Top Live Casinos in Ethiopia

It is more thrilling to spin the reels under a real dealer than to play at a regular casino online. Live gambling has a heavy following in Ethiopia since physical casinos are barely available in the country. Many gaming sites that can be accessed within Ethiopia's jurisdiction offer electrifying gaming products. Foreign-based live casinos targeting Ethiopia’s market come packed with nice promotions and lucrative bonuses to boost the customer’s bankroll. Gamblers are only left with the challenge of selecting the platform that works best for them.

Top  Live Casinos in Ethiopia
Live Casinos in Ethiopia

Live Casinos in Ethiopia

Due to minimal land-based casino gambling options in Ethiopia, live casino betting is a fantastic opportunity for Ethiopians. Numerous people prefer to gamble from home because they enjoy the thrill that Ethiopian live casinos offer. Players can enjoy their favorite live games in real-time via video live stream via an online live casino. The best live casinos in Ethiopia allow players to gamble with a real dealer from the comfort of their home, on computers, tablets, or smartphones. A variety of casino games, such as slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker, are all available on the market.

Ethiopia is the second-most populous African country with an estimated population of 117.8 million. Around 35% of this population are Islam followers who reject gambling on a moral basis. Interactive gaming is not regulated by the government, the main reason being low internet connectivity of 25% within the country.

A few decades ago, casino gambling was not extensively practiced in Ethiopia due to the limited number of casino halls. Ghion Hotel and Casino in Addis Ababa was the only establishment that supported gambling back then. Gradually, players switched to web-based sites as an alternative. The main drawback is that none of the international sites supports the official language- Amharic.

What to Expect in a Live Casino in Ethiopia

As the casino business develops, Ethiopians may be able to construct platforms created by and for Ethiopians. There is also plenty of room for licensing and operating, given the majority of licensing takes place in Malta and Curacao. Ethiopia has the potential to take up market share as an African licensing center in the same manner that Malta and Curacao have. Only time will tell how the industry evolves, flourishes, and changes in the years ahead.

Gambling on top casino sites in Ethiopia has its pros and cons. Ethiopian players freely enjoy seamless games without being blocked by the local authorities. However, not all gambling sites are legitimate. Punters who gamble on these foreign sites are not protected by the local government. The most viable solution for these players is to check whether the website has been regulated by well-respected bodies.

Why Choose a Live Casino in Ethiopia?

Ethiopian live casinos can offer a chance for customers looking for the best live games involving a bit more skill and strategy like:

  • Dice-based chance games
  • Card games
  • Probability games

Some of the most popular live games are:

They come with a variety of bonuses that are beneficial to punters. Most providers offer extremely competitive odds, as well as ease of use and a strong commitment to customer service. Furthermore, the majority of live casinos are safe, secure, and responsible businesses that promote long-term gambling.

Live Casinos in Ethiopia
History of Gambling in Ethiopia

History of Gambling in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has a long history and the size of its territory has changed over the millennia since its founding. It is one of the few countries that was never colonized and the second most populated African nation. Ethiopia was occupied by Mussolini's Italian Empire following the Second Italo-Ethiopian War. As such, the original games of chance were influenced mainly by Italians.

According to Proclamation 183, casinos have been legal in Ethiopia since 1999. The National Lottery Administration was established in 1981 to manage the state-owned lottery monopoly. It was later reorganized in 1985 to act as the gaming licensing and regulatory body. The authority still oversees local operators. There was only one casino at the time in the capital, Addis Ababa which was later shut down for unknown reasons.

Two attempts to open a new casino in Ethiopia were made (one in 1995 and the other in 2006). However, for unknown reasons, both of these attempts failed. As a result, Ethiopia has had no brick-and-mortar casinos since 2016.

History of Gambling in Ethiopia
Present-Day Gambling

Present-Day Gambling

Engaging in live casino gaming has proved to be much easier and more convenient for Ethiopian players. Punters can easily interact with a real dealer from the comfort of their homes just by having a stable internet connection. Accessing a foreign site is not restricted by the local government. The authorities are quite lenient even to the tourists who visit the country. They hardly censor foreign sites or deny players the opportunity to pursue the international markets.

Cryptocurrency demand is on the rise, especially during this information age era. It is the most secure and authenticated mode of making transactions. For this reason, software developers are coming up with Bitcoin casinos. Ethiopian laws do not regulate Bitcoin casinos expressly. Cryptocurrencies are not regulated in the country either.

