Top Live Casinos in New Zealand

Even though live casinos in New Zealand are illegal, online gambling is very popular for gamblers within the country. Players have found their ways to gamble, with foreign live casinos being open and free to accept players from New Zealand. There is no written legislation that prohibits players to access international live casinos. Online gambling is popular all around the world and looking at the evolving gambling history in the country, there's a big likelihood that New Zealand will follow this trend. But for now, players can enjoy their favorite live casinos offshore. Our listings are constantly reviewed by our specialists to ensure you find your top New Zealand casino online.

Top  Live Casinos in New Zealand
Live Casinos in New Zealand

Live Casinos in New Zealand

The current New Zealand legislation does not allow live casinos to be present within the country. The gambling regulations forbid any domestic online portals to offer gambling services. However, there is no written legislation prohibiting players who are of legal age to access foreign live casinos.

Offshore live casinos are not permitted to promote themselves in the territory of New Zealand, and they face strict penalties if they do so, but they cannot be stopped from attracting New Zealand players from outside the country.

This has completely changed the gambling landscape in the country, as online live gambling has proved to be just as popular as land-based gambling in the country, and players are more than eager to place wagers in their favourite foreign live casinos.

Players are also fully allowed to withdraw money from offshore live casinos, and the most popular and the best live casinos have implemented the New Zealand dollar as a form of currency. The only problem the authorities have are live casinos that would try to operate from within the country.

This situation has been more than welcome for offshore live casinos, as they look to attract as many New Zealand players as possible, and they are successful with that. Players from New Zealand love to gamble online, and as the government does not charge them with any criminal offences, they are free to place wagers at any foreign live casino that accepts players from the country.

Live Casinos in New Zealand
History of Gambling in New Zealand

History of Gambling in New Zealand

The gambling history of New Zealand goes way back to the 1830s when Kiwis would bet primarily on the outcome of horse races. The first lottery was conducted in 1877 to raise money, and it was known as the Art Union. During the 1900s the acceptance of all forms of gambling began to decrease and it was seen as an immoral activity. As a result, almost all forms of gambling were illegal under the NZ Gambling act of 1908.

Today, New Zealand is very different when it comes to legal gambling than in the past. Gambling in the country was strictly controlled and regulated until the 1980s when casinos and lottery games were finally approved by the Parliament.

The New Zealand Lottery Commission was established in 1987, and it was a regulatory agency that handled all gambling regulations, issues and governance. Slot machines were legalized in 1991, and they were placed in hotels and bars. The first casino opened a few years later. In 2003 the Principle Act or Gambling Act established the regulatory framework needed for legal gambling in New Zealand.

Nowadays, domestic citizens, as well as tourists, who are of legal age can access the land-based casinos within the territory of New Zealand. When it comes to live online gambling, it is forbidden for any operator to start live online gambling operations in New Zealand. However, the law does not cover foreign live online gambling operators, as they are free to accept players from New Zealand, and those players will not face any repercussions for playing at those sites.

History of Gambling in New Zealand
Gambling Nowadays in New Zealand

Gambling Nowadays in New Zealand

At the moment, on the territory of New Zealand, there are six active land-based casinos, and the first of them opened in 1994. As New Zealand is a major tourist attraction, this helped tourism in the country flourish, as many people that visit the country are also eager to try their luck at some of the casino establishments.

The legal casinos in New Zealand are Christchurch Casino, SkyCity Auckland, Dunedin Casino, SkyCity Hamilton, SkyCity Wharf, and SkyCity Queenstown Casino. These casinos are located in the biggest cities in New Zealand, so tourists do not miss the chance to visit them throughout the year.

As for online live gambling, the government's stance is that it should remain illegal within the borders of the country. That doesn't mean that New Zealand players do not have access to live casinos. Foreign live casinos are free to accept players from New Zealand, and the government fully allows punters to place wagers and withdraw money from these sites, as long as they are not located inside the country.

Gambling Nowadays in New Zealand
Future of Live Casino in New Zealand

Future of Live Casino in New Zealand

With the latest advancements in technology, live casinos are ever so popular in the world, and players from New Zealand seem to follow this trend. The history of gambling in the country is quite rich, and at the moment it seems it goes in the right direction.

Although land-based casinos are legal, and there are 6 of them based in the biggest cities in the country, the live gambling sector remains illegal, in a way. Despite pressure from the gambling community within the country, the New Zealand government simply refuses to liberalize the market and allow private entities to obtain an online gambling licence.

No operator is allowed to offer online gambling services within the territory of New Zealand, but there is no law prohibiting gamblers from the country from accessing offshore live dealer casinos. This is confusing a bit, as the government does not block or blacklist foreign online casinos, but is not interested in liberalizing the market inside the country.

Because of this, the pressure on the government increases to start with the loosing up of the market regulations covering New Zealand live casinos, but with little success so far. However, in the future, it can be expected that the New Zealand government will succumb to that pressure and follow the best practices of the most developed countries in the world, and make live gambling legal.

