Top-rated Live gambling sites in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is known for many things - stunning beaches along the Black Sea, mesmerizing architecture, and great food. However, one industry is quickly gaining popularity: live casino gambling.

Locals love playing live roulette and blackjack, and thanks to advantageous regulations and laws, the live casino industry is booming in Bulgaria. In fact, today, Bulgaria is one of the few European countries where live casino gambling is licensed, regulated, and gaining more ground each year.

If you’re fascinated by Bulgarian live casino sites and would like to try your hand there, you can find the best Bulgarian live casino platforms right here from our comparison.

Top-rated Live gambling sites in Bulgaria
Choosing the Best Bulgarian Live Casino

Choosing the Best Bulgarian Live Casino

Since live gambling is regulated and allowed in Bulgaria, there’s a huge selection of high-quality live casino sites in Bulgaria. However, there’s one catch when it comes to selecting the best Bulgarian live casino: you should always choose a locally licensed live casino. In fact, unlicensed live casino sites will be blacklisted and may not be accessible locally, not to even mention the site may otherwise be glitchy or simply not accept players who reside in Bulgaria due to their lack of a local license.

The best choice for Bulgarian players is always a properly licensed live casino. In addition to technical aspects, a licensed live casino ensures your safety. Plus, you’ll always know the live casino is regularly inspected and must comply with laws and regulations, unlike unlicensed casinos that don’t really respond to any authorities.

Bulgarian Live Casino Sites

Now that you understand how important choosing a licensed Bulgarian live casino is, you may wonder what exactly makes up a great casino site. Though the choice of the best Bulgarian live casino may be up to personal taste, there are some universal factors each live casino should tick (in addition to a valid gambling license):

  • Selection of live casino games - A good rule of thumb for a Bulgarian live casino is to provide at least 40-50 different live dealer games, including blackjack and roulette variations, live poker, baccarat, and preferably some gameshows, too. The best live casino should pack a great variety and plenty of different betting limits.
  • Bonuses and promotions - Live casino bonus offers may not be an exact ‘must-have’, but these definitely increase the general fun factor. Top Bulgarian live casino sites organize regular bonus offers, and tournaments and may even offer welcome bonuses.
  • Navigation and ease of use - Clearly, the live casino experience should be free of technical glitches. The best live casinos have a user-friendly interface that’s also easily accessible via mobile devices.
  • Customer service - The professionalism and accessibility of customer support is one of the factors that separate an average live casino from the best. Top-ranking live casino sites tend to offer 24/7 customer service, mostly via live chat.
  • Payment methods - Last but not least, the best live casino in Bulgaria should offer plenty of deposit and withdrawal methods, including card and bank payments, some electronic wallets, or perhaps even cryptocurrency payments.
Choosing the Best Bulgarian Live Casino
Variety of Live Casino Games in Bulgaria

Variety of Live Casino Games in Bulgaria

Bulgarian live casino sites boast a huge variety of popular live casino games, largely on the same level as big international casino sites may be. Some of the best Bulgarian live casinos may offer even around a hundred different casino games with different betting limits, all from a few cents to hundreds of euros. This means that both beginners and high rollers can enjoy live dealer games in Bulgaria.

Here are some of the main live casino types you may encounter in top Bulgarian live casino platforms:

  • Live blackjack - Blackjack is, next to poker, the world’s leading card game, and therefore, every Bulgarian casino site features at least over 5 to 10 different blackjack variations. There’s always the good old regular blackjack, but you may also find other varieties (such as Speed Blackjack).
  • Live roulette - In addition to blackjack, roulette usually has the biggest variety on Bulgarian live casino sites. You can definitely expect to find both European and American roulette variations.
  • Live baccarat - Baccarat has become increasingly popular in Bulgaria, so these days, almost every live casino in Bulgaria has at least a few different baccarat versions available.
  • Live poker - Live casino poker is usually present with a couple of variations, including Casino Hold’em and Three Card Poker. However, not all Bulgarian live casinos may have a huge live poker selection - casinos tend to focus more on blackjack and roulette.
  • Live gameshows - These days, Bulgarian live casino sites are all about live gameshows - these fresh betting games have completely taken over the gambling world thanks to their adventurous and exciting vibe. You can spin bonus wheels, expect huge multipliers, guess lucky numbers or participate in other betting games.

