10 Top-Rated Live Gambling Sites in Kuwait

Anyone who loves casino gaming has probably heard about Kuwaiti live casinos. Live casino gambling is quite popular among the citizens of Kuwait, just as it is in many other countries. And while there are no live casinos licensed to operate in the country, there are many offshore casinos that accept Kuwaitis, allowing them to enjoy immersive casino gaming without traveling to Vegas. These casinos provide a diverse selection of games to suit players of various tastes and ages. This post commits to dive deep into the Kuwait's live casino gambling scene so casino enthusiasts in the country can know what to expect.

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Kuwait Live Casinos

When it comes to Kuwaiti live casinos, CasinoRank makes it a point to separate the wheat from the chaff by looking at various factors. All the live casinos listed here for Kuwaiti players have been carefully selected to ensure players have access to the finest live dealer casino gaming experience. To choose the best live casino in Kuwaiti, players have to look at the following factors:

Security Precautions

Safety is of paramount importance for all live casino players in Kuwait. A secure casino should invest in high-level encryption technologies like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect players' information. Thankfully, most offshore live casinos in Kuwait have been licensed by reputable authorities, including the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

Payment Methods

Due to the country's severe gambling restrictions, anonymous payment methods seem to be the best choice for Kuwaiti live casino gamers. Top live casino sites offer a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options, including prepaid cards, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and e-wallets.

Game Variety

Live roulette, live baccarat, live blackjack, and live poker are some of the most popular games for Kuwaitis. A live casino with an extensive game library gives players freedom of choice, so they play what they love most. Fewer options mean less entertainment.

Customer Service

If players have a problem while playing at a live casino, the customer service must help them out. Most Kuwaiti live casinos provide support in Arabic and English.

Best Bonuses in Kuwait

Many top live casinos provide a wide range of bonuses and promotions. That's because they are well aware of the importance of making an impression on Kuwaiti players. From loyalty rewards to welcome bonuses to reload bonuses, Kuwaitis have a wide range of freebies to enjoy.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is undoubtedly the most popular promotion bonus type at live casinos in Kuwait. As the name suggests, a welcome bonus is meant to welcome new casino players, not existing ones. It is a one-time reward, typically awarded after a player has signed up with a live casino and made the first deposit. It typically involves the casino matching the player's deposit 100%. This, however, can be more or less depending on the live casino a Kuwaiti player is playing at.

Welcome bonuses always come with wagering requirements, which is a must-read for players, so they understand what awaits them. The requirements can be 25x, 30x, 35x, or any other figure set by the casino operator. It means the player must wager the bonus the set number of times before they can cash out.

High Roller Bonuses

High roller bonuses typically come in various forms, including loyalty schemes and VIP programs. Kuwaitis who spend a lot of time and money at live casinos can receive any of these bonuses, each of which comes loaded with its own perks. For instance, VIP perks may include playing certain special games and even getting a personal concierge.

Live Casino Payment Methods in Kuwait

Kuwaiti offshore live casinos offer a whole portfolio of payment methods to choose from. However, since Kuwait is strictly an anti-gambling nation, Kuwaitis prefer using payment methods that keep them anonymous. As a result, debit and credit cards could be risky because banks in the country may flag all gambling-related transactions.

To avoid being caught by the long arm of the government, Kuwaiti players prefer using prepaid cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. These methods allow them to transact anonymously, making it impossible for law enforcers to catch up with them. Some of the most popular methods used by live casino gamers in the country include:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • EcoPayz
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • ecoCard
  • Neosurf
  • PaysafeCard


With the Kuwaiti dinar being the country's official currency, it is every casino player's desire to transact in this currency. By depositing and withdrawing in their own currency, they don't have to pay currency conversion fees. However, not all international live casinos support the currency. That means Kuwaitis have to transact in other currencies. Thankfully, most casinos accept transactions in major currencies, such as US dollars, pounds, and euros.

Playing With Real Money in Kuwait

Despite the ban on all forms of gambling, Kuwaiti punters still play live casino games with real money. That is made possible by the hundreds of offshore live casinos that allow Kuwaiti punters to join and wager real cash. However, the gambling ban introduces several challenges that the punters must deal with to ensure they do not get in trouble with the authorities. First, they must invest in a reliable VPN service when accessing their preferred live casinos. They must also use private and secure payment methods to avoid their transactions getting blocked. As a result, most Kuwaiti punters prefer using cryptocurrencies as they offer anonymity and the highest levels of security.

Top Reasons Kuwaiti Punters Play with Real Money

To Unlock Premium Features

Live casinos that offer free live games limit the features that punters can access. That means free-play punters cannot enjoy the casino's premium features. Playing with real money unlocks all the extra features, allowing the punters to get the best gambling experience. It also grants punters access to all live games in the casino.

