Top-rated Live gambling sites in Ireland

Live gaming is fast gaining traction among Irish casino players. Gaming statistics indicate that about 25% of Irish gambling revenue comes from live gambling. Live gaming has been on an upward trajectory over the last half a decade and is poised to maintain the trend. Live casino gaming is a go-to option for Irish punters as it offers an authentic gambling experience, almost similar to that offered by land-based casinos. Currently, the number of local operators who specialize in live games are quite limited. However, a majority of mainstream online casinos offer live dealer games. That means Irish punters do not have much trouble finding their favorite live casino games.

Top-rated Live gambling sites in Ireland
Live Casinos in Ireland

Live Casinos in Ireland

To say that live casinos in Ireland have experienced a massive surge recently is an understatement. These sites come with an extra level of immersion and depth that standard online casinos cannot match. With attention-grabbing bonuses, high-quality games, and mobile-friendly table games, live casinos give Irish players reasons to gamble. And while land-based gambling venues still operate in Ireland, they are nowhere near live dealer casinos when it comes to convenience and, of course, popularity.

In terms of legality, the Irish authorities have made a commitment to fully regulate the online gambling industry. Any online live casino in Ireland must acquire a gambling license regardless of where they are located. Every live casino in Ireland must also pay taxes to the government.

To choose the best live casino in Ireland, players must look for independently tested sites. Casinos with licenses from reputable gambling regulators such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the Uk Gambling Commission are usually excellent choices. These regulators provide assurances regarding fairness, security, and safety. These also help in resolving any disputes between players and casinos. But with the Irish government having resolved to fully regulate the industry, players are fully protected.

Live Casinos in Ireland
History of Gambling in Ireland

History of Gambling in Ireland

The history of gambling in Ireland is long, with the signs of gambling activity dating back to the Middle Ages. During this time, horse racing sporting events were gaining popularity in Ireland, and regulatory bodies were beginning to be set up. In 1922, Ireland managed to successfully break away from the chains of British colonization, becoming an independent state. With its own government in place now, Ireland introduced the first-ever gambling law in 1926 to regulate the betting industry in the country. However, this piece of legislation did not manage to effectively achieve the purpose for which it was enacted; hence, gambling would remain unregulated for several decades.

In 1956, the Irish Authorities introduced the Gambling and Lotteries Act, which sought to ban all forms of gambling. Was this law effective? Only to a certain extent. Like the first piece of legislation, this Act left loopholes, which casino operators exploited to set up private clubs where people would go and gamble.

Gambling Nowadays in Ireland

As seen above, the regulation of the Irish gambling market has not always been so perfect. However, things seemed to have changed in 2001 when the Irish government approved the Horse and Greyhound Racing Act to regulate all the sports betting activities in the country, including online sports betting. Two years later, the government approved the Gambling Control Bill to fully regulate the Irish gambling market. According to this law, both landbased and online casinos are allowed to operate in Ireland as long as they have a license from the Irish gambling authority and pay tax to the government. Hence, the Irish people can register at any legal live online casino and play the games they want.

In 2017, suggestions to change the gambling taxation policy were introduced. According to the proposed changes, players will carry part of the tax burden, which according to the current policy, rests squarely on the shoulders of casino operators. Whether or not these suggestions will be approved is a wait-and-see scenario.

Future of Online Casinos in Ireland

No one can dispute the fact that the iGaming industry has witnessed several changes in recent years, with the internet becoming better and better. But what does the future look like? Well, if the current online casino gambling situation in Ireland is anything to go by, here is how the casino online in Ireland will most likely be in the future.

Mobile gambling: Mobile phones will be on the top of everything, given that playing on the go is quickly becoming popular. As if to add fuel to the fire, many live dealer games today are mobile-friendly.

Use of cryptocurrency: The emergency of cryptos, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, means that many Irish players will be jumping at their benefits, including anonymity, improved security, and faster payments.

Virtual reality and augmented reality: While live casinos are already offering authentic experiences, this is likely to improve significantly in the future. Typically, new technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality have what it takes to impact the realism and authenticity of the online live casinos in Ireland, taking it to a whole new level.

History of Gambling in Ireland
Choosing a Live Casino in Ireland

Choosing a Live Casino in Ireland

Irish punters in live casinos have plenty of options to choose from, ranging from locally based casinos to international ones, which overwhelm most punters. Thus, making informed choices is essential for ensuring the best live gaming experience, among many other benefits. Below are some of the top considerations Irish punters must make when choosing top live casinos.

Licensing Status

A license is usually a testament that a casino plays by the rules. Licensed and regulated casinos abide by some stipulated regulations and practices to ensure punters get the best services and products. Choosing a licensed live casino thus ensures that the punters will enjoy quality services and gambling products.


