Top-rated Live gambling sites in Albania

The Albanian market is highly targeted by international gambling operators across Europe. However, it might be a tricky task when it comes to finding a reputable live online casino in Albania. Mainly, it is because live-dealing casinos are slightly limited due to the blacklisting of foreign operators by the local government. Despite the random blacklisting of these sites, there is still a considerable range of similar websites on the rise. With the increased number of casinos popping up, Albanian players are taking their chances fairly.

Top-rated Live gambling sites in Albania
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Albanian Live Casinos

Albanian Live Casinos

For players who would like to engage in live-dealer gaming, there is a way to do so. The most efficient and profound way is choosing from the licensed category. It is safe to say that the best live casinos offer different bonuses to their customers which is a plus. Different platforms offer risk-free bets and high-tech experiences of trained croupiers.

This explains why many Albanians go the extra mile of accessing foreign sites using a VPN. The only drawback is that some overseas sites do not support the Albanian currency Lek. Thankfully, there are options for currency conversion when making a transaction. Customer support here is always around the clock.

Albanian-based gamblers should consider sites that value player protection, considering their country is against online gambling. Therefore, they ought to join licensed sites that provide players with, say, ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) services, usually issued by eCOGRA. It is safer to get involved in online casino gambling with such features.

Legit casinos targeting Albanians provide a wide category of games. These games are provided by highly-skilled developers such as NetEnt and Playtech who develop titles based on gaming categories. A few of them are focused on live casino games such as Evolution Gaming and Authentic Gaming.

Why Play in a Live-Dealer Site in Your Country or Region?

The experience of playing a live game in one's country is underrated. Numerous sites may seem inaccessible to Albanian gamblers due to the language barrier. Generally, only a limited number of sites are available in the Albanian language. Even the gambling sites that offer translation services are few. A local player is likely to have a wonderful gaming experience in live dealer casinos that put their best interests at heart, particularly in the lingo.

Setting up a live casino studio with native Albanian speaking dealers in this region would be an added advantage for most residential gamblers. They also prefer to make transactions that incur zero conversion costs as opposed to depositing with international currencies.

Albanian Live Casinos
The History of Gambling in Albania

The History of Gambling in Albania

The history of gambling in Albania can be described as both ancient and modern since it began in the 1990s. Albania has a rich history in games of chance which reflects the high number of casinos in Tirana. The face of gambling took a new shape when the republic of Albania was restructured through the 1991 constitution. Gambling has been a legal activity since 1991.

A parliamentary bill was passed in 1998 and it allowed both foreign and local sectors to pursue gambling business at different levels. At this juncture, the commonest means of gambling were traditional games such as mahjong.

In 2016, the Albanian parliament passed a law that would cover betting taxation and fight offshore gambling. In 2018, most forms of betting were banned, except licensed casinos, lottery, and bingo. However, slot halls not located in the touristic areas are considered illegal according to gambling law no. 75/2018.

The History of Gambling in Albania
Gambling in Albania Nowadays

Gambling in Albania Nowadays

Although most live gambling sites are under restrictions, players can access live casino dealers through mobile apps. Essentially, technology has made everything easy since players can access games through mobile phones or laptops. Unlike in the old days, all casinos accept different means of payments such as debit and credit cards and other electronic means such as bank transfers.

Even though old payment methods are still used in casinos, many players have shifted to digital currencies to play their favorite games. Bitcoin is very new in Albanian gambling sites and it is not regulated. This is an advantage to online players since they can fund their accounts anonymously by use of bitcoin as virtual currency.

The rationale for the government to censor some casino websites was to curb online scams. Gambling, in general, has become safer over the years. For instance, when the parliament passed policies that would bar fake gambling sites in the country, the law also ensured all the live casinos observe data protection for players. The Supervisory Authority of Gambling enhances security but imposes taxes on income for gamblers (15%).

