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One of the smallest countries in the world, Monaco is a gambling Mecca in its own right. It may not be on the levels of Vegas or Macau, but it is not like Brunei or Lebanon either. The country is home to the Monte Carlo Casino complex, one of the most famous gaming destinations out there. Monacans who love to play casino games online have nothing to worry about since there are many live dealer casinos that accept them. Whether it is roulette, baccarat, craps, poker, or blackjack, the citizens of Monaco can play their favorite games and interact with a live casino dealer in real time.

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Monacan Live Casinos

It must be said that Monaco has always assumed a somewhat laissez-faire attitude when it comes to gambling regulation. And while casino gambling is not exactly without oversight in the country, the activity is not watched with an eagle eye either. That doesn't mean that Monaco is not enamored with the possibility of players playing at offshore casino sites. Attempts to ban the practices have been there, trying to put the internet casinos in line with the country's land-based casino gambling laws and policies.

The fact that these efforts have never been fruitful is perhaps good news to Monacans. Apparently, online casino gambling remains legal in the country. With plenty of foreign operators ready to accept players in Monaco, Monacans have access to live casino games from the comfort of their homes.

How to Choose a Live Online Casino in Monaco

To find the best live casinos, Monacan players may need to look no further than CasinoRank's list. The site reviews and recommends only safe sites that can offer a well-rounded live casino experience. CasinoRank's experienced experts review casinos based on security, games, payment methods, bonuses, customer support, and game providers, among other factors. Of course, no great live casino is worth the description if it doesn't tick all these boxes.

Why Players Should Choose a Live Casino in Their Own Country

Every casino player would love to have a sense of identity when it comes to live casino gaming. One way to actualize this is by playing at a live casino site based in their country. But the perks of a local-based casino go way beyond just the sense of identity. So, why exactly would Monegasques want to choose a casino based in their country? Here are some of the reasons:

  • They would be able to play using euros, which is the official currency of Monaco
  • A live casino studio based in Monaco would prefer having a native language speaker to best serve the citizens. The official language of Monaco is French, so almost all people in the country understand and speak this language
  • A local casino offers the most convenient payment methods for players
  • Players would be well protected by law since local casinos must play by the country's set rules

Live Casino Payment Methods in Monaco

To enjoy their favorite live casino games, players from Monaco should be able to make deposits and withdrawals easily, and there are many live casinos providing dozens of seamless payment methods. This means that Monacans never experience any shortage of safe payment methods. To sum up, here are the most popular live casino payment methods in Monaco.

Credit Cards

Using Mastercard or VISA is one of the most practical methods for casino players in Monaco. These cards are supported at all Monacan casinos and are issued by most banks in the country. Besides, credit cards are easy to use. Players simply need to provide their card information, and money will be transferred from the card to their casino account.


Though their usage is nowhere near credit cards, e-wallets have proved to be more convenient and safer than cards. These services don't call for users' financial information. Transaction charges are also low. Casino players in Monaco love to use the following electronic wallets:

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • EcoPayz

Other Payment Methods

  • Bank transfer
  • Digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum
  • Prepaid card, e.g., Entropay

The Currency of Monaco

While Monaco is yet to officially join the European Union, the country already complies with the union's policies. Hence, it is no surprise that the Euro, which is also the EU's currency, is Monaco's sole currency. There are even whispers that the country may become part of France, but that's a wait-and-see scenario. No matter the casino Monacans choose, it is advisable to stick with Euro sites for obvious reasons. Who loves paying exchange rates?

Laws and Restrictions in Monaco

Monacan gambling is governed by law No. 1103, which was enacted in 1987. Almost all types of gambling are allowed in Monaco according to this law. That's why players can find table games, such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps, poker, and Punto Banco, as well as slot machines in Monacan local casinos. All gamblers in the country must have attained the age of 18 and must carry their ID document when visiting any casino in the country. However, the above law does not mention lotteries, sports betting, and bingo. Therefore, there is no regulation for these games.


Casinos in Monaco are prohibited for the following people:

  • Local citizens
  • Priests
  • Servicemen
  • Intoxicated people/those under the influence of drugs
  • People with indecent behavior (who can cause unpleasant incidents or scandals)


The Gambling Authority is the regulator of the Monacan gambling scene. The body works under the country's Ministry of Finance and Economy. The regulatory body consists of a leader, a deputy, and inspectors. Here are the duties and functions of the Gambling Authority:

  • Controlling access to casinos
  • Supervision of casino operations
  • Control casino operation hours, including opening and closing times
  • Ensuring casino employees behave appropriately

Penalties for Law Violation

According to the Criminal Code of Monaco, gambling law breakers are imprisoned for six days to one month, on top of paying a fine. According to the code, it is a crime for casino operators to, among other things:

  • Use unlicensed gambling software or equipment
  • Hire employees without the administrative body's permission
  • Start their activities without permission from the Gambling Authority
  • Make changes to their activities without notifying the Gambling Authority

Online Gambling

While the Monacan government strictly regulates land-based casino gaming, it is a whole different scenario when it comes to online gambling. No one issues licenses to online operators, and there are no legal restrictions or consequences for citizens who play at international casino sites.

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