Top-rated Live gambling sites in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Located in Southeast Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH or B&H) has the most betting shops per capita in the EU region. The live casino gambling industry is taking off in the country, thanks to friendly gambling legislation. The federation offers gamblers varied live-dealer options featuring both European and Asianic tastes. Together with the Republic of Srpska, the two entities are dedicated to regulating the gambling industry.

Several casinos are located in the capital, Sarajevo, but the live gaming spirit spreads across the entire state. With new software vendors such as NSoft entering the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, gambling is expected to grow and spread fast.

Top-rated Live gambling sites in Bosnia & Herzegovina
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Live Casinos in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Live Casinos in Bosnia and Herzegovina

There are a couple of ways players can enjoy a gambling setting in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Either, a punter can visit a brick-and-mortar house or log on to a live casino- both give the same dealer experience. The only difference is that a live gaming platform opens at the touch of a button, giving the customer an exclusive gambling satisfaction right in their comfort zone. Propelled by a rich history in gambling, live dealers are increasing at an alarming rate across the country.

Choosing an excellent live casino in B&H is guided by several factors. For instance, customer reviews can help sort out the best sites. A valid operating license and methods of payment are great determinants of a credible casino with a live dealership in the state. Despite the complex systems of governance within the two autonomous administrative regions (BiH and Srpska), gambling enthusiasts should expect to engage in high-quality, unbiased live casino games.

The Legality of Live Casinos in Bosnia

The first law governing the games of luck was established in 1992 under the Yugoslavian socialist regime. Since 2011, all the gambling operations in the region require a gambling license from the Republican Gambling Authority. The future of live casinos in this nation is unpredictable, especially with the two different gambling structures in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Republika Srpska.

The Republican Gambling Authority is in charge of regulating and setting policies in the country. The authority has a keen interest in the games of chance especially because they have a stake in the national revenue. It is for this matter that new gambling legislation was enacted in 2019.

Popularity of Live-Dealer Sites in Bosnia-Herzegovina

In 2013, the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina passed laws that restricted unlicensed offshore gambling websites. Nevertheless, the ban only lasted a short while. Foreign live casino studios continue to supply a variety of games to Bosnians. Countless live gaming platforms present amazing offers and according to reviews on gambling sites, they are now more popular than any other form of betting. However, offshore gambling sites are geo-restricted by the republic of Srpska. With the rapid growth of live casinos in BiH and the Republika Srpska, traffic on land-based casinos is dwindling as players prefer wagering on the internet.

Why Choose a Live Casino in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Choosing a live casino in Bosnia and Herzegovina gives every player free and fair gameplay. Moreover, local gaming operators know how to customize their products for a Bosniak audience. Internet connection is escalating at a high rate, allowing players even in the remotest places to enjoy games in the comfort of their homes. The dream of every gambler is to access entertainment in a properly-controlled environment, and Bosnia and Herzegovina federation is the place to be. The gambling policies are player-friendly and secure; thus, players do not need to worry about swindlers and scammers.

Live Casinos in Bosnia and Herzegovina
The History of Gambling in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The History of Gambling in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia–Herzegovina is dominated by two different religions, Islam and Catholicism. Gambling history dates back to the early days before the Yugoslav succession war. From its independence (1992) up to 2011, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina did not have regulatory policies for online gambling.

The current gambling scene can be described as a blend of ancient and modern practices. Most gambling sites have integrated traditional games that started in the 19th Century into their portfolio. But modern game mechanics, implemented through high-end streaming technology, offer remarkable differences. Blackjack and Bingo are perfect examples of ancient games that have evolved and integrated into present-day gambling websites.

The History of Gambling in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Gambling in Live Casinos in Bosnia and Herzegovina Nowadays

Gambling in Live Casinos in Bosnia and Herzegovina Nowadays

Casino games broadcast in real-time to Bosniaks come with unfolding action and authentic experience whether it’s spinning roulette wheels or shuffling blackjack cards. The level of satisfaction in most of the live casinos is phenomenal and the show happens round-the-clock. The enthusiasm of players accessing a large pool of games with live dealers online is splendid and customer reviews on gambling websites say it all. Indeed, the present experience cannot compare to the past- there is a massive change and incredible thrills.

Lately, the government has raised an alarm about gambling amongst the citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This followed shortly after the authorities noted scamming and the emergence of pirate websites that have become rampant in the Balkan countries. For this reason, the Republican Gambling Authority has passed laws that will control and censor offshore gambling sites. A few decrees have been put in place to curb gambling exploitation by unregulated providers which may halt the growth of the industry in the future.