Present-Day Gambling
Future of Live Gaming in Ethiopia

Future of Live Gaming in Ethiopia

Live casino gambling is becoming increasingly popular in Ethiopia. International gaming sites and casino operators have responded by concentrating their efforts on the Ethiopian market. While it is impossible to predict exactly how the future looks like, it’s obvious that online gambling will continue to be the most favored form of betting. The Internet connectivity rate is increasing progressively each year. Additionally, live casino gaming is expected to rise since Ethiopian players are becoming more familiar with Asian and European games of chance.

As it stands, the National Lottery Administration (NLA) only issues licenses to local gambling companies. Foreign gambling companies are not recognized by this body. NLA could easily be promoted since Ethiopia has the potential to seize the market share as a licensing hub in Africa along with the likes of Malta Gambling Authority. Ethiopia's gambling industry will strive to compete with countries like South Africa and Nigeria which are hubs of top live casino studios in Africa.

Future of Live Gaming in Ethiopia
Keno in Live Casinos in Ethiopia

Keno in Live Casinos in Ethiopia

Keno is one of the most popular live casino games in Ethiopia. It's a game that functions in a way similar to lotteries. This game includes numbers ranging between one and eighty. Players choose a sequence of Keno winning numbers on their own. When any of those selections match the live Keno results, they have an opportunity to win a reward. The specific format varies in every casino. However, the fundamentals of the game remain similar.

Is Keno Live Game Popular in Ethiopia?

In Ethiopia, keno is a very popular game. Keno is a simple game to play and is one of the biggest reasons it has become widespread in Ethiopia. A total newbie can play this game with no need to spend hours understanding the basics.

What are the Unique Feature Features?

Keno gives players a fair playing ground. The odds of winning are similar both for experienced and newbie players. Players get a chance to play a game while not risking a lot of money. The majority of keno games have a low minimum stake.

How to Play Live Keno?

Keno is quite simple to play. Players get a virtual card featuring values ranging from one to eighty. They then select up to twenty digits from the card. Dependent on the rules, players in certain live casinos may only be able to choose up to ten digits. Some online casinos offer an automatic function that allows players to have the computer choose random numbers for them.

Strategy to Use Playing Keno Live Game

The most crucial approach is to keep track of the cash. Other techniques include limiting the number of wagers and keno live games available to participants. Game-specific practices, such as avoiding guesswork in number selection, are also available to players. However, most of these tactics don't improve the odds of winning because winning combinations of Keno in Ethiopia are frequently chosen randomly.

Keno in Live Casinos in Ethiopia
Top Live Casino Software in Ethiopia

Top Live Casino Software in Ethiopia

Here are some examples of top software providers in live casinos that target Ethiopia:


The Alderney Gaming Commission has certified Playtech as a major player in live casino software development. Both live casino gamers and the casino gaming industry have given it their seal of approval. This is owing to their excellent security features, high-end software performance, and impressive game choices. Gamers are entitled to receiving bonuses or free spins for just downloading their gaming software online.


Microgaming began as gambling site in 1994 in South Africa. It is the pioneering brand of internet casinos with over 800 games in their catalog. Some of the most popular computer games including Mega Moolah, Immortal Romance, and Thunderstruck, may be found in their offerings. The company launched their first live-streamed titles in 2006 and since then has continually released exciting products in this genre. The company currently operates under MGA and UKGC licenses.

Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment, or simply NetEnt, was launched in 1996 by a prominent Swedish land-based casino operator. Video slots, blackjack, roulette, and scratch cards are among the company’s many offerings. In 2011, NetEnt launched mobile games, and in 2013, they launched live-dealer titles. They were recognized with honors such as the Platform of the Year and Online Casino Supplier of the Year awards.

Top Live Casino Software in Ethiopia
Ethiopia's Best Bonuses

Ethiopia's Best Bonuses

It's always great to get rewards, and that's something that customers should keep in mind when searching for the ideal live casino. Live casinos attempt to stand out from the rest in a variety of ways, such as by offering a larger selection of games or higher jackpots than their competitors.

