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Teen Patti is one of South Asia's most played card games. According to historians, the game was inspired by the English game three-card brag and had some influence from poker. In early times, Teen Patti, also known as 3 Patti, was mostly played during Hindu celebrations.

Nowadays, it is more of a social game enjoyed throughout the year. Gaming establishments play a significant role in popularizing the title beyond South Asia. 3 Patti's gameplay is somewhat similar to how it is played in land-based establishments, but with a few tweaks to make it suitable for online play.

What Is Live Teen Patti?

What Is Live Teen Patti?

Live 3 Patti mimics the three-card poker game in almost every respect. However, live 3 Patti sees players follow the action, with a dealer running the game. Live teen patti game can be streamed from a live casino studio or land-based gaming establishment, with relevant software used to link players with the casino to allow them to place bets and interact with live casino dealers and other players. A standout attraction to real-time 3 Patti play is that it is accessible to all. All 3 Patti players need to join a live casino that offers the game.

What Is Live Teen Patti?
How to Play Live Teen Patti

How to Play Live Teen Patti

Punters must find and register at live gaming houses offering that offer live 3 Patti. This title is particularly common among Indian-based gaming houses and in the surrounding regions. Different live gaming houses might have different registration processes and requirements, which the punters must fulfill. They can then deposit funds into the created live gaming casino accounts to start playing live 3 Patti.


The standard versions of Teen Patti can be played by three to six players using a regular 52-card deck. Before the game starts, all punters must place their bets. Tables usually have fixed amounts set on which punters must bet before the live dealer distributes the cards. The amount is typically referred to as the boot, collected from all players at the table. It ideally is the minimum amount punters must stake to play the game.

After the boot amount is collected, the croupier distributes three cards to each player, with all the cards face down. The action then starts with each player making a call or a raise. Making a call means that the player wants to continue without increasing the bet. Making a raise means that the players will add more cash to the pot, increasing their possible win amount.

Terms Used

The calls and raises are used similarly to how they are used when playing poker. The main difference is that all bets in Teen Patti must be in equal amounts. For example, if a player raises his bet by $2 and the next player raises by $4, the previous player must bet an additional $4 instead of adding only $2, as would be the case in poker.

As the live game continues, the pot amount will continue increasing until no player on the table wants to 'raise.' At that point, players reveal their cards, and the player with the strongest hand wins the entire pot.


Teen Patti gaming regulations dictate that the Aces are ranked highest. That means that a hand with three aces is the highest possible hand. The other rankings, highest to lowest, are Trail, Pure sequence, sequence, color, pair, high card, and high card. The logic behind the card rankings is why historians say the game borrows a lot from poker.

How to Play Live Teen Patti
Top Software Providers for Teen Patti

Top Software Providers for Teen Patti

Currently, the number of top live casino software providers offering for live Teen Patti is limited, despite the game's popularity. Most providers offer different features for the game. That makes it essential for live players to consider the features and several other factors when choosing a software provider.

Punters keen on getting the best gaming experience should find the best Teen Patti software provider. A good platform should make it easy for players to navigate and place bets irrespective of gaming experiences. Reputable 3 Patti software developers are trustworthy, licensed, and regulated. Other added advantages include attractive user interfaces, a variety of payment methods, and experienced professional live dealers.

Some of the top software providers for live 3 Patti are:

  • Mobzway
  • BR Softech
  • Aistechnolabs
  • Duplextech
  • Artoon Solutions
Top Software Providers for Teen Patti
Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti has numerous variations, each designed to cater to different players' preferences. Some developers alter some of the game's requirements to make it more interesting or suitable for their platforms and target markets. Some 3 Patti variations are relatively popular, a few of which are highlighted below.

Joker Hunt

Joker Hunt is 3 Patti's closest variation to poker, mostly because it offers players the ability to fold. The gameplay allows players to discard cards after receiving the initial three cards and replace them with face-up cards.

Best Four

Best Four is another popular 3 Patti Variant, seeing punters get four initial cards instead of three. Players can then follow and make a hand with the best three cards.


Mufils, popularly known as Lowball, is another popular variation and arguably one of the easiest ones. The only difference with the regular 3 Patti is that the lowest hand wins the game instead of the highest hand.

Other popular 3 Patti variations include AK 47, Two lowest wild, bust card draw, wild draw cards, hokum, Banko, 999, face-off, and Teen Patti 4Xboost.