To Qualify for Bonuses

Playing with real money allows punters to get and use several live casino bonuses, including cash-back bonuses, high roller bonuses, and reload bonuses. These incentives give players plating at live casinos in Kuwait a chance to stretch their bankrolls. Players can also use these rewards to familiarize themselves with the live casino's user interface or new games without risking money.

To Possibly Win Money

The primary reason Kuwaiti punters play live casino games with real money is the possibility of winning real cash. If the bets on which they place wagers go their way, the casino pays them as per the terms of the wager.

The downside of playing with real money

The main downside of playing live casino games with real money is that punters risk losing the money they stake. There is no way punters can be sure of winning a bet, meaning they have to bear a risk each time they bet.

Live Casinos Accepting Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) in Kuwait

For those who are intrigued by the vibrant iGaming scene, the appeal of live casinos that cater to the heart of the Middle East, specifically Kuwait, is undeniable. The good news is that a rapidly growing number of live casino sites are now opening their digital doors to enthusiasts like you and are happily accepting the Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD). This not only simplifies transactions but also adds a touch of familiarity and excitement.

What makes live casinos in Kuwait so magical is their ability to merge the real-time interaction with live dealers and the comfort of your own home. You can engage with expert dealers in real-time, all without having to leave your home. The experience is highly engaging and immersive, making it an ideal option for those who want to experience the thrill of a real casino without leaving their doorstep.

If you're looking to begin your journey into the world of live casino gaming in Kuwait, CasinoRank's toplist offers a carefully curated selection of the best new live casinos that not only cater to but also value the strength of the KWD. With this list, you can be sure that you're playing with a reputable and trustworthy casino that prioritizes your best interests.

Laws and Restrictions in Kuwait

Being an Islamic country, Kuwait is ruled by Sharia Law, which doesn't see eye to eye with gambling. There is nothing like legal casinos, lotteries, sportsbooks, bingo halls, or any other gambling establishment, whether online or offline. The restrictions target both players and casino operators. There is nothing like a licensing body since the country doesn't identify with gambling.

Yes, underground gaming dens may be available, but they are always a target of the long arm of the government. In fact, there have been many reports of illegal gambling sports getting busted, and lawbreakers are subjected to harsh punishments. For instance, police caught up with an illegal doctor-owned gambling establishment, apprehending more than 30 people in 2014. The doctor was sacked, and this is just but one of the many cases in the country that illustrate how anti-gambling the Kuwaiti government is.

Regulatory Body

Gambling in Kuwait is controlled by the Interior Ministry's Criminal Investigations Department, which cracks whip on lawbreakers. This regulatory body announced its intention to clamp down all forms of internet gambling and prosecute illegal online casino operators and players.

Untamed Live Online Gambling

Despite gambling being illegal in Kuwait, the country's authorities have not done enough to prevent citizens from accessing offshore internet casinos. As such, Kuwaitis sign up with many online and live casinos to play the games they love. With no law to protect their internet activities, Kuwaitis take it upon themselves to find reputable live casinos that can guarantee safety and fairness. Some of these nationals even turn to VPNs to hide their locations.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

Which live casino games are popular in Kuwait?

A few live casinos are popular among Kuwaiti punters who play live games on offshore casinos. Live blackjack and roulette are usually clear favorites among Kuwaiti punters.

How do I make deposits and cashouts at live casinos in Kuwait?

The payment methods available to live casino players usually depend on the live casino chosen. With Kuwaiti punters opting for safe and secure payment methods, cryptocurrencies remain the most preferred live casino payment method for deposits and cashouts.

Do I have to play for real money at a live casino in Kuwait?

Kuwaiti players can access free games in some offshore live casinos. However, most of them prefer playing with real money, which makes all the trouble of accessing the offshore live casinos worth it.

Can I play in Kuwaiti dinar?

Most live casinos that allow Kuwaiti punters to join do not support the Kuwaiti dinar as a currency. However, most payment methods that the casinos offer support currency exchange. That means that the punters can deposit funds into their casino accounts if they are okay with paying the applicable currency exchange rates.

Will I need to pay tax on my winnings?

Kuwaiti punters do not pay any taxes on their winnings as there is no legal provision for paying gambling taxes. However, the punters might have to pay the relevant taxes based on the casino's country.

What is a welcome bonus, and how do I claim it?

A welcome bonus is an incentive offered to new punters, usually to entice them to join a live casino. Claiming the bonus varies in live casinos. Some operators require punters to input a code, and others automatically credit the bonus amount into the punters' casino accounts upon a successful initial deposit or signup.

Where can I find the best Kuwaiti live casinos?

There are no live casinos in Kuwait. However, the options out there are vast. An easy way of finding top Kuwaiti casinos is employing casino ranking platforms. A platform like Live CasinoRank, for instance, has a list of the top Kuwaiti live casinos to help Kuwaiti punters choose the best.

Can I play on my mobile device?

Yes! Today, most live casinos are compatible with mobile devices, thanks to the HTML5 technology, which allows seamless streaming on mobile devices.