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The Gambling Act of 2011 prohibited all forms of live online casinos in Poland. The one sector that was allowed was online sports betting. As the market in Poland remains restrictive and without any licensed live casinos, most popular live casinos in Poland operate from overseas. Most of the reputable live casinos accept Polish players, making it possible for gamblers to enjoy playing live games from the comfort of their homes. Read on to learn more about live casinos, and how to find the best live casino in Poland suited to your needs.

Top  Live Casinos in Poland
About Poland

About Poland

Poland has a well-developed market, and is ranked as a "middle power". When it comes to the economy, Poland has the sixth-largest in the EU by nominal GDP, and they are the fifth-largest by GDP. The standards of living, safety, and economic freedom, together with the university education and the health care system are very high.

Poland has 16 Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO, and 15 of those are cultural. As for the international organization, Poland is a member of the EU, Schengen Area, EEA, UN, NATO, OECD, and the Three Seas Initiative.

Poland is a representative democracy, and the president is named as the head of state. The government structure involves a so-called Council of Ministers, which is led by the prime minister. The prime minister gives the recommendations for the cabinet to the president, who then appoints it. The president is elected by a popular vote every five years.

About Poland
Online Live Casinos in Poland

Online Live Casinos in Poland

The Gaming Act of 2010 was a game-changer in the online gambling sector in Poland, as gambling, in general, became a state-controlled operation. In the beginning, no official regulation or explanation was provided by the Gaming act, but the next version of it – the Gambling Act of 2011 prohibited all forms of live online casinos in Poland. Online sports betting was the only sector allowed with this Act.

Without any licensed live casinos, most of the big and popular live casinos in Poland operate from overseas. This doesn’t mean that these sites are unreliable, most of the reputable live casinos in the world accept Polish players.

As the market in Poland remains restrictive, foreign live casinos make up the bulk of the online gambling sector there. This doesn’t at all deter Polish players, they do enjoy gambling at these unlicensed sites, as there is no legal framework stopping them from doing so.

The government tries to blacklist unlicensed live casinos, but they cannot blacklist them all, and they do not chase individuals trying to access the live casinos, they are more concerned about catching the big players, the companies themselves.

For this reason, Polish gamblers have a good choice of hundreds of foreign live casinos to choose from, and although the Ministry of Finance comes up with a blacklist of gambling establishments, no Polish citizen has ever been punished for playing at a foreign live casino site.

Online Live Casinos in Poland
History of Gambling in Poland

History of Gambling in Poland

For the better part of the recent past, all types of gambling in Poland casinos were unregulated, which left casinos and other gambling companies with little oversight. This situation started to change in the 1990s when the new government took some interest in controlling the gambling sector.

In 1992 new restrictions were put in place which allowed new casinos to be built only in cities with at least 250,000 people of population. Modest reforms were put in place in the years after that.

However, a major change occurred in 2019 when the Gaming Act was enacted in Poland. Under this legislation, only casinos that have a license by the state are allowed to have gambling machines. Each region of the country faces restrictions when the casino resorts are in question, as they have a limitation of the number of operators that can gain a license.

No more than 70 slot machines are allowed in each venue, and there are also restrictions to the number of tables allowed (for games like blackjack, poker rooms, and roulette), they are kept to the absolute minimum.

The online gambling sector became a subject when the Gambling Act was introduced in Poland. Online gambling is prohibited by this regulation, but players still access foreign sites and play their favorite games, making this sort of a grey area.

History of Gambling in Poland
Gambling Nowadays in Poland

Gambling Nowadays in Poland

Online gambling is very much attractive to Polish players, even though the Government has officially banned it. There are hundreds of foreign live casinos that offer their services to Polish gamblers, and the good news is that individuals do not get charged if they try their luck with a foreign live casino site.

As for land-based gambling, there are around 50 casinos in Poland, and they are strictly limited by number. Only one casino can operate in a location of up to 250,000 citizens, and for cities that have a population greater than 250,000, the number of casinos increases by one per every 250,000 people.

Gambling Nowadays in Poland
Future of Online Casinos in Poland

Future of Online Casinos in Poland

Online casinos are forbidden with the Gaming Act in Poland, but the good news is that players can still gamble on foreign live and online casinos without really facing any penalties for it. The popularity of online casinos in Poland increases every day, as more and more people get access to a mobile phone, the internet, and so on.

