Top-rated Live gambling sites in Kenya

Live online casino gaming has become one of the fastest-growing forms of gambling in the world. From top-notch software to excellent internet connection speeds, online gaming is all about the experience. For those live game enthusiasts who live in Africa, the chances are they'll be lucky enough to live in a country where there is a great online gaming infrastructure. Kenya is one such country. This post comes loaded with all there is to know about live online casino gaming in Kenya. Players can play their favorite live games from the comfort of their homes. Read more about live casinos and the best live casinos in Kenya suited to your needs.

Top-rated Live gambling sites in Kenya
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About Kenya

About Kenya

The population of the country is more than 47 million people, which makes it the 49th most populous country. The capital of Kenya is Nairobi, which is also its largest city. It is interesting to note that the oldest and the first capital is the city of Mombasa. Some other urban centers in Kenya include Nakuru, Eldoret, and Kisumu.

Research in 2020 concluded that Kenya is the 3rd largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa, just behind South Africa and Nigeria. Kenya shares its borders with South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, and the Indian Ocean.

Kenya is a presidential representative democratic republic. There are multiple international organizations that Kenya is part of, including the UN, Commonwealth of Nations, World Bank, IMF, COMESA, International Criminal Court, and many more. Agriculture is the main sector in the country, but the service industry is also a major influence on the economy, especially tourism.

About Kenya
Live Casinos in Kenya

Live Casinos in Kenya

The situation regarding live casinos and online gambling, in general, is complicated in Kenya, to say the least. While land-based gambling is legal in the country for more than 60 years, online gambling is sort of a grey area.

Online gambling was a state-run monopoly in Kenta, but the only operator that was allowed to offer live casino games, called, closed down operations, and currently, there are no legal options for Kenyans to play at. The local regulations in Kenya allow online casino gambling, but live casinos are still unsure about entering the market.

The main reason for that can be put to the taxation system, as the government imposes big taxes on the players’ winnings, which are 20%, so it is only logical that punters will avoid playing at licenses sites, and look for an alternative elsewhere. Live casinos know the situation in the market, so there are no licensed ones at the moment.

Kenyans love to gamble online, it has become one of the main hobbies of the residents, and luckily for them, there are countless international live casinos that gladly accept players from Kenya. The government does not block these sites and there are no penalties in place for players who play live games at offshore live casinos, so the situation is ideal for any Kenyan who likes to gamble online.

There are many foreign live casinos that have a relevant license from one of the main regulators in the world, so the players need to check that information first. As they gamble at sites that are not licensed in Kenya, they might be subject to a scam, as there are tons of fraudulent sites circulating, and in case of fraud, they have no authority to turn to.

How to Choose a Live Casino in Kenya?

There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a live casino in Kenya. These include the following:

  • Available live games: From live roulette and live blackjack to live poker and many more, a live casino for Kenyans should have as many games as possible.
  • Payment options: Kenyan players need to choose a live casino that supports payment methods they can rely on, including M-PESA and Airtel Money
  • Safety and security: A live casino should be secure and safe so that players can feel at ease when playing. It must be licensed.
  • Bonuses: A live casino should have a good amount of bonuses available to players, including welcome bonuses, cashback bonuses, and high roller bonuses.
  • Mobile compatibility: Kenyans like to play on the move. Therefore, Kenyan live casinos should allow players to play from anywhere, anytime.
Live Casinos in Kenya
Why Choose a Live Casino in Kenya?

Why Choose a Live Casino in Kenya?

While many Kenyans would run for international live casinos, choosing a Kanyan-owned live casino comes with a pack of advantages. For instance, players are likely to get better and faster support from their live casino operators. The casino will most likely provide great customer support, especially in local languages such as Swahili. This is because most Kenyans speak Swahili, which is their national language. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for the casino to have support in the language Kenyans are most comfortable with.

Additionally, Kenyan-based live casino operators understand the needs of Kenyans better than their foreign-based counterparts. For instance, they know that most Kenyans are low-income earners, so they will put a minimum deposit limit that suits Kenyans.

