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Israel has a very restrictive approach towards gambling. But even though live casinos are forbidden, and no licensed sides operate in the country, live casinos are very popular among Israeli players. Players find their way around to gamble online at offshore live casinos. With the government trying to block offshore live casinos, there has not been much of a success. No Israeli player has been punished for playing in an offshore live casino so far. All players needs to do is to make sure that they gamble in a fully licensed site and play their favorite live game.

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Live Casinos in Israel

Live Casinos in Israel

Online gambling is a very popular activity among Israeli players, but there are only two types of gambling which are legal in the country – the Israeli government only allows punters to play the National Lottery or sports betting. Sadly, for all casino enthusiasts in the country, live casinos are forbidden, and there is no licensed live casino currently operating in the country. The government tries its best to block offshore live casinos that try to attract Israeli punters to their sites, but there is not much success in that field.

Israeli's government states that gambling is a very bad activity for its citizens, so they have an ISP level method to filter or block the sites from abroad, but that system is simply ineffective. Even if they manage to block a certain site, the players in the country can still access it using a VPN, so there is an easy way around the restrictions. So, most of the Israeli punters play their favorite live dealer games at international live casinos without even being detected. There has been no case in the country where a person has been criminally charged or prosecuted for gambling at such sites, so this is very good news for all Israeli players out there. It doesn't seem like the government will change its stance on online gambling anytime soon, so this is the only way forward for the online gambling sector in Israel.

Live Casinos in Israel
History of Gambling in Israel

History of Gambling in Israel

For a very long time, the Israeli government has had a very restrictive approach towards gambling, irrespective of the categories, or the types of wagers the players place. Professional gamblers were seen and marked as somewhat parasitic individuals who had a very bad way of spending their free time.

There was a time in the country when gamblers were described as robbers, especially when they were seen playing against non-professional players without altering the odds in the process. For those reasons, during the 20th century, gambling was blamed for some social calamities that occurred in Israel.

Over the years, however, the Israelis outgrew all the myths associated with gambling, so in the past couple of decades, an increase in the acceptance of gambling in the country can be seen. Nowadays, there are no extreme punishments in place for punters in Israel, but the bad news here is that most forms of gambling are still illegal in Israel.

The Israeli government has total control over the gambling market in the country, and currently, only two types of gambling are allowed: The National Lottery, and participating in sports betting activities.

Live casinos and all other forms of online gambling are illegal, and foreign operators, on paper, are forbidden in the country. No Israeli is allowed to participate in online gambling activities, but the punters have still found a way around these restrictions.

Most of the reputable live casinos in the world accept players from Israel, and the government can do only as much in blocking these sites, so Israelis are still free to access such international sites without facing any repercussions for it.

History of Gambling in Israel
Gambling Nowadays in Israel Casino

Gambling Nowadays in Israel Casino

Online gambling is a very popular pastime activity for a large portion of Israeli citizens, and they continue to participate in such activities despite the restrictions imposed by the government. The reality is that the government has no effective mechanism in place for stopping its citizens from accessing a foreign live casino.

There are tools in place to block such sites and domains from ever entering the Israeli market, but with a good VPN, the punters can still play their favourite games without any hassle. There is an evident surge in live casinos from all around the world that accepts players from Israel, and it speaks volumes on how popular online gambling is at the moment there.

These live casinos are registered and licensed in different countries and under different regulations, but that is not an obstacle for punters. As long as the live casino in question has the necessary licensing information at disposal on the site, the players have nothing to worry about, they can continue playing their favourite games without fearing any punishments from the government.

Gambling Nowadays in Israel Casino
Future of Online Casino in Israel

Future of Online Casino in Israel

Online casinos in Israel are very popular and it is likely that the trend of online gambling popularity will increase even more into the future. More individuals in the country continue to build interest in online gambling, as all online casinos provide more quality and increased options when it comes to games.

This growth in popularity of online gambling is partly due to the increased access to internet connectivity, as well as mobile devices in the past couple of decades. So, it seems that the only limiting factor in the development of the online casino industry in Israel is the legislation in place.

Currently, the Israeli government does not allow any types of gambling in the country, except for two, which are state-owned: The National Lottery and sports betting activities. Online casinos are not legal in Israel, but there are some signs that the situation will change in the near future.