Gambling in Albania Nowadays
The Future of Live Casinos in Albania

The Future of Live Casinos in Albania

There is a tussle between the government and the live gaming community as stringent measures imposed by the ministry of finance leave players with little to explore. Albania is opening up as a hub for tourism and technology. Most investors are flocking to the country to establish new wagering platforms which will have a great impact on the local gambling sector. The penetration of the internet in the country is also spreading fast which positions live casinos in prosperity.

Tough laws initiated by the government have a devastating impact on the new investors because they demand high licensing fees and do recognize private companies. Even though the government does not allow the promotion of gambling sites on local televisions, online marketing is increasing awareness more than traditional forms of advertisements.

With the introduction of new innovative live dealer games, the live casino sector will experience tremendous growth. The high fees imposed on casinos will filter the fake live dealers which is a significant advantage to the players. Typically, the future of live casinos in Albania is immense due to digitization and increased investors from central Europe.

The Future of Live Casinos in Albania
Top Software Providers for Albanian Live Casinos

Top Software Providers for Albanian Live Casinos

Live gambling games cannot work efficiently without a software developer. Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming have dominated online gambling markets in Albania.


Playtech is one of the best software developers in the gambling industry across the globe and a top live game provider in Albania. The company started in 2000 and, over the years, has become the best live casino software vendor for most gambling sites in Albania and central Europe. The Playtech vendor provides games such as roulette and blackjack among other games. The company’s most esteemed titles are Speed Roulette, Single-Zero Roulette, Baccarat Squeeze, Baccarat 7 Seat, and Prestige Roulette Lite.


When speaking of live-dealer iGaming companies, NetEnt cannot be omitted. NetEnt is a top premium provider of digital live games on Albanian and Asian gambling sites. It is also referred to as a world-class vendor in online games. Some of the games that they generate for gambling websites include roulette, blackjack, craps, and mahjong.


Microgaming is an online gambling software company headquartered in Douglas, Isle of Man. Since its inauguration in 1994, the company powered hundreds of casinos and poker rooms. Recently, it penetrated the Albanian market as the premier supplier of live games such as Casino Hold’em, live blackjack, and roulette.

Top Software Providers for Albanian Live Casinos
Best Bonuses in Albanian Live Casinos

Best Bonuses in Albanian Live Casinos

Bonus is a form of incentive that is offered to casino customers to increase their staking power or bankroll. Live gaming platforms in Albania are increasing rapidly which explains the competition. To outmatch the competitors, gambling websites offer different types of bonuses that players find irresistible. Every gambling website has unique bonuses tailored specifically for new and existing players. The top casino bonuses in Albania include.

Welcome Bonuses

The welcome bonus is the most populous type of bonus in most online casinos in Albania. For customers to acquire the welcome bonus, they have to place the first deposit on the gambling platform in most cases. Some sites provide free plays in addition to the monetary bonus. The percentage of welcome bonuses varies from one website to another.

No-Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit bonus is on the top of the list of best bonuses offered by Albanian live dealers. This type of deposit allows players to taste the depth of gambling without risking their hard-earned money. In this case, players do not require to submit credit or debit cards. All they need is to just -open the account and activate it. Of note, the no deposit comes with its restrictions. For instance, if the gambling website gives the player $50 to play, the player will be limited to some games. The wagering requirements also tend to be a bit strict with this bonus.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are usually accorded to the devoted members of the casino. Every time a player deposits some amount, they are awarded some points which accumulate over time. The points can be used to play other games or withdraw after a particular limit is reached.

Referral Bonuses

When a player introduces another player on a website, they are rewarded referral bonuses. Some sites have requirements for referral bonuses. For instance, some websites will require referred players to deposit some amount before the bonus is released.

Best Bonuses in Albanian Live Casinos
How to Claim these Bonuses

How to Claim these Bonuses

A welcome bonus is claimed after a player makes the first deposit. This is the central requirement for this type of bonus for Albanian Live casinos. A loyalty bonus is claimed by making continuous deposits. Referral bonuses can be claimed by inviting more friends by the use of links. For referral bonuses, the invited players have to make deposits before the bonus is rewarded. No deposit bonus is claimed by opening an account and activating it. All bonuses have playthroughs or wagering conditions that must be fulfilled before claiming a prize.

