10 Top-Rated Live Gambling Sites in Mongolia

The history of gambling in Mongolia is quite interesting. The Mongolian government has done quite a lot over the past several decades to legalize and regulate gambling. Most of the attempts were unsuccessful, except for a short period during the 1990s when the legislators passed a bill that legalized gambling machines. The government later made gambling illegal after realizing most citizens were suffering from gambling addiction.

Because of the limiting laws, there are no live casinos based in Mongolia. However, many Mongolian punters still enjoy live gaming regularly, thanks to the numerous international casinos.

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10 Top-Rated Live Gambling Sites in Mongolia
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Mongolia Live Casinos

Hundreds of top international live casinos accept Mongolian punters, each having its pros and cons. Choosing the best live casino to join is essential, as it informs the players' overall gambling experience. Some of the top considerations Mongolian punters should make are highlighted below.


Choosing a credible live casino is essential, especially when the options are limited to international casinos. That is mostly because following up on fraud or scam cases can be more challenging. The first step for confirming a casino's credibility is checking the licensing status. The casino should have relevant licenses issued by reputable gambling regulatory authorities. Punters should then consider the casino's reputation based on reviews from other users and top casino ranking sites.

Game Variety

Game variety is particularly essential for punters exploring the many different types of live games. Players interested in a particular game variation must also limit their options to the casinos offering the specific game they want. The same applies to punters who prefer games made by specific game developers.

Customer Support

Live casinos with multiple customer support options are usually perceived as better than those that limit themselves to traditional options. While more options could be better, punters should also pay attention to the quality of customer service. Customer service is usually evaluated based on the number of channels available for contacting customer support representatives, how long it takes to get responses, and the language available for customer service, among other factors.

Laws and Restrictions in Mongolia

Currently, land-based and online gambling is prohibited in Mongolia. That is except for national lotteries, which only the state can run. According to Mongolian law, the government cannot issue any operating licenses to gambling providers. That applies to local and international operators. As such, there are currently no casinos based in the country. However, the law does not specifically prohibit punters from playing online. That allows them to enjoy live games in international live casinos without fear of prosecution. There are also no specified authorities for regulating gambling activities in Mongolia, relieving gamers of issues that might be caused by misinterpretation of the law.

Future of Live Gambling in Mongolia

Recently, there have been speculations regarding the legalization of gambling in Mongolia. The main reason behind the speculation is the need to attract affluent tourists to the country, thus increasing the tourism industry's revenue, which can help grow the country's economy. The gambling industry will also contribute a lot towards the country's income through taxation.

The speculations came about after some government officials recently respawned the idea. The desire to legalize gambling in Mongolia comes from observing the great success that other neighboring countries and regions have. A good example is Macau, which attracts thousands of punters globally each year, contributing significantly to China's national income.

The main reason for the Mongolian government holding back on legalizing gambling is to protect its citizens from gambling addiction. Therefore, there will likely be strict regulations if gambling becomes legal in the country to ensure that citizens remain protected.

Best Bonuses at Live Mongolia Casino

Mongolian punters enjoy all the different bonus types offered by international casinos. However, the bonus amounts offered to a Mongolian casino may differ from others in some casinos because of issues such as licensing terms and conditions.

Welcome Bonuses

Nearly all live casinos nowadays offer welcome bonuses to potential clients to encourage them to join their platforms. In most cases, opening an account and loading funds are the main requirements to qualify for this bonus. However, some live casinos may have additional requirements, such as sharing a post on social media or filling out a survey form. Some live casinos credit the welcome bonus to a player's bonus account automatically, while others require punters to source for a bonus code.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are also quite popular, especially among punters who play regularly. Operators usually offer loyalty bonuses to ensure that such gamblers continue playing on their platforms. To qualify for the bonus, a player's wager must exceed a specified amount within a given period. Some live casinos also offer loyalty bonuses to punters who bet more than a specified number of times within a period, irrespective of the wager amount.

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses are typically offered to players who spread the word about the particular live casino they are registered in. Players send a referral link that they send out via their preferred channels. New punters can join the casino via such links. A punter receives a referral bonus each time a new user registers for an account using the link he or she sent out. Typically, the new user must deposit for the punter to get the referral bonus.

Payment Methods at Live Online Casino Mongolia

Mongolian punters have numerous options regarding the payment method to use when depositing or withdrawing funds. Unfortunately, finding a live casino accepting the local Mongolian payment methods is challenging as there are no live casinos based within the country. They can use several payment options that allow transactions using the Mongolian Togrog's local currency. However, some may attract currency conversion fees.

Credit Cards

Some Mongolian punters prefer using credit cards to make deposits to their live casino gaming accounts. Nearly all international casinos accept credit cards, meaning punters who are comfortable with credit payments have numerous options at their hands. Credit cards are highly preferred for their security and ease of use.


E-wallets are also very popular among Mongolian punters, mostly because they support withdrawals from most live casinos. Deposits made via e-wallets are usually processed instantly, but withdrawals can take some time, depending on the casino. The main detriment of e-wallets is that players must create e-wallet accounts and find suitable options to fund them before usage.

Direct Banks Transfer

Most banks have made it relatively easy to transfer funds from one bank account to another, even if the transfer is between accounts of different banks. The transfer process is handy thanks to the Internet banking services offered by most banks nowadays. That has made direct bank transfers a popular payment method for most Mongolian punters.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

Is online gambling a legal activity in Mongolia?

While there are no specific laws allowing online gambling, there aren't any laws explicitly prohibiting it either. Players should exercise caution and research any online casino before participating.

How can I gamble online in Mongolia?

To gamble online in Mongolia, choose a reputable online live casino that accepts Mongolian players, create an account, and ensure you have a secure internet connection.

Is there a set age limit for online gambling in Mongolia?

Yes, the age limit for online gambling in Mongolia is 21 years.

What live casino games are popular in Mongolia?

In Mongolia, popular live casino games include live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat, among others.

Will I need to pay tax on my winnings in Mongolia?

No, gambling winnings are not currently subject to tax in Mongolia.

Do Mongolian live online casinos offer bonuses?

Yes, many Mongolian live online casinos offer bonuses, ranging from welcome bonuses to reload and loyalty bonuses.

What deposit methods can I use?

Common deposit methods for Mongolian players include credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. Always check the casino's banking section for specific options.