In 2019, poker was declared a game of skill by the Israeli Supreme Court, and before that, the game was under the Penal Code, which stated that a game is prohibited if it has outcomes depending more on chance than on ability.

Poker is probably the first step of liberalization of the online gambling market in Israel, and it is a country that is worth taking a closer look at in the near future. All the signs are there, and most of the people in the country are willing to make changes and accept a legal online gambling sector.

There is increased pressure on the government to legalize online casinos, and with the legalization of poker as a game of skill, it might be that there will be positive steps in the near future. The benefits are there to be seen from other, developed online gambling markets, so the Israeli government can take notes and start liberalizing the sector.

Future of Online Casino in Israel
Mobile Gaming in an Israel Casino

Mobile Gaming in an Israel Casino

As stated above, Israel is a well-developed country, so as it would be expected, the mobile penetration is on a solid level. Most Israeli citizens have a good smartphone and access to a stable internet connection, so they are sure to finish all their daily activities on their mobile phones.

So, the only logical step was that the popularity of playing live dealer games from a mobile phone will increase. Live casinos have noticed this trend and they were quick to make their sites accessible from a mobile browser, or even better – create a mobile app.

Game providers were quick to create mobile-friendly games, so punters in Israel do not miss anything from the already-thrilling gaming experience, and some would argue that live dealer games are better suited for the small screen of a mobile phone.

Mobile Gaming in an Israel Casino
Regulation Laws and Authorities

Regulation Laws and Authorities

As mentioned above, all online gambling activities in Israel are prohibited by law, and the main piece of legislation that governs gambling activities in the country is the Israeli Penal Law, more commonly referred to as the Penal Law.

There has been some confusion about whether online gambling is included in this law, as it does not specifically refer to any live casinos, but Israeli courts and various other authorities in the country have indicated that the general law on gambling applies to live casinos as well. This includes foreign operators who try to enter the market and accept players from the country.

So, there is no legislative body that hands out licenses for online gambling services, but there are some exceptions to this law. Sports betting and the National Lottery are completely allowed, but they are state-controlled. There are certain lottery and betting services that they can offer to Israeli citizens.

Additionally, poker has been completely legalized just in 2019, as the government does not see it completely as a game of chance, and now it is classified as a game of skill. To this day, it remains the only casino game to be completely legal, with more expected in the near future.

Regulation Laws and Authorities
Israeli Players Favourite Live Games

Israeli Players Favourite Live Games

Players join a certain live casino mainly based on the selection of games it has at its disposal. As there are numerous live casinos from all around the world that accept players from the country, it is allowed for Israelis to be picky when it comes to choosing a live casino.

The most popular live dealer game in a Israel casino is live poker, and it is a game that has been made legal, as it is considered a game of skill. The game is easy to learn, and it can be quite beneficial for everyone playing it.

Apart from poker, the other popular live casinos that are commonly found in live casinos from abroad is:

  • Live baccarat
  • Live blackjack
  • Live roulette

These games have different versions, so every punter will have a nice choice to make.

All these games enable the player to experience real-life casinos from their laptop or a mobile phone, so the gaming experience is over the roof. Every live casino needs to make sure it offers all these games, and there is not much room for mistakes there.

Other Casino Games

Players in Israel are known to favour live dealer games, but that doesn't mean that they do not enjoy other games available at the live casino they have registered on. There are many game categories that can be found at such sites, but some stand out from the others.

Slots need to be mentioned first here. They are very popular among Israeli punters, as they give all types of players, experienced or inexperienced, equal winning chances. Most slot games have small betting limits, but high rewards, so their popularity comes as no surprise. Slots also come in many different themes, so every player can find something that matches their taste.

Besides slots, other notable games found in every casino site that accepts players from Israel are keno, scratch cards, and bingo. All these are games that have a very long history and their rules are easy to learn, so every punter can enjoy them.

Israeli Players Favourite Live Games
Top Software Providers in Israel

Top Software Providers in Israel

It doesn't matter whether the live casino in question has a wide range of games if they are not created by the leading game providers in the market. Certain companies in the sector are leaders, and they spend all the necessary resources needed to create some stunning games.

One of the first things a live casino needs to do upon starting operations is to make sure they partner with the leading game providers in the market. When searching for a live casino to register on, Israeli players need to check the list of game providers, which should be at their disposal on the homepage.

