1 Top-Rated Live Gambling Sites in Tunisia

There are no licensed live casinos in Tunisia since the main source of legislation when it comes to gambling is the Islamic Sharia. Even though there are no licensed live casinos, there is no regulation that prohibits Tunisians from gambling online. The government does not seem to be overly interested in chasing down individuals playing at live casinos, therefore live gambling is very popular among Tunisians which have made live casinos from other countries accept punters from Tunisia. Read on to learn more about live casinos, and how to find the best live casino in Tunisia suited to your needs.

1 Top-Rated Live Gambling Sites in Tunisia
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Live Casinos in Tunisia

As Tunisia is predominantly a Muslim country, the main source of legislation when it comes to gambling is the Islamic Sharia. There are no licensed live casinos in the country, but it is sort of a grey area, as apart from the Islamic Sharia, there is no regulation that prohibits Tunisians from gambling online. So, there is no licensed operator that exists in Tunisia, but despite the restrictions in place, online gambling is a very popular pastime activity for many Tunisians. Live casinos from other countries have noticed this and they were quick to start accepting punters from the country.

The government does not seem overly interested in chasing down individuals who gamble at such sites, as they have tried to block and blacklist foreign live casinos, but with little success so far. Tunisian punters certainly enjoy this situation, as they are free to choose from the best live casinos worldwide. Tunisians know that they will not be criminally charged for gambling online, so they enjoy playing their favourite games at top-class offshore live casinos. Luckily for them, there are hundreds of sites happily accepting Tunisian players, so they have nothing to worry about.

History of Gambling in Tunisia

As it would be expected, Tunisia has had a restrictive approach towards gambling in most parts of its history. Most Muslim countries have a similar approach to this question. However, Tunisia has legalized land-based casinos, but they are only accessible by tourists, as the country is a major attraction for people who visit from all over the world.

So, gambling is completely legal in land-based establishments, but only foreign citizens have access to them. Tunisians are not allowed to enter casinos. At the moment, there are 3 active casinos in Tunisia. There were more casinos, but over time they closed their operations.

Arguably the most popular casino in Tunisia is called Pasino Djerba, which was opened back in 1998. This casino is part of Groupe Partouche – a French casino, hotel, restaurant, and spa centre with a presence in many countries in Europe.

Approximately 98% of the citizens in Tunisia are Muslim, and in accordance with Islamic notions, all sorts of gambling activities are prohibited. Gambling is considered to be a morally corrupting activity, and no one should rely on it to earn money.

The same premises go for online gambling – there are no licensed operators in the country, and there is no way operators can apply and get a license. The good news for Tunisian players is that there are tons of offshore live casinos that freely accept them on their sites, and the government does not criminally charge anyone for gambling at such sites. As long as the punters visit reputable sites, they have nothing to worry about.

Gambling Nowadays in Tunisia

Land-based gambling in Tunisia is allowed only for foreign citizens, and upon entering such an establishment, people are required to show any kind of ID which shows that they are not from Tunisia. Once again, according to the Islamic notions, no Muslim citizen is allowed to participate in any form of gambling, which is an unacceptable activity.

Online gambling remains a grey zone, with many foreign live casinos facing no restrictions whatsoever in offering their services to Tunisian punters. Online gambling is a very popular activity among the young population in Tunisia, so offshore live casinos are full of players from the country.

Future of Online Casino in Tunisia

The positive aspect of the whole grey area of online gambling in Tunisia is that players are fully able to gamble on foreign online casinos without facing any repercussions for it. As they have access to such sites, online gambling rises in popularity in the country, and more and more people seem to enjoy it as one of their hobbies.

There is pressure on the government to legalize online gambling, especially from young people who can see its benefits. It is easy to see the benefits from a legal online casino sector – more taxes for the government, more employments in the sector – all of it resulting in online gambling becoming a massive contributor to the Tunisian economy.

However, as it stands, players are free to place wagers on foreign online gambling sites, as the government does not prosecute anyone for it. So, due to the dominant Islamic notions in Tunisia, it is difficult to see a scenario where online gambling will be fully legal, so the situation will remain as it is.

Punters just need to be careful when accessing foreign online casinos, as there are many of them that are fraudulent, and in case of a scam, there is no authority that will be able to protect the players. Before accessing a site, they need to make sure it has the relevant license, and such information is usually found on the footer of the casino’s site.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is booming in the world, and it is widely considered to be the future of the whole online gambling sector. That trend is also evident in Tunisia, as it is a well-developed country and people have access to a mobile phone, as well as a stable internet connection.

Tunisia is known to have the most sophisticated telecommunications infrastructure in north Africa, and it comes as no surprise that the mobile phone and internet services penetration in the country is very high.

According to the latest statistics, the number of mobile subscriptions stands at 14.77 million, which translated into gambling terms means that the overall gaming experience of live casinos will be stunning.

Live casinos from all around the world have noticed that mobile gaming is very popular, so they have made sure to optimize their sites for mobile usage, with some of them even creating fully functional mobile apps for both Android and iOS users. It can be safely assumed that mobile gaming will dominate the gambling world in the future.