Teen Patti Variations
Best Payment Methods at Teen Patti Live Casinos

Best Payment Methods at Teen Patti Live Casinos

Most live casinos that offer this live title provide a variety of payment methods to cater to diverse players' preferences. These alternatives typically include some of the most popular payment methods in South Asia, given that it is the region where the game is most popular. Most international live operators that offer the game include the most popular international payment methods.

Punters should always choose live gaming houses that support their preferred payment method for numerous reasons. The main one is because of convenience. Punters will not have to go through several processes or go to extreme ends to make deposits or withdrawals as they can use the payment methods they use regularly.

Another top reason to reduce transaction costs. Punters can opt for payment methods that do not attract transaction charges or other fees. Accessibility and trustworthiness are other reasons punters should choose the best live casinos that support their preferred payment methods.

Below are some of the most popular payment methods Teen Patti live providers support.

  • Credit and Debit Cards: Credit and debit cards are the most popular payment methods because they are easy to use and reliable.
  • Digital Wallets: Digital wallets are also quite popular. That is because they support withdrawals, unlike many other alternatives that support deposits only. They are also fast and easy to use.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming more popular. They offer privacy, as they allow punters to make transactions anonymously.
Best Payment Methods at Teen Patti Live Casinos
Top Teen Patti Bonuses

Top Teen Patti Bonuses

Nearly all gaming houses offering live 3 Patti offer promotional offers to punters. These perks help operators attract and retain punters in the extremely competitive industry. The type and amount of incentive offered typically depend on the marketing strategies adopted by the live providers.

Punters must consider other factors other than the type and amount choosing gaming providers offering real money 3 Patti. The main consideration is the wagering requirements. Live operators have different wagering requirements. Wagering requirements play an essential role in determining whether the offer is worth exploring. For example, unrealistic wagering requirements mean that the offer is not worth the trouble of utilizing it.

Wagering requirements should be realistic and attainable to make an offer attractive to most punters. Punters should also consider whether the trouble of redeeming the offers is worth the effort required. For example, some operators require punters to send referral links, make predetermined deposit amounts, or search for bonus codes to redeem the prizes. If the requirements for redeeming the offers are unrealistic, then incentive might not be worth it, irrespective of how attractive they might be.

Top Teen Patti Bonuses
Live Teen Patti Payouts

Live Teen Patti Payouts

3 Patti payouts are relatively quite attractive, which is one of the reasons it is quite popular. Players get higher possible win amounts for the higher risks they take. The payout amounts vary depending on several factors, such as those highlighted below.


RTP rates are among the main factors affecting the payout amounts. RTP, also known as return-to-player, rates are determined by the developer. The RTP rate can differ among different developers or live providers for the same title. A gaming house with high RTP rates is always a better alternative for punters because punters get higher win amounts.

There is no particular standard regarding where 3 Patti's RTP should lie. However, most software developers have RTP rates ranging between 96% and 98%. Punters should choose live operators that offer the highest RTP rates to maximize their payouts.

Live Teen Patti Payouts
Live 3 Patti Strategies

Live 3 Patti Strategies

3 Patti is a game of chance. However, punters can use various strategies to improve their winning chances. Something to note is that no particular strategy can guarantee a win. Choosing the right strategies can be quite challenging, especially for newbies. An easy way to go about it is to use the trial and error method to determine the most effective strategies, starting with the ones that make the most sense. Below are a few of the top strategies that punters should consider.

Placing Small Bets

One of the most obvious and effective strategies is placing small bets. That minimizes the amount of money a punter can lose, which works best for newbies still figuring out their way around the t. Placing small bets is also an effective bankroll management strategy that allows punters to play more hands, thus providing more winning opportunities. Punters can increase their bet amounts as they get a better grip on the game or when they get the best teen patti hands.

Playing Blind

Most 3 Patti punters consider playing blind as the game's spice. Playing blind is when a punter places a bet without seeing the dealt cards. That allows a punter to place bets without any emotional attachments, meaning that they can remain objective. The strategy relies more on skill than luck as the punters make decisions based on other players' reactions.

Tips for Beginners

Beginners usually have a challenging time getting accustomed to 3 Patti because of the steep learning curve. However, there are several tips they can use to become successful. Such include learning all teen patti rules, playing in a reputable live gaming house, and managing their bankrolls properly.