They can rest assured of the site's quality if they see some of the names like:

  • NetEnt
  • Yggdrasil
  • Play N GO
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Microgaming
Top Software Providers in Israel
Most Preferred Casino Bonus in Israel

Most Preferred Casino Bonus in Israel

Live casinos have noticed that bonuses and promotions are very popular among players, and the chances of attracting new ones on the site, as well as retaining already-existing players is much bigger with the rewards system.

Some of the most popular bonuses in Israel are:

Welcome bonuses
Upon registering to a new live casino, every player will be eligible to claim a welcome bonus, which can come in many different forms. Usually, the live casino will match the first deposit by the player, and some top-class live casinos offer a risk-free no deposit bonus to all newbies. They have very extensive T&Cs and depending on the bonus itself, there might be some minimum deposits, wagering requirements, maximum withdrawals, etc. that the players will need to know.

No deposit bonuses
No deposit bonuses are very popular among Israeli players and they can be rewarded at any time during the player’s gaming journey. They do not require any deposit by the punter, so it is a good chance to secure some clean profits. No deposit bonuses, are very simple to claim. As they are completely risk-free, and they require no deposit made by the player, it is always a good idea to use such a bonus if it comes the player’s way.

Loyalty Programs
Loyalty programs and different tournaments are also found in many reliable live casinos, and they are mainly aimed at rewarding the most loyal punters and keeping them engaged on the site. Depending on the loyalty level the player is, the bigger the rewards and the chance to participate in various tournaments that can see them get some handsome prizes. Loyalty programs and special tournaments are in place for loyal customers. Usually, there will be a loyalty ladder in the live casino, and the higher the player is, the bigger the rewards. That ladder can be climbed with continuous playing on the site.

All bonuses and promotions found at live casinos that accept players from Israel have some terms and conditions attached which can catch the newbies off-guard. It is vital for any player to read the terms and conditions before claiming any bonus, as it might not be worth claiming after all.

Most Preferred Casino Bonus in Israel
Exploring Live Casinos in the Heart of Israel

Exploring Live Casinos in the Heart of Israel

Have you ever wondered about the world of live casinos in Israel? Let's embark on this discovery together, paying heed to every detail. Nestled amidst ancient lands, Israel presents a unique blend of modernity and tradition. This duality extends to its live casino landscape too.

The Israeli New Shekel (ILS) is more than just a currency; it's a testament to Israel's rich history and dynamic economy. While there are online platforms that recognize ILS, it's imperative to be conscious of Israel's distinctive stance on online gambling. If your interest lies in exploring platforms that not only respect local regulations but also prioritize your safety, CasinoRank’s toplist is your go-to guide.

Always bear in mind: The beauty of iGaming lies in the experience, but it’s equally crucial to approach it with knowledge and respect, especially in a land as historically profound as Israel.

Exploring Live Casinos in the Heart of Israel
Gamble Responsibly

Gamble Responsibly

For those who wish to read more about responsible gaming or need help with addiction, please visit these websites below. Gambling addictions can be hard to spot, so please make sure to always gamble responsibly.

Gamble Responsibly
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Everything you need to know about casinos

Are live casinos legal in Israel?

Unfortunately, live casinos are not legal in Israel, and the only forms of permitted gambling are the National Lottery, sports betting and poker.

Can players still play at offshore live casinos?

Even though the government tries to stop offshore operators from entering the market and accepting players from Israel, they have had limited success. Players are free to access any international live casino that accepts players from the country without any repercussions.

Which games can be played at these sites?

The most reliable live casinos will make sure to integrate all relevant live dealer games, such as poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette. These games have different versions as well.

Is Bitcoin available among the payment options?

Some live casinos accept Bitcoin as a payment option, but it is still not as popular among players from Israel.

What is the main gambling legislation in Israel?

All gambling activities in Israel are explained and covered in the Israeli Penal Law.

Can games be played from a mobile phone in live casinos that accept Israeli players?

Mobile gaming is gaining in popularity in Israel, so most live casinos have made sure to optimize their sites for mobile usage, meaning that games are free to be accessed from a mobile device.

Can games be played for free?

Yes, most of the live casinos will have demo versions of the games.

Do players get a welcome bonus upon signing up?

All newly registered players are sure to get a welcome package upon signing up, which varies from one live casino to another.

Is poker legal in Israel?

In 2019, the Israeli government legalized poker, as it deemed to be a game of skill, rather than a game of chance.