Gambling in Live Casinos in Bosnia and Herzegovina Nowadays
The Future of Live Casinos in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Future of Live Casinos in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Over the decades, the live casino gaming industry has exploded and in the future, it will no longer be possible for Bosnians to gamble as they used to. What’s underway cannot be quantified due to the advancing technology. iGaming suppliers are constantly looking for ways to introduce old and new games in their best versions.

The issue of lag in games streaming live from casino studios is being taken care of by super-speedy internet connections throughout B&H. Typically, the future of gambling will be immersive with live dealers and authentic player interactions in a virtual space. Every sector has its challenges and the gambling sector is no different.

Betting options and payouts are fair given that regulatory policies targeting gamblers are not harsh in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This has also attracted international players, especially from Serbia, something that boosts the gross domestic product in the country. The increasing number of gambling investors in the state has stirred competition, which has given rise to massive bonuses and promotions to entice customers. If the trend continues, BiH and Republika Srpska will soon be hailed Las Vegas of the Balkan Peninsula.

The Future of Live Casinos in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Top Live Casino Games in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Top Live Casino Games in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Avid gamblers will never lack a variety of titles to bet on in live casinos in B&H. Quality games, excellent payment methods, and lenient government regulations are the rationales for the popularity of live gaming in this nation. Popular liver dealer game options in Bosnia and Herzegovina include:

Blackjack Live Gambling

Blackjack is a modern and ancient form of gambling in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a game of strategy and fun no matter the level of experience. This game requires players to beat the house without being busted. Like any classic game, it allows VIP and regular stakes- it all depends on the player’s appetite. Blackjack is probably the most wagered on live casino game in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Poker Live Gambling

This is a big live gaming title for the punters in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It comes second after blackjack in terms of player preference. For young people, poker is the real deal and offers both an international and local taste. In live poker games, participants have the opportunity to run 100 hands unlike in the land casino where the maximum is 30 hands. Experts highly recommend this game to beginners due to the high chances of participation.

Roulette Live Gambling

Roulette introduces a French gaming encounter to Bosniac players. With high-quality wheels from Microgaming and NSoft, roulette games are becoming popular in live casino studios across the state. Since the evolution of live roulette, the number of fans has increased as evident on customer review sites.

Bingo Live Gambling

Bingo is a wheel-of-balls game where players match the cards of the caller. It is a fun and straightforward game, but veteran punters employ mathematical probability to up their game. Depending on the number of balls, there ought to be a uniform sequence of how they are called by the dealer. Odd, even, high, and low numbers are evenly spread. The longer the player stays in the game, the higher the chance of having their number called out.

Baccarat Live Gambling

Baccarat requires critical thinking and it is an excellent choice for players with math skills. The goal of the game is to bet on the hand that comes closest to 9. The game of chance is mainly supplied by pioneer software companies such as Playtech.

Top Live Casino Games in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Best Live Casino Software in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Best Live Casino Software in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The success of a live dealership is determined by the software developer on site. Various companies vend live gambling games and the following are the top software providers in live casinos based in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


NSoft is a B2B software developer specializing in iGaming and virtual casino games. The award-winning software solution company serves casino operators across the globe. Recently, the company penetrated the Balkan markets and it is working with different gambling sites to offer exclusive live casino games to local players. Some of the games offered by the vendor include baccarat and roulette.


Playtech is renowned as the largest supplier of online games across the world. For quality gaming solutions and products with progressive jackpots, Playtech is a great deal. The company has extensive reach in central and southern Europe, especially in developing economies such as Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most live dealer studios in the state and neighboring countries use Playtech as their sole vendor.


Microgaming is a gambling software with over 28 years of experience in online gaming. The company boasts of great live casino deals across Europe. Games that are provided by the vendor include Roulette, Bingo, and Baccarat. Their API integration is fast and effective in delivering live deals to players in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution is among the top software providers in live online casinos that have incorporated features of world-renowned game shows into classic tables and money-wheel games. They are behind the likes of Mega Ball, Lightning Roulette, and Live Deal or No Deal. They focus on immersive gaming with extra multipliers that many punters adore.

