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Syria is more known for its political instability and frequent wars than its gambling industry. The Syrian government does not have the time to discuss online gambling-related issues. Despite the country's challenges, live casinos enjoy a massive following in the country. Some punters prefer playing live casino games because of the numerous advantages to regular casino gaming.

Currently, there are no official online casinos based in the country. Many international operators accept Syrian punters. That is especially the case for those who enjoy live-dealer games. These options are undoubtedly a blessing for live casino players in the country considering that they get a rare chance of playing at some of the world’s best platforms.

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Syrian Live Casinos

Choosing the right live casino is essential for any punter who is keen to get the best experience amidst the challenges they experience. International casinos that accept Syrian players have unique pros and cons. Some of the top considerations any player scouting for top live casinos in Syria should make are highlighted below.

Licensing Status

Punters can narrow their options by ruling out all the unlicensed casinos. That is because most unlicensed casinos are usually unregulated and untrustworthy. The licensing bodies should also be recognizable and reputable. Punters should go to the extra step of confirming the licensing information displayed by the casino is accurate and valid.

Game Variety

Many casino operators usually offer a variety of live casino games. Punters can thus choose based on the particular games they want to play. Therefore, they can narrow down their options further by eliminating casinos that do not offer their preferred titles. Casinos with a wider variety of games allow punters to explore more games.

Security Features

Punters can also consider the casino's security features. Choices should be limited to only the casinos that guarantee the best security and privacy features. That will ensure punters do not have to worry about their gaming accounts getting hacked or their banking information landing in the wrong hands.

Why Choose a Live Casino in Your Country

Experts typically encourage punters to choose casinos based in their country or region for different reasons. For starters, a locally based live casino eliminates language barrier problems. Unlike regular casino games, live gaming requires effective communication between the dealer and punters, making language an important feature to consider.

Another benefit is that users can make deposits using local payment options. Local payment options usually offer more conveniences. Punters can also use their local currencies when making deposits or withdrawals. Moreover, local casinos, say top live casinos in Iran, customize their offerings to cater to the needs of their local clientele.

Live Games in Syria

Punters can access nearly any live game they want, given that they mostly play in international online casinos. However, some live titles are more popular than others for different reasons. Ideally, cultural influences play a major role. It is also worth noting that European and American gambling influences have had a massive role to play, especially among the punters who travel a lot.

Another interesting thing is that most Syrian players prefer games with low buy-ins. Most punters are not high rollers and do not spend too much time playing.

Popular Live Games

  • Live Baccarat: Baccarat is among Syria's most popular card games. The game is relatively simple to play suitable for punters of all experience levels. It involves comparing two hands of cards, one for the player and another for the banker. The game has only three possible outcomes for each play round. The outcomes are the player, a tie, or the banker having higher scores.
  • Live Roulette: Roulette is popular in international live casinos. Most Syrian punters play in the international casinos and are familiar with the game. The game is also fast and fun to play, making it a good choice for punters playing from unfavorable gambling places. Punters only need to place their wagers on single numbers, number groupings, or colors. The dealer then spins the roulette wheel, and a ball is thrown in the wheel to determine the winning bets.
  • Live Blackjack: Blackjack is another popular card in the country. The dealer deals two cards to each player and himself, with one of the dealer's cards dealt face-up. The dealer can then deal additional cards to players who request. The main goal for players is to get card values closer to 21 than what the dealer has.

Playing with Real Money in Syria

Some punters prefer playing free games. As such, punters enjoy all the excitement and entertainment of playing free titles, but they do not risk losing real money. With free live casinos, players forfeit the chance to win real money. In light of this fact, most punters prefer playing for real money. Real money gaming makes the game more exhilarating and enhances the gaming experience, not forgetting that it allows players to stretch their bankroll using the best bonuses.

The first step to playing live games with real money is depositing funds to the casino account. Different casinos offer multiple payment methods, with some available only in specified regions or countries. Punters should consider various factors when choosing a suitable deposit method, such as those highlighted below.


The most obvious consideration is the availability or accessibility of the payment method to the punters. Some payment methods may be acceptable, but not availed to local players. For example, punters who don't have bank accounts don't have credit cards. They can rule out the credit card payment option in such cases.

Cost of Transaction

Some online payment methods usually charge transaction fees for deposits made. The amount charged may vary depending on the amount deposited and the currency used. Choosing a payment method with affordable or no transaction costs is a good idea.

Withdrawal Option

Some of the payment methods in online casinos are usually available only for depositing funds but cannot be used for withdrawals. Punters thus have to look for alternatives when withdrawing funds, which may be quite inconvenient.

Processing Time

The time taken to process deposits is another essential consideration. Options that offer instant transaction processing are generally preferred as they ensure punters face minimum interruption when playing a casino game if they run out of funds.

Laws and Restrictions in Syria

Presently, all forms of land-based gambling are illegal in the country. Online gambling, including live gaming, remains illegal. However, there are no laws that specifically prohibit live casino gaming. That is especially the case when punters play in offshore casinos.

About 90% of the local population are Muslims. The Islamic religion firmly prohibits all forms of gambling, as per the teachings of the Quran. The Syrian government is an Islamic State that fully endorses the teachings of the Quran and discourages citizens from participating in any activity against the Quran.


Syria has faced numerous challenges over the past few decades, especially wars. As a result, politicians benched all discussions regarding creating new laws covering online casinos, live casinos, and other forms of modern remote gambling to focus on the more urgent and pressing matters. Thus, there are no specific laws that ban punters from playing casino games in offshore casinos.


Ideally, anyone found going against Syrian laws risks imprisonment or monetary fines. However, there have been no significant cases of punters facing punishment for playing online. The government tends to turn a blind eye when it comes to gambling. That mostly is because it lacks the resources to regulate the industry and prosecute offenders. There is also no authority assigned to control and manage gambling in the country, as the laws are against it.

Legal Future of Gambling in Syria

There is a good chance that gambling will be legalized in Syria in the future. That is especially the case if the country's conflicts end. The main reason will be to take advantage of the potential revenue gambling can help get the Syrian economy back to its feet. However, the internet infrastructure will have to be improved to make it work.

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