GamCare Report Says Multi-Operator Self-Exclusion Tools Are Effective



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Recently, IPSOS researchers interviewed 30 people in the United Kingdom who had enrolled in self-exclusion programs nationwide. The interview was conducted after around 3 years of the baseline study. 71% of self-exclusionists participated in the follow-up research, making this the first deep research into the matter. 

GamCare Report Says Multi-Operator Self-Exclusion Tools Are Effective

This study provides an understanding of opinions concerning multi-operator self-exclusion programs and their influence on gambling habits in the long term. The independent research, funded by GamCare, illustrates the worth of these multi-operator self-exclusion schemes.

The report demonstrated that numerous individuals appreciated GamCare’s presence, citing that it was easier to lose money playing casino games at live online casinos than at land-based venues. Many of those interviewed were still a member of one or more self-exclusion schemes during the interview. In addition, most of the respondents feel they can now effectively manage their gambling behavior.

GamCare also reveals that some respondents had used multi-operator self-exclusion tools alongside other approaches, mainly talking therapies. The report says some had installed apps like Gamban to block gambling apps and websites on their digital devices. Others resorted to ad blockers to keep them from seeing online gambling advertisements like bonuses and promotions, while some respondents requested their payment options block any gambling-related transactions.

Self-exclusion is perceived as an excellent way to slow down the development of problem gambling. However, the research indicated that there was little proof that those who opted out of one gambling area moved their harmful gaming practices to a different type of gambling. 

The report includes some proposals to increase the efficiency of self-exclusion schemes. Some of the recommendations include the following:

  • Allowing participants more authority over their recovery program.
  • Letting them pick their preferred self-exclusion period, some even open a lifetime option.

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