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The Serbian language is a standardized variety of Serbo-Croatian, having undergone specific evolution for its usage in Serbia, where it is the national language. For the other countries belonging to the Former Yugoslav Republic, Serbian is only one of many quoted official languages. They usually consider their own variant as the primary official language, such as Bosnian in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Serbian variant is one of the few languages in Europe that features two separate alphabets that are both widely used, the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets; this is mainly caused by the former grouping of the Yugoslav states, where a Serb created the Cyrillic version, while a Croat created the Latin version.

Live Casinos in SerbianLive Casinos in Serbian Speaking Countries
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Live Casinos in Serbian

The live casino industry in Serbia has opened up in recent years, with the last decade, in particular, seeing a significant period of change in the market.

It wasn't until the early 21st century, in 2001, that the live and online casino industry in Serbia began to be legislated appropriately. However, live casinos in Serbian remained under the control of the state until 2011, when the Games of Chance Act allowed independent operators to apply for a license. This act saw both the land-based and online gambling markets have a period of expansion.

Live Casinos in Serbian Speaking Countries

Globally, Serbian is not a popular language, with around 12 million people using it as their first language. Over seven million of these are, not surprisingly, in Serbia, with the language also recognized as a minority language in a handful of other countries, mainly those that border Serbia.

When it comes to live casinos in the Serbian language, there is definitely more choice now than a few years ago. However, it is still far from a thriving industry, and live dealer games are still not easy to find in Serbian. It is estimated 75% of Serbians are able to use English proficiently as a second language, and therefore most Serbians using live casinos are able to use English-speaking live dealers.

Live casinos tend to reflect the world as a whole and are dominated by the most widely spoken languages across the globe. Therefore finding a live casino in languages such as English, Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, or Russian is easy. However, in terms of the number of worldwide speakers, the Serbian language is a long way down the list, outside of the top 50, and hence it is rare to find the language used in a live casino.

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