Software for Bulgarian Live Casino

Live dealer gambling experience is only as good as the software providers found in the live casino. In a nutshell, live casino sites are like huge online stores where you can find ‘products’ from different brands - that is, games from different software creators.

Fortunately, Bulgarian live casino sites collaborate with some of the most high-end live casino software providers out there. As Bulgarian casinos must receive a license to operate, these gambling operators take good care in fostering relationships and providing players with reputable providers since regulators keep an eye on the software provider selection.

The ‘golden five’ live casino software providers found in the best Bulgarian live casinos include Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Playtech, Pragmatic Play, and Vivo Gaming. However, all live casinos may not include all five of these. Most casinos collaborate with either only Evolution (the world’s leading live casino software creator) or with Evolution and Pragmatic Play.

Seeing any of these companies in the live casino signifies you’ve encountered a reliable gambling hub where you can enjoy some of the world’s best live studio games.

Variety of Live Casino Games in Bulgaria
Bulgaria Casino Bonus

Bulgaria Casino Bonus

Security, ease of use, and a wide selection of games aren’t the only benefits you can reap when joining a Bulgarian live casino. To stay afloat in the tough competition, every live casino comes up with new ways to entice players and that’s exactly why they offer various live casino bonus offers, such as the following:

  • Welcome bonuses - As soon as you sign up in a live casino, you may receive a hefty welcome offer - this is a special gift only reserved for new gamblers. Bulgarian live casinos may offer various welcome bonuses, but the most typical option includes a few hundred bucks in bonus cash after your first deposit.
  • Deposit bonuses - The most common Bulgarian casino bonus involves you making a deposit, after which the live casino adds funds to your account proportionately to your deposited amount. In other words: if you deposit 100 bucks, you’ll get an equal amount if you claim a 100% live casino bonus.
  • Tournaments - Tournaments are the most common live casino promotion type, though it involves more active betting action from your side. You’ll have to play certain live casino games and based on your winnings, you can win real cash prizes after achieving a spot in tournament rankings.
  • Free bets - Often, live casinos may organize promotions where you may win some additional free bets on certain games after you’ve already played the game. For example, some casinos may offer 20-30 bucks in free bets if you hit a specific card combination in blackjack.

While grabbing any live casino bonuses, read the terms and conditions carefully. Naturally, no bonus comes free: there are always some strict rules that must be followed, and if you neglect to do so, you may completely lose out on the entire bonus or even any winnings attained from it.

Almost every live casino bonus has to be wagered through for a certain amount, plus you may have minimum and maximum betting limits and time limitations. Consider all of this and get acquainted with the terms before activating the bonus.

Bulgaria Casino Bonus
Live casinos accepting Bulgarian Lev (BGN)

Live casinos accepting Bulgarian Lev (BGN)

Calling all gaming enthusiasts in Bulgaria! Are you ready for an exhilarating live casino adventure? We're thrilled to share the exciting news that numerous online casinos now cater to Bulgarian players and readily accept Bulgarian Lev (BGN), ensuring your live gaming journey is not only action-packed but also incredibly convenient.

Playing live casino games with BGN offers numerous advantages, including seamless transactions and a wide variety of live options, from immersive poker tables to thrilling roulette wheels, all hosted by expert dealers who speak your language.

To elevate your live gaming experience, we've have compiled a list of top-tier online casinos that embrace Bulgarian Lev (BGN) in our CasinoRank toplist. These casinos are renowned for their security measures, extensive live game selection, and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring you have a secure and enjoyable gaming experience.

Ready to immerse yourself in the world of live gaming with Bulgarian Lev (BGN)? Don't delay! Explore our recommended live casinos from the CasinoRank toplist today and start your thrilling gaming journey without further ado.