Ethiopia's Most Popular Bonuses

Live casino bonuses are very popular in Ethiophia. On their first deposits, these best live casinos in Ethiopia offer 100% welcome bonuses. Such bonuses, however, are subject to certain conditions and cannot be used in live casinos. Most sites require consumers to place their first deposits over a certain amount of time upon registering. In addition, once a customer receives their bonus, they will most probably be limited to the minimum odds that the site will accept for their bonus wager to be accepted. However, the welcome bonus may not be huge, but the sheer ease with which it can be obtained is enough of an incentive to try for it. This is a popular way for casinos to embrace new players. When players sign up, it's also a great way for them to get a little more delight out of the experience.

No-deposit and free spin bonuses

Some companies also offer no-deposit bonuses to their customers. To receive them, players do not need to make any deposits. The rules, however, are just like they are for deposit-based bonuses. Whenever a casino wants customers to try out a few of their games for free, they usually offer these. This allows players to determine whether or not the game is a good fit for them. At times, free spins could be available. They're common, and participants who register for loyalty programs may receive them.

Ethiopia's Best Bonuses
Live Casino Payment Methods in Ethiopia

Live Casino Payment Methods in Ethiopia

Gamblers must always be aware of the different payment options available at live casinos. It will be necessary to determine whether they accept the user's preferred payment method. In addition to how much it costs to use the method, it is also important to know how quickly the deposits show up in their accounts.

Card payment

Credit cards are among the most popular payment methods globally, and it's no different in Ethiopia's live casino scene.

  • Visa has been one of the most commonly utilized credit card payment methods among the best live casinos in Ethiopia. Since it is a very reliable, fast, and secure mode of payment, it is one of the most prevalent in the live casino gambling industry. When people play at a casino, they use Visa cards to pay for their accounts. They then use the live connection to gamble safely and responsibly.
  • MasterCard is yet another card payment option. Customers frequently use their MasterCard credit cards to fund their live online casino accounts, and the great majority of casino providers recognize MasterCard payments from their customers.

E-payment wallets

In Ethiopia, live casinos, e-payment is also a popular method of payment. The most popular electronic payment methods among Ethiopian gamblers are:

  • Payoneer
  • Skrill

They offer an excellent method for making online payments. Customers can also have money deposited directly into their accounts. Some of them are also connected to bank accounts. This means they can get money into their bank accounts right away.

Banks are the native method of payment that can be used in Ethiopian online casinos. Customers will be able to deposit funds directly into their bank accounts. They will then pay with a credit card or via e-payment.

Currency used

Ethiopia's official currency is the Ethiopian Birr. That's the currency used in local banks, and it is roughly equivalent to 0.020 USD. However, once the money is in one's account, the different methods convert it to its equivalent in dollars, euros, or sterling pounds, based on the site.

Live Casino Payment Methods in Ethiopia
Laws and Restrictions in Ethiopia

Laws and Restrictions in Ethiopia

The National Lottery Administration is the authority that has the legal authority to issue licenses to companies that offer live casino in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian gambling directive grants the regulatory authority the unrestricted right to obtain the licensee's system access code whenever it is required. One of the main goals of betting regulation is to ensure that operators treat their customers fairly and that people under the age of 18 are protected from gambling. Operating live casinos with no betting license and allowing individuals under the age of 18 to participate is a gross breach of betting regulations. It is illegal for a student to bet while wearing a school uniform, regardless of their age.

The Ethiopian government doesn't seem to be concerned about online live gambling by its residents. In general, gambling is illegal in the country, and there are no land-based casinos. There has apparently been one in the past, but it was shut down due to an incident that took place there.

The governing body which mandates the lotteries for the country is also tasked with regulating casino games, such as poker and several others. The concerns are that the National Lottery Administration Department has been receiving accusations of allowing companies to take advantage of residents, offering gambling opportunities with no chance to win.

Ticket Sale Laws

Among the laws is that every ticket sale must be immediately reported to the administration. The licensee must also deduct 15% of the total revenue generated and 15% of the winning prize amount from the total ticket revenue. These deductions are then reimbursed to the national lottery administration every month. Every month, the licensee must provide the administration with bank statements.

Another law says that social contributions will be paid at a rate of 0.5 percent of total revenue. Prizes for single contest sports betting cannot exceed ETB 1,000,000. Won prize must be claimed within one month of the lottery winning sports event day, and the claimed prize must be paid to the winner within 15 days of the winner's appearance. The licensee is also prohibited from providing a system malfunction to deny or decline paying winning prize money to the winners.

The licensee must provide a system access code whenever the administration deems it necessary to resolve a specific issue. The lottery is also expected to be held at least 500 meters away from any school or religious institution. Additionally, it is illegal to hold a live casino event in a grocery store, a restaurant, a chat room, or any other place where people congregate for entertainment.