Tips for Advanced Players

The main challenge for advanced players is usually knowing when to stop playing. A top tip for such players is to practice responsible gambling. That can include setting limits regarding playtime and bet amounts.

Live 3 Patti Strategies
Teen Patti Side Bets

Teen Patti Side Bets

Another top reason 3 Patti is so popular is that it offers a variety of side bets, giving punters more betting opportunities. Different operators usually offer different live casinos depending on the software provider they use. Below are some of the most popular 3 Patti side bets.

Pair or Better

For this side bet, also known as Pair Plus or P+, punters get to bet on whether the cards selected will be a better hand rank pair. When playing against the dealer, the side bet is whether the cards distributed to the player will be a pair or better. Other variations can allow the side bet to be on other players' or dealers' cards. Punters can place this side bet only before they see the cards.

3+3 Bonus

This Teen Patti side bet is also known as six card bonus. It uses three of the best cards from a player's hand and three best cards from the dealer's hand. The side bet is on how strong the created hand will be. The stronger the generated hand, the higher the payout.


A tie is a rather uncommon bet in which the punter bets on two players, the player and the dealer, getting the same card rank. It has an attractive payout of 50 to 1.

Teen Patti Side Bets

Latest news

Complete Guide on How to Play Live Teen Patti by Ezugi in 2023

Complete Guide on How to Play Live Teen Patti by Ezugi in 2023

In 2019, Ezugi, a leading live casino game developer, announced the debut of Live Teen Patti. It’s a fun card game explicitly targeting live casino players in India. Ezugi streams this game from its modern studio in Romania, with players accessing this live game action on their mobile phones or desktops. So, in this review, you will learn what this title offers and its features.


Everything you need to know about casinos

Is live 3 Patti a fair game?

According to the analysis of experts and regulating authorities, live 3 Patti is undoubtedly fair. Punters do not need to worry about the outcomes being externally influenced in any way that can affect their wagers. That is especially the case when playing at a gaming house licensed by a reputable regulating authority.

How to play online live 3 Patti?

The first step to playing live 3 Patti is registering for a gaming account in a casino that offers 3 Patti. The number of gaming establishments offering the game is limited. However, most live casinos offering this title do not have limitations regarding the nationality or location of punters registering to play. That means the game is available to all.

Which is the best hand ranking in Teen Patti?

The regular variation of 3 Patti requires that each player gets three cards after contributing to the boot amount. The ranking of the three cards is what determines the winning hand. The highest possible rank is called Trail, which has three aces. It is also known as three of a kind.

Is 3 Patti played live?

Nearly all live 3 Patti players can enjoy the game live, irrespective of their location. They only need to register at an online gaming house that offers the game live. Some live operators have several requirements, including minimum age and deposit amounts, for playing any live game.

Which strategies should Live Teen Patti punters use?

There are numerous strategies that Live 3 Patti players can use to improve their winning chances. Most of the strategies are based on bankroll management and selection formulas. Ideally, there is nothing that a punter can do to increase their winning chances at the game.

How can punters find live 3 Patti gaming sites?

Finding a reliable live gaming site that offers 3 Patti can be challenging because of the numerous considerations punters have to make. One of the most effective solutions is visiting a reliable live casino ranking site. Such websites usually give all the relevant information to help punters choose the most suitable option, including top recommendations.

What is a blind bet in 3 Patti?

A blind bet refers to a forced bet that is typically placed into the pot before the deal starts, similar to that they would bet during gameplay. A game can have a two-blind structure, which is the most common, or a one-blind structure.

Is there a limit to the amount punters can bet?

Most live 3 Patti titles limit the amount punters can bet or raise. The limits can be in either of three forms: spread limit, fixed limit, pot limit, and pot-limit. Punters can also play live games with no limits.

Does live Teen Patti offer bonuses?

Yes. However, these incentives are typically dependent on the operator offering the game. Most live gaming houses offering 3 Patti usually run a series of promotional campaigns
aimed at incentivizing players.

Can punters play 3 Patti on mobile devices?

Most live gaming establishments nowadays offer 3 Patti titles that can be accessed via mobile devices, enabled by HTML5 technology. The game can be played on most modern mobile devices without downloading or installing any application.