Best 10 TVBET Live Casinos 2022

Unlike in the past, when the only live dealer games that could be played were endless renditions of classics, such as roulette and blackjack, things have really changed today. And this should not be misunderstood- these classic games are still very popular for good reasons, but casino players love seeing creativity. This explains why live casino players became excited when Evolution Gaming gave game shows a shot a few years ago. The provider was the only one doing that then, but other providers like TVBET sprang up and gained their own foothold in the new niche.

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TVBET in Live Casinos

TVBET in Live Casinos

TVBET is an award-winning payment and online casino live game software provider. TVBET has partnered with more than 170 gaming providers streaming live casino games in five regions worldwide, including Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the CIS. Founded in 2016 and headed by CEO Peter Korpusenko, the company brings together experts with experience in developing and marketing gambling products.

On the TVBET platform, players can make payments at online casinos and enjoy popular live games, including PokerBet, Keno, Lucky6, among others. With TVBET, online gamblers can access cutting-edge live casino content and games featuring professional dealers on smartphones, computers, and TV sets.

TVBET in Live Casinos


While average casinos players may not be familiar with TVBET, a Cypriot-based live casino software provider, the crux of the matter is that this is not a rookie company. Having been founded in 2006, the firm boasts at least 16 years of operation, a massive milestone that many casino game providers are yet to achieve. It is just that they dived into the live dealer niche late.

Initially, TVBET began life as a brick-and-mortar casino operator before moving into providing software for landbased betting shops. While this was a lucrative adventure, the company's management could not help noticing the hype around live dealer casino games a few years down the line. The company would then begin to redirect its resources to creating multi-purpose software.

For many people, the paradigm shift was a shock, but TVBET was no stranger to incorporating creative solutions into its products. Besides, the provider had already created several numbers-based games and lotteries for landbased casinos. All the company wanted was to create live versions of their already existing products. This is how its live games came into being in 2016. Today, the developer is one of the top software providers in live casinos.

Languages, Licenses, and Certification

When it comes to language options, TVBET live game hosts and croupiers all speak English, even though this is not the first language for many casino players. But with most players able to understand at least basic English, this is just fine. Besides, every live game features a "How to Play" button, which, when clicked, displays all the instructions of the game. The good news is that players can choose from at least 30 languages how they want the instructions displayed. These include Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Hindi, French, and of course, English.

As of 2022, TVBET is yet to obtain UKGC or MGA licensing. However, as it continues to grow and expand, it may not take long before it acquires licenses from these high-profile regulatory bodies. In terms of certification, its products have earned GLI (Gaming Laboratories International) certification, which allows it to operate in many jurisdictions, including:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Latin America
  • CIS

Unique Features of TVBET

TVBET offers a unique take on its live games, which is the reason for its popularity. It is no wonder the brand has received several prestigious awards in Europe, including the following:

  • LoginCasino Awards
  • AGE
  • BEGE

Each TVBET live table boasts an excellent atmosphere, with live studios featuring eye-catching backgrounds. For instance, live poker players will feel like they are playing on a sailing ship. In designing the user interface, the developer did a fantastic job with all games unified in one lobby. This makes it easy to switch between releases. The games are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Moreover, players can change the interface settings to their preferences. For instance, they can choose the resolution they want, including 270p, 460p, and 720p.