Why Choose a Live Casino in Kenya?
History of Gambling in Kenya

History of Gambling in Kenya

Kenya has a long history with gambling, and it is one of the first countries in Africa that has brought forward relevant legislation that would cover gambling. The Betting Lotteries and Gaming Act serves as the main legislation that covers gambling, and it was introduced in 1966.

So, players were able to gamble at land-based casinos for half a century, which is not very often seen in Africa. That comes as no surprise, as Kenya is one of the most developed countries on the continent, so they have found a way to make the gambling sector a good contributor to the economy.

Kenyans have a long history of gambling, and they consider it a good hobby to have. That is normal in developed countries, so it is no wonder that the land-based establishments function without any problems.

The confusion instead is with online gambling and live casinos. With the advancements of technology, live casinos have become a vital part of the gambling sector in the world, so Kenyans have followed that trend and started being more interested in placing wagers online.

There was one state-run operator that had a license to offer live casino games in Kenya, but that operator shut down operations and at the moment, there is no live casino active in the country. The legislation allows online gambling, but the sector is not that well-developed, so there is yet to be a licensed live casino in Kenya.

This has proved to be a problem for Kenyans, as they are now forced to search for international live casinos that accept players from their country, and thankfully, there are dozens of those from the relevant jurisdictions. They are free to gamble at these sites, as the government does not seem interested in chasing them for doing so or blocking the foreign live casinos.

History of Gambling in Kenya
Gambling Nowadays in Kenya

Gambling Nowadays in Kenya

The land-based casino sector in Kenya is state-run and it functions without any problems at the moment. It is likely to stay that way for a long time, as it has already been. The online gambling market in Kenya is tricky, as there are no live casinos active in the country, and even if there were, there are huge taxes on the winnings that are imposed on the players.

Of course, players look to avoid these taxes, and they have found the perfect alternative – offshore live casinos that they have no problems accessing. The choice is bigger for them this way, and they can choose a live casino according to their preferences, there are plenty of world-class live casinos operating in the world.

Gambling Nowadays in Kenya
Future of Online Casino in Kenya

Future of Online Casino in Kenya

Although there is no active online casino in Kenya at the moment, players still love to gamble online, and they do so by accessing international sites that accept Kenyan players. These sites offer them a variety of games and bonuses, so it is no surprise that they are so popular.

Technology advances every day, and Kenya is a developed country, so players have more access to online gambling sites, so the future of online casinos, in general, is very bright. The problem is that Kenya does not have good legislation that would cover this area, so it is yet unclear what the future brings for Kenyan online casinos.

There is yet to be a licensed online casino in the country, and that is a problem for the government, as they lose out on players who now gamble and are loyal to offshore sites. It is expected that they consider making amendments to the gambling laws, as it is obvious that it is necessary for the sector to move forward.

Good legislation on online gambling would mean multiple operators entering the market, which will be a major boost to the economy of the country, and there is the possibility of employment of many people, so everyone here seems to be the winner.

Players will not have to search for international sites to gamble on, and risk being subject to a scam from fraudulent sites in the process, so it is yet to be seen whether the Kenyan government will make the required changes to the laws in the near future.

Future of Online Casino in Kenya
Regulation Laws and Authorities

Regulation Laws and Authorities

On paper, both online and land-based gambling is legal in Kenya, but when looking at those closely, there are many differences in the way they function. The Betting Lotteries and Gaming Act was introduced in 1966, and its revised version from 2018 is the main regulation that covers all gambling activities in Kenya.

According to this act, online and land-based gambling is completely legal in the country, and the regulatory body that is in charge of controlling the market, enforcing the legislation, and issuing licenses is the Betting Control and Licensing Board. They cover every inch of the gambling industry, including the supervision of it. According to the Kenyan gambling laws, players must be 18 years or older to participate in any gambling activities.

The potential of the online gambling market in Kenya is yet to be exploited, and there are many fraudulent operators circulating. Many casinos try to operate without a license, and the government has placed strict penalties for those who are caught in illegal activities like this.

These casinos have very lucrative offers for the players, but they are always the ones that come out on top, as they alter with the software of the Random Number Generator, which is always bad news for the players.

That is why, Kenyan punters are best advised to place wagers on licensed sites, especially when it comes to online gambling. They gamble strictly on foreign live casinos, and if they are subject to fraud, they have no authority to turn to.