How to Claim these Bonuses
Playing with Real Money in Albania

Playing with Real Money in Albania

Online gambling can be quite thrilling when playing with real money. When gambling with real money in Albanian live casinos, it must be done with caution. Excessive gambling can bring social problems such as unemployment or increased poverty. Most casinos will not highlight the impact of staking real money in gambling sites. This is the utmost reason why the Albanian government has heightened the licensing procedures for foreign investors. Before playing with real money, it is significant to observe account limits. The amount of money a player has in their bankroll determines the overall games to be played at a go.

The regulation of the Albanian online casinos gives players gambling satisfaction and protection of money from swindlers. According to gambling statistics, real money stakes are the most profitable for Albanian players. Profits excite players, hence they want to bet more. Free plays can win but the wagering requirements are often too strict.

Playing with Real Money in Albania
Best Live Casino Payment Methods in Albania

Best Live Casino Payment Methods in Albania

In light of the growing number of live casinos in Albania, the importance of fast and reliable payment methods cannot be overstated. Many financial providers today facilitate gambling transactions, making it easier for gamers who prefer virtual money transfers to cash exchanges. Most means of payment offered by gambling websites give exclusive protection to their players. Visas, debit, and credit cards accept local currency (Albanian Lek/ALL) which is a plus for players in Albania.

Visa Cards

The use of Visa cards such as debit, credit, and master cards is common on gambling sites all over Albania. They serve both local and international players. Many players use visa cards because they are convenient and safe. Deposits and withdrawals are fast since they are processed within 2 days.


The ease of payment is very crucial in online casinos, and that is the reason most live casino studios have integrated PayPal payment methods into their system. Players can make deposits with a few swipes of their mobile phones and the payments are instant. PayPal observes data protection protocols, which is an added advantage for virtual gamers.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer may not be the most popular mode of payment in Albania's live gaming casinos. But due to the increasing level of virtual gaming, online banking might become one of the preferred methods. Banks with online portals are reliable and secure.


Skrill is a favorite eWallet amongst gamblers. The transaction fees are relatively low and the payment process is efficient and instant. It is generally safer to transact with Skrill because no banking information is required during checkout.


Bitcoin is gaining traction in Albania, and with its complex algorithms, the safety of transactions is enhanced. Most players prefer Bitcoin because it assures complete anonymity. The verification process is also very fast and done electronically. Players do not need to get utility bills or bank statements to make a transaction.

Popular Local Payment Methods in Albania

Players opt to make transactions without being monitored by the authorities. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are viable options for these players. Very few players use the eWallets method such as Webmoney, Paypal, Skrill,ecoPayz, and Neteller. Some of these e-wallets could easily be tracked down by the Albanian local authorities since they are linked to credit/debit cards or bank accounts.

It is close to impossible for online-related gambling to go unnoticed in Albania. Citizens should not deposit with payment methods where money is moving to and from their local banks. The authorities may use it to pursue any live casino dealer that is not licensed in this Southern European nation. It goes without saying that credit and debit cards are off-limits. To be on the safer side of the law, players are recommended to use one-time voucher cards like Paysafecard and cryptocurrency, which are hard to trace. Cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are not linked to any bank.

Best Live Casino Payment Methods in Albania
Live Casinos Accepting Albanian Lek (ALL)

Live Casinos Accepting Albanian Lek (ALL)

Are you planning to explore the world of Albanian live casinos? If so, there is something important that you should consider. Using your native Albanian currency, the Lek (ALL), can enhance your gaming experience in ways you might not have thought of before.

