Live Dealer Studio Locations

Live casino games provide an exciting proposition to players. While online games offer convenience to customers who want to play from the comfort of their own homes or anywhere else in the world, they lack some of the thrill of a real casino experience. On the other hand, physical casinos do offer a great atmosphere, but many players simply cannot access these land-based venues.

This is why live online casino games represent such great value. Players essentially have the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. All of this is supported by the live casino studio itself. Read on to learn more about these studios.

Casino games have been popular in Belgium for over a century and are expected to keep growing. However, most gamblers are shifting away from traditional land-based casinos to live online casinos in Belgium. These live casinos are combining all of the benefits of land-based gaming with internet gaming to provide gamblers with the most pleasing gambling experience possible.

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Even though Malta, Latvia, and Romania are still probably the center of European live casino studios, Bulgaria is swiftly catching up. One of the most significant advantages is its good geographical location. As the European countries continue to be the primary focus of many live casinos, Bulgaria's EU membership is helping them to gain traction in the country.

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The one disadvantage of Estonian-licensed live casinos is that there aren't a lot of them. Thus, many gamers prefer to take their money and gamble at international casino sites. Until 2009, Estonia was generally deafeningly mute on the issue of online gambling. However, in August of the same year, the government indicated that they would be developing online gambling-specific legislation.

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Georgia is gradually becoming one of the most appealing live casino sites in Eastern Europe. The country has liberal views on gaming laws and regulations. With the rise in popularity of live casino gaming, Georgia has joined the ranks of a proud home of some of the world's most established providers.

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Players have a great advantage that live casinos in the Isle of Man are entirely legal and properly controlled by the authorities. Often known as Mann, the Isle of Man is not a part of the United Kingdom but is a royal dependent under specific rules.

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Lithuania's only live casino studios are located in Vilnius, the country's capital. Here, players can find a variety of specialized and conventional live casino games with a distinct flair. Like many other Eastern European countries, Lithuania has a strong land-based economy from which the majority of local dealers derive their experience and education.

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Malta is probably home to some of the popular and most remarkable live casino providers. Each live casino in Malta is staffed by a team of experienced dealers who are all properly trained and informed about live casino games. Additionally, Malta has an academy for such positions, known as the Online Live Casino Academy.

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Several other EU nations had already passed legislation regulate wagering, but the Spanish government did not act until 2009. Live casino alternatives are exclusively available to Spanish casinos as long as the studio is located within a ground establishment in the nation. Thus, only a few live casinos in Spain offer their services exclusively in Spanish.

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Evolution Opens Another Live Casino Studio in New Jersey

Evolution Opens Another Live Casino Studio in New Jersey

It looks like Evolution Gaming is wrapping up the year quite strongly. In mid-November 2022, the company was happy to announce the debut of another state-of-the-art live casino studio in New Jersey. This is a follow-up to the first studio that opened in NJ in August 2018. The new purpose-built studio was opened on November 10 after getting the green light from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

The Technology Behind Live Casino Studios

The Technology Behind Live Casino Studios

A few years ago, online casino players could only dream about playing against other players in a live casino studio. But that’s now a reality as the online gambling industry is awash with live games playable on mobile or desktops.

Pragmatic Play Inks Live Dealer Studio Deal with Stake

Pragmatic Play Inks Live Dealer Studio Deal with Stake

Leading iGaming content aggregator, Pragmatic Play, has been busy launching new games and closing deals all year. On May 3, 2022, the company announced an agreement with Stake to create a purpose-built dedicated live studio. So, what’s cooking in this new partnership?

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Live Gaming Studios

The live casino studio is where all the gaming action happens. In some cases, the studio will be a live area on a land-based casino floor, where players can connect to the gameplay via a remote connection. In other cases, it will be a dedicated casino studio, with no other players onsite.

A real-life dealer oversees the game, just like they would in a physical casino. A camera and software platform translate the gameplay into a remote online experience, which players from all over the world can connect with and enjoy.

How Are Live Casino Studios Chosen?

Live casinos choose their studios carefully based on a number of criteria.

Regulations and Licensing

The studio must be located in a jurisdiction that permits live online casino gaming or live casino gaming studios. It must also be based in a licensed location — i.e., somewhere the casino provider holds a gaming license.

Studio Facilities

The studio must have all the necessary facilities to deliver a great live gaming experience. Of course, this means physical gaming equipment — such as roulette wheels or poker card tables — as well as the equipment required to stream the event to players. Streaming equipment includes cameras, audio infrastructure, and gaming software that can provide a reliable connection.