Best Live Casino Software in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Best Bonuses in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Best Bonuses in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bonuses is one of the greatest incentives sought by live gamblers. The primary goal of casino bonuses is to help players leverage their deposits and raise their probability of winning. This type of casino rewards is also a form of advertising-attracting more customers to gambling sites. The top popular gambling bonuses in Bosnia and Herzegovina are deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, and loyalty bonuses

Loyalty Bonuses

As the term suggests, these bonuses are offered to loyal members. The motive of the bonus is to motivate customers to continue making more bets on their preferred games.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is usually given to the players after they place their first deposit. The welcome bonus is offered in percentages that differ from site to site. It can be accompanied by free spins or bets.

No-Deposit Bonus

The no deposit casino bonus is a type of bonus does not require customers to fund their accounts. It is tailored for gamblers who are worried about losing their first deposit. Every gambling provider has specific requirements for cashing out a no-deposit bonus.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses come in different forms. For instance, a gambling vendor may opt to give players an extra 5% on all deposits. Or it can give specific amounts such as $40 for a $200 deposit.

How to Claim the Bonuses

A deposit bonus is claimed by depositing real cash into the gambling account. A no-deposit bonus requires a player to just open a gambling account and then activate it. There is no money required to acquire this type of bonus. Loyalty offers can only be claimed by making continuous deposits in the gambling account and sticking to a platform for longer. After a certain period, the member is given gold or platinum access. The welcome bonus is claimed by making the first deposit in the account.

Best Bonuses in Bosnia-Herzegovina
The Thrill of Playing with Real Money in Bosnia Herzegovina

The Thrill of Playing with Real Money in Bosnia Herzegovina

Live casinos and dealers are on the rise in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as real-money gambling is what gives players the most thrill. Playing with real money is safer than ever before because the government provides player protection policies. The excitement is not just limited to playing through a mobile device; it is enhanced by other factors like the possibility of taking home a jackpot prize. However, gambling comes with a fair share of risks, material-wise and psychologically.

Playing with real money can have a devastating impact on the player if they do not win after continuous stakes. Several negative reports have been published in the media, e.g., suicidal cases and social-related problems resulting from irresponsible real money gambling. In 2021, the department of finance claimed that citizens spent more than 1.36 billion BAM on betting.

Winning is the motivating factor in this practice. The number of bonuses is increasing every day, which tempts gamblers to place real money deposits to boost their staking ability and probably win big. Knowing how to control oneself is key to avoiding a gambling problem.

Responsible Gambling Practices

The ability to exercise control over wagering habits is a crucial life skill. The best way to gamble is to do it for fun and socialization. Betting to earn an income is downright wrong. A responsible gambler:

  • Knows how much time they spend on live online casino sites
  • Understands the odds and house edge
  • Keeps track of their losses
  • Sets spending limits
  • Doesn’t try to win back their lost bets

The best live gaming platforms provide support to customers who are on the verge of betting irresponsibly. Some sites will even block players who overspend their bankrolls over a certain period. There is also an option to take a break if someone gets carried away.

The Thrill of Playing with Real Money in Bosnia Herzegovina
Best Live Casino Payment Methods in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Best Live Casino Payment Methods in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Speed is a great challenge when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money at a casino site. Nowadays, most payment methods are compatible with mobile devices, making the live gaming experience a breeze. The following are the most preferred methods in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


ApplePay is a digital wallet that is widely used in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a product designed by the largest electronic supplier in the world referred to as Apple. It is a safe and flexible mode of payment since it replaces bank cards and cash through a mobile app. However, it is only supported by the iPhone mobile phones.


PayPal is probably the best eWallet in the world, PayPal is integrated into almost every gambling website in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Players like PayPal because it processes payments instantly. Most importantly, it is convenient as one can transact at any time of the day. Authentication is top-notch and responsive customer service makes it more attractive. The rate of converting Bosnian Mark (BAM) to USD or EUR is also friendly when transacting through PayPal.


Skrill is a widely used model of payment in most live casinos across the state. Users are not worried about the data breach since the company has strong data protection policies. The payments are instant and only nominal transaction fees are incurred.

Visa Cards

Visa.Inc is a multinational organization that is used by millions of customers across the globe. It is one of the safest transactional services embraced by almost every financial institution. Players in Bosnia and Herzegovina can use both Visa debit and credit cards conveniently without delays. Funds are processed between 2 to 24 hours on most gambling websites.

Best Live Casino Payment Methods in Bosnia & Herzegovina
Live Casinos Accepting Bosnian Convertible Mark (BAM)

Live Casinos Accepting Bosnian Convertible Mark (BAM)

Have you ever wondered about the exciting world of live casinos in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Let's take a closer look and discover what makes using the Bosnian Convertible Mark (BAM) so appealing in this realm.

