Best Keno Live Casinos in Ireland

Live Casino Keno is a popular online game in Ireland that offers players a chance to win big. This game is based on the traditional lottery game, where players choose numbers and hope that they match the numbers drawn. The game is played in real-time with a live dealer, giving players the feeling of being in a real casino.

One interesting fact about Live Casino Keno in Ireland is that it is legal and regulated by the government. This means that players can trust the game to be fair and secure. Another interesting fact is that the game offers a wide range of betting options, allowing players to choose the amount they want to wager and the number of numbers they want to pick.

Live Casino Keno is also a great game for beginners, as it is easy to understand and play. The game is also available on mobile devices, making it convenient for players to enjoy from anywhere.

In conclusion, Live Casino Keno is a fun and exciting game for online casino players in Ireland. With its legal and regulated status, wide range of betting options, and easy gameplay, it is no wonder why it is a popular choice among players.

Best Keno Live Casinos in Ireland

Overview of Keno in Ireland

Keno is a popular game of chance, originating in China. In Ireland, keno is played in a number of casinos and online. This game is usually played with 80 numbered balls which are drawn from a glass bowl, or an online version, with players attempting to guess which numbers will be drawn. In casinos, keno is typically played on a large board with numbers 1-80 printed on it, with players needing to mark off the numbers they have chosen.

Keno is a lottery-style game and is sometimes referred to as a game of luck, however, there are some strategies which can be employed in order to increase the chances of winning. These strategies include choosing numbers that are rarely drawn, or playing a combination of numbers that are similar in some way.

Who Can Play Keno in Ireland?

Keno is available to anyone over 18 who is registered in Ireland, regardless of whether they are a resident or a tourist. While the majority of people who play keno are Irish citizens, there are also a significant number of people who visit Ireland from other European countries who also play the game.

The minimum age for playing keno in Ireland is 18, meaning that those under this age cannot partake in the game in any way. It is also illegal to sell or purchase lottery tickets or keno tickets to anyone under 18.

How Keno is Played in Ireland

Keno is played in the same way in Ireland as it is in other countries, but the rules may differ slightly in each place. In Ireland, a keno board typically consists of 80 numbered balls. Players are required to pick a certain number of numbers between 1 and 80 and mark them off on the board. After all the numbers have been marked, the game begins and the players wait for the numbers to be drawn.

In some Irish casinos, players may also be able to play video keno, which is a game in which players bet on which numbers will be drawn. The player selects numbers from a virtual board and then the numbers are drawn from a random number generator.

Types of Online Live Casino Sites with Keno in Ireland

In Ireland, there are a variety of online live casino sites which offer keno. These sites offer a range of different types of keno games, such as traditional keno, video keno and progressive jackpot keno.

The most popular type of online live casino sites with keno in Ireland are those which feature live dealers. Live dealer keno games allow players to interact with a real dealer, which adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. Live dealer keno games also offer a range of special features, such as progressive jackpots and bonus rounds.

Benefits of Playing Keno in Ireland

Keno is a popular game in Ireland due to its simplicity and accessibility. It is easy to pick up and understand, and the wide range of betting options available makes it suitable for all types of players.

Keno is also a great way to socialise, as it can be played with friends and family. Irish casinos usually have a lively atmosphere when keno is being played, with players often cheering and celebrating when they win.

Keno also offers players the chance to win big jackpots, with some progressive jackpots reaching into the millions. Additionally, there are many online live casino sites which offer bonus rounds and promotions which can increase the chances of winning.


Keno is a popular game of chance in Ireland, with both land-based and online live casino sites offering the game. Players can enjoy the social atmosphere of playing keno in a casino, or take part in a virtual game with a live dealer. Keno offers players the chance to win big jackpots and take advantage of bonus rounds and promotions. Whether you are a casual player or a high roller, keno can be a profitable and enjoyable game.