The pressure on the government to legalize this sector increases, and with help from the EU, there might be certain softening to the current legislation. The benefits that come from giving private entities license to offer online casino services are vast – increased taxes by the Government, employment of a good number of people in this sector, and this way the money generated go to Polish companies, rather than unlicensed foreign operators.

This way, online gambling will become a massive contributor to the Polish economy. When it comes to the players, even though they don't face repercussions for gambling at foreign sites, the fear is still present, and more importantly, the possibility of them being subject to fraud by a fraudulent foreign site is big.

Live casinos gain so much in popularity with each passing day in Poland, and if the regulation changes players can enjoy the huge variety of live dealer games on a licensed Polish live casino, and they can feel safe by playing those.

Future of Online Casinos in Poland
Mobile Gaming in Poland

Mobile Gaming in Poland

Mobile gaming is sure to be the future of gambling in Poland, as soon as the Government loosens up the restrictions in place at the moment. The statistics show that around 52 million people have a mobile phone and the vast majority of them have access to internet services. This trend is likely to increase even more in the next 5 years.

Live casinos across the globe have noticed this trend of the increased popularity of mobile gaming, so all the best sites offer an immense mobile app and gaming experience that comes with it. Polish gamblers will enjoy this experience, as most of the gaming sites are fully optimized for mobile gaming, and in the future, operators will make sure to improve even more their mobile apps and the customer experience with it.

Mobile Gaming in Poland
Polish Regulation Laws and Authorities

Polish Regulation Laws and Authorities

The law and regulation applicable to all forms of gambling in Poland is the Gambling Act of 2009. The main responsibilities to govern the gambling sector in Poland are granted to the Minister of Finance of the country.

Most forms of online gambling in Poland are either restricted or prohibited to state monopoly. The only exceptions here are betting and conducting certain promotional lotteries, which are allowed to be held online, but prior permission is required for each of them.

Land-based casinos are only allowed in specific locations, as it is indicated in the relevant license that they get. Casinos are also limited in number. Only one casino can exist in a single location, a city or a village, that has up to 250,000 inhabitants. For each city with more than 250,000 citizens, the maximum number of casinos is increased by one every 250,000 people. At the moment, there are around 50 active, licensed casinos that operate in Poland.

Polish Regulation Laws and Authorities
Polish Players Favorite Live Games

Polish Players Favorite Live Games

When it comes to the popularity of live games among Polish gamblers, poker takes the number one spot as the most popular game, followed by blackjack. Honorable mentions here go to live baccarat and live roulette.

  • Live poker is widely regarded as one of the most skillful live casino games, despite evidently containing a significant amount of luck.
  • As for live roulette, there are different types of it across the biggest game providers.
  • In live blackjack, the players face a real dealer who they can see on a live video. The interaction between the players and the live dealer goes on with a live chat option. The dealer is a real human being, who interacts with the players and leads the game. Players can play from their mobile phone or from a desktop, wherever they may be. The wagers they place are done digitally too.

Other Casino Games

Polish players are spoiled when it comes to choosing their favorite online games, as the international casino sites offer the best games from the best providers. Online slots are very popular in Poland, just like everywhere else in the gambling world.

Table games come in second place, with the most popular games being poker and blackjack. Poker is highly popular among the young population, who also make up the vast majority of the casino players in Poland.

Polish Players Favorite Live Games
Top Software Providers

Top Software Providers

When it comes to choosing a live casino, any player will choose the one that has all the games from the most reliable and reputable game providers in the market. They provide players with the best user experience, best graphics, and top-class gameplay.

Polish players can enjoy the games from the best providers in the world, which include:

  • Evolution Gaming
  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Yggdrasil
  • Apollo Games
  • Ezugi
  • Authentic Gaming
  • Playtech Games
Top Software Providers
Top Casino Bonuses in Poland

Top Casino Bonuses in Poland

The bonuses are also one of the most important factors in attracting new players and retaining existing ones.

  • Every player in Poland is eligible for some lucrative welcome bonuses, like 100% match to the sums of up to $1,000, plus some free spins, or no deposit bonuses.
  • The no deposit bonuses are another promotion used to attract new players, and these bonuses usually have the form of free credit, and they can be used on various games. Have in mind that these bonuses always have certain terms and conditions, so every gambler needs to make sure to check them before claiming the bonus.
  • Cashback bonuses are also present in live casinos that operate in Poland, and with this bonus, the player gets some percentage of the losses back, and afterward, the money can be used to wager again, or in some cases, withdraw.