Why BAM is a Game-Changer in Live Casinos

Simplicity is Key: With BAM, you have complete control. Skip the hassle of conversion rates and play directly, getting the full value of your hard-earned money.
An Authentic Bosnian Experience: Live casino sites that prioritize BAM resonate deeply with the Bosnian culture, providing players with a sense of belonging and familiarity.
No Hidden Fees: Using BAM ensures transparency. Enjoy your game, knowing that there are no unexpected conversion fees that will reduce your stakes.

Embarking on Your BAM-powered Live Casino Adventure:

Trust is crucial, and with CasinoRank as your guide, you're in good hands. Explore our carefully selected collection of captivating live casino sites that appreciate the Bosnian Convertible Mark, made especially for Bosnians like you.

The BAM Era in Live Casinos:

As BAM becomes the leading currency in live casinos, Bosnian players can look forward to an enriched and seamless gaming experience. Are you ready to join this wave? Let CasinoRank lead you to the peak of the best live casino adventures.

Live Casinos Accepting Bosnian Convertible Mark (BAM)
Gambling Laws and Policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Gambling Laws and Policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The regulatory structure in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Republika Srpska is slightly different but serves a common goal. Notably, all the gambling laws are regulated by the Yugoslavian policies established in 1992. The first online gambling license was awarded to William’s betting company in 2011. Since 2011, several companies have acquired the live casino gambling license in BiH.

Law on Gambling, Article No. 38

Apart from lottery and electronic bingo, the Act also permits casino games which are referenced as ‘special games’ such as punto banco, poker, blackjack, craps, and baccarat. The law allows draws to be held on telecommunication networks but gambling adverts are banned in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This legislation applies to all regions of the federation. It stipulates that the Republican Gambling Administration, which was established under the Law of the Republican Administration, is the authority that monitors betting operations across the country. The entity works in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance in the Republic of Srpska.


According to the department of finance in Republika Srpska, any investor intending to start an online or offline gambling company should have a certificate of good conduct. The company’s offices should be headquartered in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the gambling law, the company must have sufficient funds to run the business and be solvent. Republika Srpska requires all gambling websites to deploy safe payment methods and licenses shall be renewed after 5 years.


Land-based casinos are taxed based on the total prizes won minus the amount staked. The tax rate depends on the amount in question, e.g., 1,000 BAM and below is taxed at 10% while anything above 100,000 BAM is subject to 30%. When it comes to interactive games, a 20% flat rate applies to all winnings. Taxes such as the 10% corporate tax are also included. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, players should pay a 15% tax on their gambling winnings.

Gambling Laws and Policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Everything you need to know about casinos

Is Online Gambling Legal in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Yes. Online/live casino gambling is legal and the government provides friendly terms for both payers and the providers.

What are the Age Requirements for Live/Online Gambling?

According to Republika Srpska, the minimum age required for gambling is 18+ years.

How do Players Assess the Safety of Gambling Websites?

The government of Bosnia and Herzegovina requires all betting companies to have licenses. The certificate should be on the homepage. The methods of payment will also guide players in determining the safety of the site. Customer reviews can tell the legitimacy of a gambling platform.

Can Players Register with different Gambling Websites?

There are no restrictions on the number of websites a player wants to indulge in. A player has the freedom to open accounts with different gambling companies as far as they do not compromise the set rules.

Are Winnings Taxed in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Casino revenues are taxed depending on the amount paid off. For instance, 1,000 BAM is taxed 10%, 10,000-50,000 BAM is taxed 15%, 50,0000-100,000 BAM is taxed 20%, and over 100,000 is charged 30%. Players pay a 15% flat rate of their prize money.

Are Players Required to Provide Personal Information?

All licensed companies request personal data to verify the player’s identity. The gambling companies are also required by the law to safeguard the information provided by the customers.

How Much Money is Needed to gamble in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

There is no set amount but every website has its specifications in terms of deposits. It is advisable to peruse all the websites and determine the best in terms of minimum deposits.

Is Online/Live Gambling Safe in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

All physical gambling houses have government licenses. However, not all live sites are regulated; but are safe since they are monitored by government agencies.

Is Online Gambling Addictive?

Yes. Every form of gambling is addictive and requires self-control. In case a player feels overwhelmed it is important to take a break.

Is it Risky to Do Live Gambling?

Yes. Live gambling can lead to financial loss and psychological impacts. Punters must gamble responsibly.