Player Languages and Demographics

Gaming studios are designed to support the player experience. So, if the casino is looking to target players in Europe, they will generally deploy a European studio — likewise, North American studios for North American players. Language also needs to be taken into account — the casino studio must have access to live dealers who are fluent in the common languages of players so that an international experience is delivered for as many customers as possible.

Important Factors When Considering a Live Casino Studio

What should players think about when they choose a live casino studio? Dealer languages and streaming quality are certainly important criteria, but there is more to consider.

Live Dealer Languages

Players should aim to choose a studio with live dealers fluent in their own language.

Reliable Streams

The studio should be able to guarantee a reliable stream wherever the player is located. Preferably, the studio will offer streams in high-definition or better, as well as crystal-clear audio and an intuitive user interface.

Game Selection

There must be a wide range of live games available for the player to enjoy. This may include the player's favorite games, as well as other games they would like to try in the future.

Game Licensing

The studio's games must be licensed and accessible in the player's jurisdiction.

Opening Hours

The studio should provide gameplay at reasonable hours — hours that align with the player's own timezone and playing habits or objectives.

Support and General Environment

The player must be able to access excellent levels of customer support. What's more, they must feel welcomed and valued in the playing environment, each and every time they log in.

What Makes a Good Live Casino Studio?

The best live casino studios boast a range of different features that set them apart from their competitors. Take a look at some of the key aspects that make a great live casino studio.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

A great live casino studio is a highly technical affair. There will be professional-grade cameras and audio equipment in place, as well as software that supports an excellent experience. GCU — or game control units — will also be required to oversee proceedings and to represent values of cards and roulette results on the player's interface. All gaming software should be developed by top software providers with international renown.

Ongoing Monitoring and Improvement

With so much technology deployed, there is a lot of data to process and analyze. The leading online casino studios will constantly monitor, assess, and fine-tune the games they offer to players. While this is a major task for the casino, it gives them the opportunity to provide an even better experience to their players, moving ahead of rival casino studios in the market.

Industry-Leading Live Casino Dealers

Just like in a physical casino environment, the live casino dealer is critical to the online experience. These dealers need to be charming and welcoming but also professional enough to offer slick and streamlined gameplay. Casino studios should provide ongoing training to these dealers to ensure they stay ahead of the competition.

An Exciting But Relaxed Atmosphere

Casino players love the thrill and excitement of live games, but this needs to be delivered in the right way. This means casino game studios have to work to make the atmosphere as relaxed and as welcoming as possible so that players of all backgrounds and experience levels can enjoy themselves online. Exciting gameplay with a warm and accommodating atmosphere should be the aim for live casino studios.

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Are live casino games made in casinos?

Generally, live casino games are played in studios away from the casino floor, although some providers offer live connection straight to the land-based casino.

Do live casino studios train their dealers?

Yes, live casinos offer training and development to their dealers. This ensures that the player experience is the best it can possibly be while adding a point of differentiation between the casino's games and those of their competitors.

Where are the native-speaking live casino studios?

There are many native-speaking live casino studios. In fact, studios tend to offer gameplay in the language that is local to the studio — such as Spanish language services in Costa Rican studios, for example — as well as gameplay in other international languages like English and Russian.

Are live casino studios safe?

The best online live casinos are very safe and secure. These leading casinos offer secure payment methods for customers who use their studios. They also deploy secure protocols, end-to-end encryption, and multi-factor authentication to keep players and their data safe from harm.

Can players visit a live casino studio?

In most cases, players cannot visit the live casino studio. However, some casinos do provide gameplay live from the floors of land-based casinos. Players can visit this type of studio, but they will only be able to play designated live casino games via the website and software platforms.

Can players communicate with the live casino dealer?

Yes, players will be able to communicate with the dealer, usually via a specially-designed chat box. Some casinos may provide an audio connection between the player and the dealer, but many casinos will limit communication to the designated chat tool.

Can the live casino dealer see players?

The live casino dealer will not be able to see the players, although they will be able to communicate with customers via the chat box and the audio connection. The customer will also be able to see the dealer through the video connection, but this connection is only delivered one way.

Will the live casino offer support while players are using the studio games?

Yes, the live casino will offer support to players who are using the studio game. If customers encounter any issues or problems, or if they have any questions, they should be able to contact the support team at any time. Answers and additional support should be delivered quickly during the casino's opening hours.