It is a logical step to make, as it can be a good contributor to the economy of the country. The land-based casinos enjoy great success, they are regularly visited by domestic and foreign citizens, so all indicators point that live online casinos in new zealand will enjoy similar, or even better success if allowed in the country.

Future of Live Casino in New Zealand
Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

All of the reliable and trustworthy live casinos across the world have noticed the latest trends in regards to the popularity of mobile gaming. The internet penetration in the world is increasing with each passing day, and people have more access to mobile phones than ever.

This is also the case in New Zealand, as the young population especially enjoys spending time on their mobile phones, therefore they fancy gambling on it. Almost all of the foreign live casinos that accept players from New Zealand have created fully functional apps that are available for both Android and iOS users. They are also optimized for use via a browser, so players don't even need to download the app.

Mobile Gaming
Regulation Laws and Authorities

Regulation Laws and Authorities

There are a few agencies in New Zealand that regulate gambling in varying degrees: the Parliament, TAB, DIA, New Zealand Gambling Commission, New Zealand Racing Board, New Zealand Lottery Commission, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Development, National Government and the second Labour Government.

Some of these agencies have a more important role than others, but smaller regulators also have certain jurisdiction and a say in the creation of legislation for gambling in New Zealand. Some entities are designed to just observe and report the positive and negative aspects of gambling among the New Zealand citizens. These are particularly significant agencies, as their information is the basis for future legislation.

The Gambling Act of 2003 replaced the Lotteries Act of 1977 as the country's primary gambling law, and it had the purpose of harmonizing the regulatory framework for gambling in New Zealand. The Gambling Act was introduced as the Responsible Gambling Bill in Parliament, and it controlled the growth of gambling, together with minimizing the harm that comes from it.

This Act is the official one concerning the gambling game types in New Zealand. Individuals must be 20 years or older to access land-based casinos, and, as mentioned, no live casinos are allowed in the territory of New Zealand.

Regulation Laws and Authorities
Other Games in the New Zealand Market

Other Games in the New Zealand Market

Of course, the games listed above are just a few of the most popular options in the New Zealand live casino market. There are plenty more choices available to players, including:

  • Live baccarat
  • Live hi-lo
  • Live Caribbean stud
  • Live three card brag
  • Live Dragon Tiger
Other Games in the New Zealand Market
Top Live Casino Game Providers

Top Live Casino Game Providers

The list of game providers is something any player checks when accessing any live casino. New Zealand players have the luxury of choosing from the best live casinos in the world, as the government does not stop them from attracting players from its country.

Having said that, the most popular live casino sites among New Zealand players have partnered with some of the best, and most advanced game providers in the market, such as:

  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • Play N Go
  • Betsoft
  • Pragmatic Play

All these providers are known for the best quality and quantity of games, so any player seeing these providers on a live casino site can rest assured of the best gaming experience.

Top Live Casino Game Providers
Top Live Casino Games in New Zealand

Top Live Casino Games in New Zealand

Slots have proven to be the most popular games for New Zealand players, and there are few versions of them. Video slots have more than enough versions for every player's preferences, as each slot has a unique theme, free spins round, or a bonus feature.

Progressive slots are designed for the bravest players, and these require a slightly bigger budget from the players, but they can be rewarding also. The classic slots are also quite popular in New Zealand, as they are simple to play and to understand.

Top Live Casino Games in New Zealand
Most Preferred Casino Bonus in New Zealand

Most Preferred Casino Bonus in New Zealand

New Zealand players can choose countless live casinos, and those live casinos look to attract as many players from that country as possible. The bonuses and promotions they offer are always a good way to do so.

When a player registers to a live online casino in New Zealand, a bonus package will be awarded to them immediately. The live casino usually covers the first deposit of the players when awarding this bonus. Welcome bonuses have the most terms and conditions, so players need to be aware of them.

Free spins are one of the favourites among New Zealand players, as they can get free spins on certain live slots, or slots from specific providers.

How to Claim These Bonuses

Bonuses always have certain requirements, and they can be high, and in that case, the bonus amount doesn't matter. For this reason, before using any bonus, players need to check the terms and conditions attached to it.

As mentioned, welcome bonuses have the most terms and conditions, and only newly registered players can use them. They have minimum and maximum amounts that can be deposited, but they vary from one live casino to another. Free spins are also highly popular, and they are simple to use, the player just needs to check which games it applies to and they can try their luck in winning the big prizes.

Most Preferred Casino Bonus in New Zealand
Payment Methods in New Zealand

Payment Methods in New Zealand

As almost all of the relevant and top-class live casinos accept players from New Zealand, it is no wonder that they have implemented the best payment methods in the market. The variety in New Zealand of casino banking options is key for players in choosing a live casino to register zealand casino banking options

The list of payment methods in the live casinos that accept New Zealand players is long, and it includes:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • PayU
  • Neteller

They are very safe to use and have a fast withdrawal request time, so players always tend to choose them, especially the e-wallets.