Tunisian Players Favourite Live Games

  • Poker
    As is the case in many countries worldwide, all versions of live poker seem to be the favourite when it comes to live dealer games. The young population loves poker especially, so this should surprise anyone. Live poker is a very easy game to understand, but the skillset required combined with elements of luck, are what makes it a very popular choice among Tunisian punters.

Other popular games have been around since the emergence of gambling in general in Tunisia are:

  • Blackjack
    Live blackjack, punters are up against a live dealer, with whom they can communicate, providing them with a stunning gaming experience.
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette

As for live blackjack, punters are up against a live dealer, with whom they can communicate, providing them with a stunning gaming experience.

Other Casino Games

Apart from live dealer games, there are tons of other categories of games that Tunisian players will find at the best casinos. Online slots tend to be very popular among players, and it is evident why that is the case – slots come in many different themes, so everyone will find something that matches their preferences.

Some of the best casinos worldwide make sure to offer bingo, scratch cards, keno, and craps in their game selection. A general rule is that the more categories of games the site has, the better it is, so it is a good idea to register there.

Software Providers

Arguably the most important pillar in every live casino is the game selection. It is the first thing that every Tunisian player checks when opening the site. Tunisian players choose carefully their live casino, and the game providers list is essential for them.

It is a good way to check whether the site is reliable, as the best game providers in the market do not partner with fraudulent and suspicious sites. The variety of games, combined with their quality is what will attract punters, and reputable provers offer just that.

Some of the most popular software providers that can be found in Tunisian live casinos are:

  • Evolution Gaming
  • NetEnt
  • Apollo Games
  • Authentic Gaming
  • Playtech
  • Yggdrasil
  • Wazdan
  • Microgaming
  • Pragmatic Play

Payment Methods in Tunisia

When searching for a live casino to register on, Tunisian players also need to check the list of payment methods integrated. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money, so a rich list is always helpful for the live casino.

The best live casinos in the world make sure to integrate all of the most relevant payment methods in the market, such as:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Wirecard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • PayU
  • Bank transfers

Less Popular Payment Methods in Tunisia

Apart from the above-mentioned payment options, there are certain methods that Tunisians tend to avoid, such as e-checks and prepaid vouchers. The main reason for it is the withdrawal times – these payment methods process withdrawal requests slow, so it is damaging for their reputations.

They are very safe to use, but every player wants to have instant access to their money, and making them wait a long time for a withdrawal is not a good thing. E-Wallets tend to have the fastest withdrawal times, so they are the most popular among players in Tunisia.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

Are there any licensed live casinos in Tunisia?

No, as the whole online gambling sector is illegal in the country. However, the good news for Tunisian players is that there are many offshore live casinos that accept players from their country, and the government will not stop or chase them for playing at such sites.

Is land-based gambling legal in Tunisia?

Land-based gambling is not legal for Tunisian citizens, as gambling goes against Islam, the main religion in the country. No Tunisian citizen is allowed to enter a casino and gamble, but the landscape is different when it comes to tourists – they are allowed to enter such facilities as long as they provide ID proof that they are not Tunisian citizens.

Can players gamble from a mobile phone in live casinos that accept Tunisian players?

Mobile gaming seems to be the next big thing in the online gambling world, and that is a trend that has occurred in Tunisia as well. Most of the live casinos that accept Tunisian players make sure to have a fully optimized site for mobile usage, so, yes, players are able to gamble from their mobile phones.

Do players get any welcome bonuses when registering to a live casino??

Every reliable live casino that accepts Tunisian players will make sure to offer a handsome welcome package for newly registered players. It usually comes in the form of the site matching the first deposit by the punter. Every player needs to know that bonuses have terms and conditions that need to be read before claiming anything.

Which payment methods are available at live casinos that accept Tunisian players?

The list of payment methods in every reliable live casino should be very long, so players will have no problem choosing one that matches their preferences. The most popular payment options in Tunisia are MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

What are the most popular live games among Tunisian players?

Top-class live casinos will have a very rich game library, so Tunisians will be spoiled of choice in that aspect. The most popular games for Tunisian players include live poker, live baccarat and live blackjack.

What is the withdrawal time at Tunisian live casinos?

Generally, this depends on the payment method the punter has chosen, as some payment options such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller have very fast withdrawal times, but banking options such as prepaid vouchers and e-checks are less popular due to the withdrawal waiting times.

How many land-based casinos are active in Tunisia?

Currently, there are only 3 active land-based casinos in Tunisia, and they can only be visited by tourists.

Can games be played for free at Tunisian live casinos?

All of the most reputable live casinos that accept Tunisian players make sure to offer them the chance to try out the games for free before wagering real money on them. It is a good way for punters to get to know the rules of the game before using real money. There is no limit on how long these games can be played.

How old do tourists need to be to gamble at Tunisian casinos?

Every foreign citizen entering a casino in Tunisia needs to be at least 18 years old.