How to Claim These Bonuses

Before claiming certain bonuses, Polish gamblers need to check carefully the terms and conditions attached to every one of them. Welcome bonuses usually have the most T&C, and only newly registered players are eligible for these bonuses.

The welcome bonuses always have certain wagering requirements that need to be met by the player to claim them. The wagering requirements needed are not the same, as they vary from one operator to another.

Cashback bonuses are also pretty simple to use, all the player needs to do is play a selected game in a certain period, and be eligible for the cashback bonus. These bonuses have a different minimum and maximum amount that can be withdrawn, depending on the live casino.

Top Casino Bonuses in Poland
Top Payment Methods in Poland

Top Payment Methods in Poland

As stated before, Polish players gamble at foreign live casinos, so every new gambler should always double-check the banking methods available and integrated into the site's platform. The best live casinos offer the best payment options and they include:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • MultiTransfer
  • PayU
  • Kik & Pay
  • SecurionPay
  • Wirecard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal

When searching for a new live casino, players from Poland need to make sure that all these payment methods are available, as it is a sign of the reliability of the site itself. It doesn’t make sense to wager on sites that do not have reliable payment methods.

Other Payment Methods in Poland

Some less popular banking options in Poland include e-checks and prepaid vouchers. The main reason for their unpopularity is the fact that they all have slow deposit and withdrawal procedures. Electronic checks, or commonly known as e-checks, can be extremely safe when making a deposit, but it could take three days for the deposit to be completed, and up to a month for the withdrawal process.

Prepaid vouchers, such as Paysafecard allow players to deposit money easily, but similarly to the previously mentioned payment methods, the withdrawal process is a bit more complicated, as players won't be able to withdraw any money without entering their credit/debit card details.

Top Payment Methods in Poland


Everything you need to know about casinos

Are casinos legal in Poland?

Land-based casinos are legal, but the regulation for those is tight, they are limitations on the number of casinos in each district, as well as the number of machines in those casinos. As for live casinos, they are completely illegal, no private entity in Poland is allowed to start live casino operations.

Can a player gamble in a foreign live casino?

Yes, there are countless international live casinos offering their services to Polish players. Although citizens are not allowed to gamble on these sites, the Government does not yet prosecute players who do so, they are more concentrated on catching the sites that operate in Poland and they look to blacklist them. As the Government does not bother with chasing individual players, Polish gamblers can play at a foreign live casino without any consequences.

What is the legal gambling age in Poland?

The legal gambling age in Poland is 18.

Do live casinos in Poland offer bonuses?

Yes, almost all of the live casinos in which Polish players gamble offer bonuses. There is a welcome bonus for every newly registered player, as well as free spins that give the players a certain advantage of the gameplay. Gamblers need to make sure to check all the terms and conditions of these bonuses before claiming them (usually welcome bonuses tend to have the most T&C).

What payment methods can be used at Polish live casinos?

Every reliable live casino which accepts Polish players has integrated the most relevant payment options: Visa, Mastercard, SecurionPay, EBANX, Wirecard, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and many more.

Is there a mobile app for live casinos in Poland?

Mobile gaming seems to be the future of online gambling, so every strong live casino has provided its players with a mobile app in order to maximize the betting experience. Almost every live casino operating in Poland has a mobile app version, so players can enjoy the best user experience.

What are the most popular live games?

Just like in many gambling markets across the world, live poker seems to be the top choice for Polish players. Live poker is mainly popular among the young population, which is also the vast majority of the players in live casinos. Other games, such as live blackjack, live baccarat, and live roulette are also worthy mentions.

Who regulates gambling in Poland?

Gambling in Poland is regulated by the Gaming Act of 2009 when the restrictions were introduced. There is no special body controlling the gambling sector, as every gambling activity is governed and controlled by the Ministry of Finance of Poland.

How long does withdrawals take at a live casino in Poland?

All this depends on the payment methods the player chooses. As stated before, all the top-class live casinos have integrated the relevant banking options, so Polish players are not short of options here. E-wallets and debit/credit cards usually have a very fast withdrawal time. On the other hand, direct bank transfers, e-checks and prepaid vouchers are less popular among players as they can take up to a month before the withdrawal is completed.

Can players play for free at Polish live casinos?

Yes, as it is the trend with all live casinos in the world, Polish players can try their luck with playing for free at their favorite live casino. Before starting the game, the player needs to choose the section “Play for fun”. This can be an easy way to test the games, and there is no time limit on how long players can play the games.