Live casinos accepting Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
Secure and Convenient Deposit Methods

Secure and Convenient Deposit Methods

One of the factors that make great Bulgaria casinos is secure and user-friendly payment methods. Bulgarian live casinos match with the international level when it comes to payment methods, meaning that these local casino sites offer all the main beloved deposit methods you may encounter in international live casino sites as well. Here are the most common payment methods you may find when signing up at Bulgarian live casinos:

  • Debit cards - If you have a valid debit card you normally use for online transactions, you can easily use it for deposits in Bulgarian live casino sites. Bulgarian casinos accept VISA and Mastercard debit cards almost universally. On the downside, debit card withdrawals tend to take a bit longer than, for example, e-wallet cashouts.
  • Bank transfer - Similar to debit cards, most Bulgarian live casino platforms accept bank transfers, including international bank transfers. Note that international transfers may include some fees, so it may not be the most cost-savvy option, plus bank transfers tend to take a couple of days.
  • Electronic wallets - Many gamblers prefer using electronic wallets in Bulgarian live casino platforms for their convenience and speed. Skrill, Neteller, and ecoPayz are the most commonly used options, and all of these are known for their user-friendliness and fast transactions. However, you may encounter some fees when making transactions from your e-wallet account.
  • Cryptocurrency - One of the lesser-used payment methods involves cryptocurrencies. A few bigger Bulgarian live casino sites may accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, but these are still quite rare, so every casino in Bulgaria may not accept crypto payments.
Secure and Convenient Deposit Methods


Online gambling may become more popular year after year, but it’s still tough to find countries where live dealer gambling is properly licensed and legal. Bulgaria is one of these rare countries where people can easily enjoy some live casino games thanks to local laws and regulations that make live gambling not just accessible, but also safer due to local governance.

If you’d like to try some live dealer excitement in Bulgaria, use our in-depth comparison lists and ratings to choose the best Bulgarian live casino sites today.



Everything you need to know about casinos

Are live casinos regulated in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is among the countries that adopted live casinos and online casinos in general, fairly early, before they even became popular. With the Gambling Act of 2012, live casinos became legal and since then, players are more than welcome to access these sites and play the latest games, just as long as they are of legal age and have a stable connection to the Internet.

What are the accepted currencies at Bulgarian live casinos?

In most cases, the US dollar and the Euro are accepted at Bulgarian live casinos. The Bulgarian lev is only featured at live casinos that target that region specifically, but even if it’s not on the list of accepted payment methods, Bulgarians will face no issue as they can easily convert their money into their native currency.

How can Bulgarian players claim the featured bonuses?

To claim the featured bonuses at live casinos, Bulgarian players first need to register an account, then verify it. Registering and verifying an account is very simple as it takes just a few minutes. All that is required is to supply the operator with information such as first and last name, email, desired username, and password. After they’ve verified their account and met the terms and conditions of the respective bonus, they can reap its benefits.

Are cryptocurrencies accepted at live casinos?

Cryptocurrencies are not as widespread as other regular payment methods such as credit and debit cards at live casinos in Bulgaria, however, it is worth noting that they are on an uprising trend due to the fact that they provide players with tons of fantastic benefits, some of which are instant payments, increased security, and no fees attached.

Do deposits and withdrawals come with any fees?

In a majority of cases, deposits and withdrawals do not come with any fees, however, the case varies, depending on the casino and the payment method itself.

On rare occasions, live casinos can charge fees for deposits and/or withdrawals, but in most cases, if fees are charged, they are external, meaning that they are out of the control of live casinos. Such is the case with e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller.

Do live casinos support the Bulgarian language?

A majority of online casinos do not support Bulgarian, but logically, those that have a major focus on that region, feature it. In a majority of cases, Bulgarian players opt-in for the English language, if Bulgarian is not available.

Which authority regulates online gambling in Bulgaria?

Up until recently, the authority that was in charge of regulating all forms of gambling in Bulgaria, online gambling included, was the State Commission on Gambling. However, several high-end executives from this authority were caught up in a major corruption scandal, which is why this regulator was shut down and replaced by the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency, which is now in charge of regulating and licensing operators in the region.

Which law regulates live casinos in Bulgaria?

The law that regulates all forms of online gambling in Bulgaria is the Gambling Act 2012. According to this Act, both land-based and online casinos, live casinos included, are legal and players who are of legal age are free to register and play the featured games. The legal gambling age in Bulgaria is 18 and the only restriction concerns wagering on blood sports. They are considered animal cruelty and thus, are illegal.

Are live casinos in Bulgaria secure?

Since Bulgaria has effective laws that regulate the online gambling industry well, it also has a blocking system that does not allow unlicensed operators to offer their services. Statistics show that as many as 1,000 unlicensed sites have been blocked by the government, which makes live casinos in Bulgaria safe.

What is the legal gambling age in Bulgaria?

As mentioned a few times in this review, the legal gambling age in Bulgaria is 18.