The security of a live casino is also another essential consideration. Reliable security ensures that punters' personal and financial information does fall into the wrong hands. Some security features to consider include data encryption technologies and user authentication.


Punters should also pay attention to the software used to power live games. Different gaming software offers different gaming experiences. Thus, punters should choose casinos using software from renowned developers with reputations for providing quality and fair games.

Betting Limits

Punters can also consider the betting the live casino's betting limits for their preferred live games. For example, high rollers can limit their options to live operators with maximum betting limits within their preferred range.

Choosing a Live Casino in Ireland
Best Bonuses in Ireland

Best Bonuses in Ireland

Most punters are drawn to live casino gaming by bonuses and other casino incentives. Nearly all casinos offering live games offer a variety of bonuses. Bonuses are usually quite attractive but come with wagering requirements and other conditions, which punters should consider when choosing a online live casino in Ireland to join and bonuses to explore.

Welcome Bonuses

Almost every live casino in Ireland offers a welcome bonus. It is usually the most attractive bonus regarding the amount of all the bonus types live casinos offer. The main reason casino operators offer welcome bonuses is to attract more punters to their platforms in the highly competitive gambling industry. Punters can get the welcome bonus only once after registering a new gaming account and making the first deposit.

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses are usually given to punters who refer other punters to the live casino. Punters send their referral links or codes to other potential customers via their preferred channels. Whenever a new user registers using the referral code or link and makes the first deposit, a referral bonus is awarded to the punter who sent the code or link used.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are usually awarded to punters who play on the same platform for more than a specified time or wager more than a specified amount within a given duration. The bonus is designed to retain customers on the same platform and encourage them to play often.

Promotional Bonuses

Promotional bonuses are usually awarded to punters who participate in promotional events, typically outside the live casino platform. For example, punters might receive promotional bonuses for participating in a survey or social media.

Best Bonuses in Ireland
Live Casino Payment Methods in Ireland

Live Casino Payment Methods in Ireland

There are numerous payment options available to Irish punters. Players must ensure they choose the most suitable payment method. For example, payment options that accept the Irish currency, Euro, are a good choice as they eliminate currency conversion costs. Below are some of the most used casino payment options in Ireland.

Credit and Debit Cards

Most Irish punters prefer banking cards when depositing funds to their live casino accounts. Banking cards like credit and debit cards allow for reliable, instant, safe, and secure payments, the leading reasons why they are so popular in Ireland and worldwide.


E-wallets are also a popular payment solution for most punters. Numerous e-wallet providers are available for Irish punters, each having unique features, but they all operate under the same principle. One of the main benefits of e-wallets is they support withdrawals in most casinos.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers have recently gained popularity in Ireland as most banks adopt the payment system. Bank transfers are safe and processed instantly, making the option quite reliable among punters. Bank transfers also have a wider range of transaction limits.


Cryptocurrency payments are quite popular among Irish punters because they offer the highest level of privacy and security. However, most Irish casinos do not offer crypto payments. Casino operators usually shy away from the payment method because of the high volatility of most cryptocurrencies.

Live Casino Payment Methods in Ireland
Gambling Laws and Restrictions in Ireland

Gambling Laws and Restrictions in Ireland

Gambling is legal in Ireland, including live casino gaming. The Irish law distinguishes three forms of gambling, categorized into gaming, betting, and lotteries. Live gaming falls under the gaming category, primarily governed by the Gaming and Lotteries Act.

The last amendment of the Gaming and Lotteries Acts was in 2019 but took effect from December 1, 2020. That was after the Irish authorities realized that the gambling legislation needed modernization as a lot had changed since the previous amendment, especially with the introduction of online and live casino gaming.


Online live casino operators in Ireland are prohibited from offering gambling services to Irish punters before obtaining relevant licenses and permits. Casino operators can obtain gaming permits from a Garda superintendent if their gaming services allow a maximum of €10 stakes and €3000 in winnings per game. If the maximum stake allowed is €5 and the maximum winning per game is €500, the operators can obtain permits from the Revenue Commissioners provided they get a certificate from the district court.

Private companies and citizens can apply for gaming licenses irrespective of where they are based. However, they must fulfill several requirements to obtain licenses. That includes proving their financial capabilities to run the casinos and making the relevant application payments. The Gaming and Lotteries Acts do not account for licensing of offshore casino operators. Ideally, offshore operators can provide their services to Irish punters if they are lawfully licensed overseas.


The Irish law has provisions for penalties given to operators running illegal gambling activities. The penalty for operating without a valid license includes monetary fines and imprisonment. The amount of fine or duration in prison depends on several factors, including whether it is a repeat offense.

There are also stipulated penalties for individuals or companies representing themselves are casino operators without licenses, regardless of whether or not they run actual gambling activities. Operators who engage with punters under 18 years face a class A fine or imprisonment.

Gambling Laws and Restrictions in Ireland