Why Choosing the Lek Matters in Live Casinos:

  • Familiarity First: When you use ALL, you don't have to worry about converting values while wagering. This allows you to play with clarity and ease.
  • Tailor-Made Gaming: Live casino sites that prioritize ALL often offer games, themes, and promotions that reflect the rich Albanian heritage. This provides a personalized gaming environment for Albanian players.
  • No Hidden Fees: Using ALL means that you can avoid conversion fees. Each Lek you deposit and withdraw retains its full value, giving you the best value for your money.
Live Casinos Accepting Albanian Lek (ALL)
Laws and Restrictions in Albania

Laws and Restrictions in Albania

Gambling, in general, is restricted in Albania. The gambling Monitoring Unit, under the Finance Ministry, is the body responsible for regulating gambling activities and taxation. For one to be on the better side of the law he/she should consider registering on licensed casino sites only.

Online gambling is neither legal in Albanian territory, nor regulated. Many international online gambling dealers target this country but their efforts prove to be futile. Most of these foreign sites are blacklisted or the ISP is blocked, preventing players from logging in with Albanian IP addresses. However, the Albanian authorities are still in talks to see how they could reach a well-guided conclusion regarding online gambling in the future.

Gambling Acts in Albania

The law on Gambling in Albania No.155/2015 was passed by parliament in 2015. New regulations and restrictions were introduced regarding games of chance. The decree supported the establishment of a Central Monitoring System connecting electronic gambling equipment for oversight and tax calculation. Taxation was set to a 15% monthly turnover and an annual 3% turnover for all products except land-related casinos.

In 2016, The Novomatic purchased Lotaria Kombetare, the National Lottery operator that is mandated to run the national lottery to date. The gambling tax regime was later amended by the majority in parliament. In this case, the land-based dealers were required to pay 15% of gross winnings instead of the 15% of turnover. This taxation law took effect in January 2019.

The parliament also passed legislation to restrict land-based and online gambling outside various designated areas. The law, Law No. 75/2018, not only prohibits retail betting outlets but also gaming machine parlors near homes and interactive (live casino) gambling. The law which restrained online gambling was enforced in January 2019.

Laws and Restrictions in Albania
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Everything you need to know about casinos

Are Albania casino winnings taxed?

All the gambling winnings are taxed unless they’re below 30,000 Lek. Prizes in the range 30,001-150, 000 Lek is subject to 13% tax. 150,001 Lek and above is taxed at 23%.

Is it safe to play at Albania casinos?

Playing in Albanian casinos is always safe since the gambling sites are licensed by the government. It is also recommendable to assess the legitimacy of casinos before depositing any amount. Some of the ways of assessing the casinos are by evaluating the licensing information and checking customer reviews.

Can I pay with Euros in Albania live casinos?

Yes, most Albanian live casinos accept Euros in place of local currency (ALL).

Are live casinos legal in Albania?

Although most online gaming sites were banned in 2019, only fully licensed live casinos are legal in Albania. The Gambling Supervision Authority censors all unlicensed gambling sites in Albania.

Who Can Obtain an Online Gambling License in Albania?

There are strict rules on the companies that should acquire gambling licenses in Albania. Firstly, the company or the licensee should not have any criminal records whatsoever. Secondly, the operator should not have had any debt in the last 10 years. If the investor has met the above requirements, they can get the operation license.

What is the age requirement of Albania online casinos?

The legal gambling age is 18+ and 21+ for casinos

Can tourists place bets in online casinos from Albania?

Yes, international players can bet on Albanian-based platforms. However, the players must adhere to the regulation policies set by the Albania jurisdictions and the casino operator.

Can tourists play in the casinos of Albania?

Yes. Tourists can play in local casinos according to the Gambling Supervision Authority. Gambling malpractices are prohibited by the law hence tourists are punishable by the law enforcement agencies in case of such incidence.

Are bitcoin casinos legal in Albania?

Bitcoin is not regulated in Albania which means casinos use it as a form of payment without any restrictions. There are several bitcoin casinos in Albania but they are unregulated which can be a risk to the players.

How long will it take to receive my winnings?

Payout speed depends on the specific method of payment chosen by the player. Also, the casino takes one to two days to verify the transaction. But this depends on how busy the cashier department is. Some methods like eWallets and cryptocurrencies allow instant transactions while banks may take one to three business days.