Why TVBET Live Casino Games Are the Real Deal




Many beginners playing at top live casino sites know only about Evolution. It’s hard to blame them, considering Evolution is the most popular live content aggregator. But seasoned live casino players won’t tell them that there are other equally good live casino software providers like TVBET. So, if you’re looking for live card games and game show alternatives, this post fits the bill nicely. 

Why TVBET Live Casino Games Are the Real Deal

TVBET Background

TVBET is a relatively new live content aggregator. This software developer was established in 2016, supplying casinos with live casino games. Their verticals use superior technological advancements and game mechanics. TVBET currently powers 400+ gambling websites in Europe, Asia, LatAm, Africa, and CIS, with offices in Lithuania, Cyprus, Russia, Poland, and Ukraine. 

So, why play games produced by this software developer? As said before, TVBET games use the latest live streaming technologies, giving players a smooth and engaging experience. All games on the company’s roster are HTML-5 compatible, meaning gamers can catch the action remotely on their mobile device. 

Another critical point to note is that this multi-award-winning company offers games certified by GLI (Global Labs International). This game-testing company is known for its world-class and professional testing services, guaranteeing players transparency and integrity. Some TVBET products tested by GLI include WheelBet, JokerBet, World of Elements, and more. Overall, it’s a reliable option away from familiar names. 

Must-Play TVBET Live Casino Games

As it stands now, TVBET is home to 15 exciting live games streamed in real-time from its state-of-the-art studios. Below are some options that you should try out:

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a classic card game with roots in South India. Initially, this game was a rare thing, but that has since changed with operators like Ezugi, Pragmatic Play, and TVBET venturing into these waters. It’s a simple game played using the standard 52-card deck.

The live dealer will begin by placing a joker card in a particular position. After that, card-shuffling begins using the GLI-certified shuffler before the dealer puts a single face-up card in the Andar and Bahar positions. This continues until a card with the same face value as the joker card is placed in either position. If this happens, the dealer will calculate the highest ranking side. It’s that simple!


Fans of Texas Hold’em poker should come close. PokerBet borrows all the rules from Texas Hold’em, just that this time you’ll have multiple betting options and zero player limits. Like regular poker, this game features five bet rounds, including Bet, Flop, Preflop, Turn, and River. By the way, any poker player should know these are standard poker terms. 

In the meantime, the objective is to create the strongest hand possible on the table. Players can create a royal flush, straight flush, full house, flush; you name them. As this continues, players can bet to win either of the six positions. What’s more, gamers can participate in the multi-level jackpot draw. This one is a must-play for poker lovers!


Offering live game shows with big wheels is one area that Evolution prospers. But TVBET is now threatening that dominance with this brand-new release. As the name suggests, this fascinating live game lets players spin two wheels of fortune, a totally new concept. The wheels spin in opposite directions and stop randomly for the presenter to announce the pocket color and number. 

But don’t be intimidated by the two wheels. On Wheel 1, you’ll get up to 36 pockets marked with numbers and colors. On the other hand, Wheel 2 is similarly marked, although there are 18 pockets. That’s about the only difference here. You can bet on the wheel to stop at a specific color, number, range, or odd/even. The payout can be good if you combine the results of the two wheels. 


WheelBet is a unique game that combines the simple gameplay of wheels of fortune and the exciting rules of American Roulette. Each game round is super-fast, taking around 75 seconds. That means players must arm themselves with a big enough bankroll to enjoy this game to the fullest.

After placing a wager on the current game round, the presenter will spin the wheel clockwise to determine the results. If the pointer stops on a number or color on your bet, that’s a win. Remember that players can also bet on future events during the current draw. Another thing, the game is open every two minutes. So, don’t miss out!

War of Elements

Have you played Dragon Tiger at top casino sites? War of Elements borrows the same concept of a duel of cards. Like Andar Bahar, this live game uses a 52-card deck with constant reshuffling. Players start by making a wager on Andar or Bahar positions, the suit of the winning cards, the color of the winning cards, etc. The dealer will then draw the first card for the player and another for themselves after some time.

But this is not your traditional live card game. TVBET spices things up by using a betting system similar to what you’ll find in most bookies. In a nutshell, the odds keep shifting, depending on the likelihood of the wager to win. The game also features jackpots, although the availability depends on the live casino. 

Other popular TVBET live games that you should give a shot include:

  • Blackjack
  • JokerBet
  • Hypergammon
  • 1Bet
  • 7Bet
  • 5Bet
  • Lucky6
  • FruitRace
  • Keno
  • Mega6
  • Teen Patti

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