Laws and Restrictions in Ethiopia
Licensed Casinos in Ethiopia

Licensed Casinos in Ethiopia

Licensed casinos have a lot of different rules which they must follow. These rules dictate what clients they can accept as players, what software can be used, and the necessity of fair play to keep their licenses. For the unlicensed casinos online it is a different story.

Unlicensed casinos will offer their products to anyone willing to become a player. These casinos follow no rules other than the ones they make. Players are at risk of not being able to play fair games. Their personal information may not be safe, and there are no guarantees that they can collect their winnings.

Licensed Casinos in Ethiopia
Real Money Casinos in Ethiopia

Real Money Casinos in Ethiopia

For those individuals who like to play at casinos for real money, there are plenty of chances to do so. Many of the online live casinos make it easy to deposit so their games can be played for money. Players need to govern themselves properly when playing these games.

It means having a set budget that has been designated for casino gameplay. Then, once this is gone, do not fall into the temptation to re-load the gambling account with money that cannot afford to be lost. Another problem is some players enjoy the games while consuming alcohol, then do not think clearly.

Real Money Casinos in Ethiopia


Everything you need to know about casinos

How do I play at a live casino in Ethiopia?

The simplest way to enjoy the best live casinos in Ethiopia is to go to the websites of the country's most popular betting sites. These will offer a diverse range of markets, with some even offering substantial bonuses.

What are the best live casinos in Ethiopia?

In Ethiopia, there are a variety of companies that offer live casinos. However, only a few of them stand out. Check out our well-reviewed, trusted, and safe live casinos list. These companies provide excellent markets and generous bonuses to new customers.

Is online gambling legal in Ethiopia?

Online gambling is not regulated and at the same time, it is not referenced in the gambling legislation. This means Ethiopian bettors can freely play in foreign casinos, and they will not be prosecuted.

Who regulates casinos in Ethiopia?

The Ethiopian National Lottery Administration (NLA) is in charge of issuing casino licenses to gaming firms. According to Ethiopia’s criminal code 2, operating a casino without a license from NLA can result in fines or possibly imprisonment for the operators.

What are the most preferred casino bonuses in Ethiopia?

The most popular casino bonuses in Ethiopia are deposit bonuses. The amount of the bonus and the terms for using it vary by site.

What are the most popular game providers in Ethiopia?

Game providers depend on the particular casino site. Casino providers in Ethiopia work with seasoned providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution, BetSoft, and NextGen.

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Winnings?

In most cases, casino processing is Payouts are handled almost instantly after a withdrawal request is submitted. When there are so many withdrawal requests from players, withdrawals can be difficult to process so interacting with customer service agents could be beneficial

Is mobile gaming common in Ethiopia?

Mobile gaming is gradually escalating in Ethiopia. Internet penetration into the country is only 25% but is subject to change in the future. The percentage of people with mobile phones is less than 40 out of 100, yet mobile gaming has become a common pastime activity.

Do live casinos in Ethiopia offer deposit bonuses?

Live casinos for real money in Ethiopia put their customers’ interests at heart by boosting their bankrolls using bonuses. These bonuses vary depending on the site and the type of game that players pick. Deposit bonuses include a welcome package on the first three deposits, cashback, reloads, and regular offers for VIP and loyal players.

Are tourists allowed to play online while in Ethiopia?

Yes, tourists and migrants are allowed to engage in live gaming while on vacation in this African country. No law prohibits ex-pats or migrants from playing internet games in the country.

What makes Ethiopian casinos better than the rest?

Playing at live casinos in Ethiopia is fun due to the quality games offered by premier software providers. Foreign casinos in this country are mainly regulated by Curacao which proves to be legitimate. The government does not prevent players from accessing these sites.

What payment methods are used?

A good number of gaming sites offer Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, and Neteller. Recently, a few live casinos have adapted to cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals.

Are online casino sites taxed in Ethiopia?

No. In most cases, casino sites are taxed by the local government in other countries. Some countries tax the operators while others tax the players’ winnings. However, in Ethiopia, no tax is imposed on casino operators or players. Lotteries are the only games of chance subject to taxation.

Is there an age requirement to play live-streamed games?

The local authorities in this country have not set any age limit for gamblers. However, most live-dealer sites require customers to be 18 years and above.