.
SurrenderWhen a player surrenders their hand before their turn. They receive half of their bet back.

Different types of Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular games out there. Therefore to keep players interested, providers have created many new and different types of Blackjack. Some of them are:

Classic Live Blackjack

Except for live Blackjack, there is the traditional Blackjack game that we all know and love. Players try to get their hands of cards to add up closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand. Evolutions Bet Behind feature allows additional players (more than the 7 sitting at the table) to participate by betting on those sitting at the table.

Infinite Blackjack

Infinite Live Blackjack is a game that allows an infinite number of players to get involved. All players are dealt the same initial hand of two cards. From here, players make their own decisions and bet as they choose. Players then end with their own unique hand of cards.

Live Blackjack Strategies

The most effective strategy for online casino blackjack live is to follow the chart. The strategy chart shows the best gameplays. The right move depends on what the dealer holds. Using the optimal strategy can reduce the house edge by a certain percentage.

There are three ways to win Live BlackJack:

  • To get Blackjack, that is to get an ace and a 10 in the first two cards.
  • To have a final total closer to 21 than the dealer.
  • To have the dealer go bust, that is for the dealer’s total exceeds 21.

Whilst the first option is left up to chance, the other two are affected by game strategy. Players can follow mathematical formulas to improve their chances at beating the dealer.

These strategies are dependent upon the dealer's face-up card, the player's total, and whether this total is hard or soft. A total is soft if it includes an ace and hard otherwise.

Double Down

Doubling down is an exciting method that increases the stakes of Live BlackJack. When used correctly it can increase the probability of the player winning at higher stakes.

Doubling down is best used when the player holds a hard 9 and the dealer shows a card between 2 and 7. Another good moment to double down is when the player holds a soft 16 to 18 and the dealer shows a card between 2 and 6.

Online Live Blackjack vs. Traditional Blackjack

What is Blackjack Early Payout?

Early payout jackpot is an interesting development in the online casino world. Players enjoy all of the normal parts of blackjack but have the opportunity to receive an early payout. However, it is not like blackjack surrender. In that game, players receive a standard 50% back when surrendering before the dealer draws their final cards.

Early payout blackjack has some similarities but the major difference is that players receive different odds depending on the strength of their cards. If a player realizes they have weak cards then they may surrender and get lower odds back. However, if the cards are stronger on surrendering then the player will receive higher odds and more chips back.

It is obvious that any player wanting to protect their funds must minimize their losses as much as possible and early payout blackjack does this. If the dealer has a strong hand and the cards are looking better for the dealer, then early payout blackjack can prevent a loss.

Players that count the cards usually have some sense that bad or good cards are on their way so being able to surrender with different odds can be advantageous when stronger cards are on the table. However, weaker card odds may be so low that surrender may be a better option for those that are still learning the ropes of the game. This is because 50% flat return is better for weaker cards.

Early payout in blackjack is a serious option for players wanting to protect their kitty but it is not available from all blackjack live dealers. In fact, it is important to search around for this option before playing. It is good to know that players have many different betting options but it is important to consider the house edge and other options.


Insurance is offered by most Live Blackjack live online providers. It is offered when the dealer’s face-up card is an ace. It is a side bet that is treated separately from the main wager. It pays 2:1 if the dealer's other card has a value of 10, meaning the dealer has a Blackjack.


History of Live Blackjack

Although there is no consensus among researchers about the origins of Blackjack, the first known reference dates back to a Spanish gambler’s writings in the early 17th century. Miguel de Cervantes’ novel ‘Rinconete y Cortadillo’ told the story of a pair of cheats who attempted to beat the dealer in a game very similar to BlackJack.

The number in live Blackjack 21 came from the name Vingt-et-Un, the french word for 21. The objective of the game was to reach 21 points without going over, just as the rules of Blackjack are today. This game, known as Twenty-One, then spread throughout Spain, France, and many other European countries.

BlackJack is the American version of this game. The name comes from a special deal offered by American casinos when the game was first introduced.

Players were incentivized to play by a ten-to-one payout if their hand included an ace of spades or a blackjack. The nickname stuck long after the offer had been removed.


Live Blackjack with Real Money

Once players have familiarised themselves with the rules and live casino strategy of BlackJack, the next step is to begin to play with real money. When a player wants to play Blackjack live with real money, it is very similar to free versions of the game, the only difference is that players are now betting with real money.

Players register with the blackjack casino live, place a deposit and begin placing wages. Most providers accept credit and debit options, prepaid vouchers, and electronic wallets such as PayPal.

Of course, players also need to decide which variant of Live Blackjack suits them best. There are several variants of the game. Evolution, for example, offers Classic Live BlackJack and Infinite Live BlackJack.


Responsible Gambling

For those who wish to read more about responsible gaming or need help with addiction, please visit these websites below.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

Can live blackjack be trusted?

Live blackjack is a welcome addition to the online betting world and can be trusted for many reasons. Firstly, live blackjack casinos are regularly audited by a third party to ensure that systems are fair for players. Also, many of the big players such as Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, and NetEnt stake their reputation on their fairness. This means that they will be held accountable to players and the company's shareholders. In short, they can't afford to make their games unfair or to rip players off. Most online casinos are also licensed and must abide by the rules of this license. In addition, payment information is encrypted. The latest software is used to prevent fraud and hackers.

Can you make money playing live blackjack?

Of course, it is possible to make money playing blackjack, but it may take some time to put a good strategy in place. Players need to consider their bankroll and the best method for them. This may be alien for beginner players. However, the more that a person knows about the game, the more chance of being able to win.

How do I increase my chances of winning blackjack?

There are a few different ways to increase the chances of a blackjack win. The standard practice is to count cards and understand how many of each type of card is left in a deck. This increases the probability of making the right move. Much has been written about how to beat the dealer. Some reading and implementation of good strategies should be used to bring the house edge down. Players often use a blackjack strategy chart which contains the best hands them to make. The cards needs to be memorized for this strategy to be effective. However, it is also possible to see an online version.

What is the best blackjack strategy?

There isn't a strategy that works the best. However, there are many ways to improve the chances of winning or minimizing losses. Players usually combine card counting, charts, and knowing when to surrender or not play on.

Where can I play blackjack online?

There are many online blackjack options, and players just need to use the internet to get a glimpse of different blackjack casinos. Beginners should be cautious about some of the unlicensed casinos. Choosing a well-known casino with a license is a good idea, to begin with. Also, look for blackjack games from some of the more prominent software creators. They have many protocols in place to ensure their software is used legitimately.

Which is the most popular blackjack in live casinos?

Look at names like 1XBet, 888 Casino, 22 Bet, Melbet, 1xSlots, Gunsbet, Loki, Bao and many more. Have a look at some of the welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions to make a good choice.

Is live blackjack rigged?

Some of the smaller unlicensed casinos may be rigged, but it is difficult for most casinos to cheat. They don't want to break the rules of a license agreement, and many of the more significant software creators will not allow casinos to use their products if the online casino is a potential risk.

What is a soft 17 in blackjack?

A soft 17 in blackjack refers to a hand consisting of an Ace (valued at 11) and a 6, totaling 17. This hand is called "soft" because the Ace can also be valued at 1, meaning the total could also be 7. Therefore, the player has flexibility in choosing the next move without the risk of busting with an additional card.

Why are there so many different blackjack versions offered online?

There are so many different versions of the game because of how popular it is. Therefore to keep players interested and entertained, the companies in the gambling business want to create new versions.

Where did blackjack originate?

Blackjack is originated in France.