Other Payment Methods

There are certain payment methods that New Zealand players tend to avoid, and the reason for it is the slow withdrawal procedure that they have. Having instant access to their winnings is of the utmost importance to the players, and payment methods like e-checks and prepaid vouchers do not offer that.

They are pretty safe to use, but it can take up to a month for them to complete a withdrawal request by the players. Apart from these, there is a new trend in the world with using Bitcoin as a payment method, but it is still relatively new in New Zealand, and players are still questioning whether they should use it, even though the best live casinos offer that option.

Payment Methods in New Zealand
Languages at New Zealand Live Casinos

Languages at New Zealand Live Casinos

Players from all over the world can enjoy gaming at New Zealand's live casinos because many provide support and gaming in different languages. The best New Zealand live casinos offer several language options to players.

But not all casinos offer the same level of language accessibility. For instance, some provide written gameplay instructions in multiple languages, but there aren't any multilingual live dealers available to support players. Similarly, a casino might employ dealers who are fluent in certain languages but not offer written material.

Some of the most commonly supported languages at live casinos in New Zealand include:

  • English — mainly New Zealand and Australian English, but also UK, US, and Canadian English
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Danish
Languages at New Zealand Live Casinos
How We Select the Best Live Online Casinos in Canada

How We Select the Best Live Online Casinos in Canada

Finding the top casino sites in Canada is the main priority for gamblers exploring their options in this market. With this in mind, we offer reviews that customers can use while they seek the best Canadian casino options.

All of the Canada casino sites we feature here on the website are safe and secure. We view this as a basic necessity for players, but we also recognize that these players need more than just the basics, which is why we review casinos based on a wealth of different attributes. These include;


The casino must be easy for all players to access, with a user-friendly interface across different devices. The casino site also needs to cater to users with specific access requirements, such as gamers with disabilities or impairments.


The best of Canadas casinos will provide high levels of security to their customers, utilizing secure payment gateways and multi-factor authentication to protect player data. This is a major factor we consider when giving casino reviews to customers.


Players need to know how different live casinos perform in the Canadian and international markets. Therefore, we include information on the popularity of various casino sites among players, providing comparisons with other gaming providers.


All gamblers need to be able to enjoy safe gameplay. Therefore, casino game providers should not provide offers that encourage irresponsible gambling or host ads that expose customers to fraud.

Company Website

The best live casino sites in Canada have a user-friendly design and SSL encryption. Players need to find casino companies with reliable websites that are easy to use.


Canadian online casinos need to offer great support to their customers, assisting them with any queries or issues they might encounter. Therefore, we try to help players find the casinos with the best levels of support.

Product Range

The product range is another important aspect of our reviews. Customers need to be able to access a wide variety of different games online.

How We Select the Best Live Online Casinos in Canada


Everything you need to know about casinos

What types of gambling are legal in New Zealand?

Only land-based gambling is legal in New Zealand at the moment. Online gambling is still not legal within the borders of the country, but players can access foreign live casinos without facing any repercussions for it. The government allows gambling at offshore gambling sites.

Who regulates gambling in New Zealand?

There is more than one entity that governs the gambling sector in New Zealand, some of them with bigger responsibilities than others: TAB, DIA, Parliament, the Gambling Commission, the Lottery Commission, Racing Board, Gambling Compliance Group, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Health, National Government, and the Second Labour Government.

What is the legal gambling age in New Zealand?

New Zealand players aged 20 or more can access any land-based establishment in the country.

How long do withdrawals take at New Zealand live casinos?

This depends usually on the payment methods chosen by the player. Some payment methods, like the e-wallets, have instant processing times, so players will get the winnings to their accounts immediately.

Is there a demo version of the games in live casinos that accept New Zealand players?

Yes, almost all of the live casinos have an option to play the games for free by choosing their demo mode. Players can get to know the game this way, and they won’t spend actual money playing.

Which are the New Zealand players' favourite live games?

Players from New Zealand tend to enjoy live baccarat, live blackjack, and live poker the most, as they have many versions, and they are simple, but exciting to play.

How many casinos are there in New Zealand?

There are 6 active casinos in New Zealand: Dunedin Casino, Christchurch Casino, SkyCity Auckland, SkyCity Hamilton, SkyCity Queenstown, and SkyCity Wharf Casino.

Are there bonuses available at New Zealand live casinos?

Yes, almost all of the reliable live casinos that accept New Zealand players offer different types of bonuses. Welcome packages and free spins are the most popular ones in New Zealand.

Is the New Zealand dollar implemented in live casinos?

Yes, there are more than enough live casinos that have implemented the New Zealand dollar as one of the currencies.

Can players use Bitcoin as a payment method?

Yes, depending on the live casino, but most of the reliable ones have implemented this cryptocurrency as a payment option.