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Technologies have made gambling more diverse than ever before. One proof for this is the vast number of roulette game types. The double zero roulette wheel is a variation of roulette that was invented by Evolution Gaming in 2016. Since then, competitors have been releasing their versions, some of which are available in live casinos.

The live roulette game is broadcast in real-time from Evolution Gaming’s studios in Riga, Latvia, and Malta. Though played just like the traditional roulette game, it has a significant variability: The double zero roulette wheel layout has two balls launched via a remote-control system. The double zero roulette wheel offers 38 numbers, as the American Roulette, and a higher RTP. Besides the 0 and the 00 numbers, two automatic wheels capable of 2000 spins per day are available in live casinos.

General InformationHow to Play Live Roulette Double Wheel
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General Information

Game nameRoulette Double Wheel
Game providerEvolution Gaming
Game typeRoulette
Streaming fromRiga, Latvia, Malta

How to Play Live Roulette Double Wheel

Live roulette enthusiasts start by wagering on one or two wheels. Each bet features a different color and a unique timer to mark the remaining time for submitting a bet. Timing is crucial, so any bet placed late is considered null and void. The same is true for wagers below or above the betting limits. The best part of playing this game in live casinos is that statistics are displayed to help punters place their bets on numbers with recent and potentially profitable returns.

The live dealer announces the winning number and its corresponding color the moment the ball stops. Bettors will see the results on a screen. Each wheel has two tables featuring advanced icons where players can customize their game settings. Other convenient buttons are the undo, auto bet, and favorite bets, which are visible until the bet timer runs out. Procedural errors and other mishaps will lead to cancellation of the round and the wagers will be returned to the punters.

Basic Rules of the Double Zero Roulette

When playing any live game, a gambler has to understand the game rules. Because of the nature of the double zero roulette wheel layout, the two balls can collide. To prevent this, compressed air is used to release them from a tube concurrently. Surprisingly, the ball spin at the same speed, but the first ball always lands first. Players see these actions in real-time and hear the sounds. The second ball presents a lot of possible bets that, in turn, increase the payouts to sizes of a fixed jackpot synonymous with 3-reel slots.

The payment ratio of double roulette is greater than the standard roulette. Rather than the normal 35:1 ratio, players enjoy 17.5 (split bet), 1.05 (outside and high-low bets), and 36:1 (straight up bet). It is entirely up to the player whether to proceed with one wheel or use the second wheel. The auto bet and doubling the last bet are useful options. Lastly, the double-wheel roulette is playable with varied chip sizes and comes with flexible limits. Though perfect for high rollers, its two wheels are low-stake friendly.

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