Regulation Laws and Authorities
Kenyan Players Favourite Live Games

Kenyan Players Favourite Live Games

Other Casino Games

Apart from the live dealer games, there are certain which catch the players’ eye immediately when registering on any casino site. These games are slot games, which come in many different versions, and they include the classic slots, as well as progressives.

They usually make up the majority of the games in every casino, and the top-class casinos that accept Kenyan players will have hundreds of different types of slots for them to choose from. They all come with different features, so every punter will find something according to their preferences.

Kenyan Players Favourite Live Games
Top Live Casino Software in Kenya

Top Live Casino Software in Kenya

The best international live casinos will have a vast choice of games for Kenyan players to choose from, all filled with the latest titles. Those live casinos make sure to partner with the leading game providers in the market, as they know that they bring quality and quantity of games onboard. As anyone might imagine, the software behind the games is one of the most significant factors that affect players' enjoyment of live online casino games in Kenya. Whether the games pay out generously, the bonuses are huge, or the variants are fun, all these factors are determined by software developers. Here are some top live casino software developers in Kenya:

Evolution Gaming

This one is in its own league, as no other developer comes close. The countless awards this company has won are enough to justify its position at the top. Since its inception in 2006, Evolution Gaming has set the pace with its sheer quality of HD streamed live dealer games. It is almost needless to say that it boasts one of the most extensive live game libraries.


Launched in 1996, NetEnt has been offering a wide range of live games to Kenyan players as long as live gaming has been available in the country. Its game library includes classics, including roulette and blackjack.


Despite being known for slots, Playtech is one of the leading live game suppliers in the Kenyan market. However, it is still nowhere near Evolution Gaming in almost all aspects, including game library size and streaming quality.

Some other great live game providers Kenyan players will see that they have partnered with the likes of is:

Among many more of the industry bar setters.

Top Live Casino Software in Kenya
Best Bonuses in Kenya

Best Bonuses in Kenya

Generally, one of the greatest advantages in every live casino that accepts Kenyan players is the bonuses. Bonuses are an excellent way for live casinos to attract more players and ensure that everyone has an incredible time while playing at their casino. After all, any live casino without bonuses is not worthy of playes' time. Whether one is looking for a welcome package that lays a red carpet for them or wants a VIP treatment, the best live casinos in Kenya will always have one or more of these bonuses. The best sites give players the chance to pick between various bonuses and promotional offers, and it is a good way to retain the existing players, as well as attract new ones on the site.

Every new player will be eligible to claim a welcome bonus, which usually means that the casino will match the first deposit made by the player. There are cases where the live casino will match the second and third deposit, but they are rarer. Other promotional offers include free spins, no deposit bonuses, as well as the cashback option.

Most Popular Live Casino Bonuses in Kenya

Welcome Bonus

Generally, the welcome bonus is, by far, the most popular promotion in Kenyan live casinos. It is typically a one-time deal that rewards players on their first deposit with matched bonus funds. For example, if a player makes a deposit of $200 and receives a welcome bonus of 100%, they will have $400 to play with. It is worth emphasizing that one must deposit to receive this type of bonus.

Additionally, every welcome bonus comes capped i.e. there is always a maximum bonus players can receive. If the bonus in the above scenario were capped at $150, it would mean that only the same amount ($150) of the deposit attracts the welcome bonus. So, the player would have $350 in their account. Welcome bonuses also expire, so they must be claimed within their active period.

Wagering requirements: An essential part of any welcome bonus is a wagering requirement, which indicates the number of times players must play through their bonus before a withdrawal of any winnings. For example, if the bonus has a 30x wagering requirement, the player must wager 30 times their bonus to fulfill the wagering requirements. In the above example, the player will need to wager $150 x 30 ($4,500).

Other Popular Bonuses

Other popular live casino bonuses in Kenya include the following:

  • Cashback bonus: Part of the losses is given back to the player
  • High roller bonuses: meant for players who spend huge sums of money playing live games
  • Loyalty rewards: Players earn redeemable loyalty points

How to Claim These Bonuses

Players need to know that all bonuses and promotions have terms and conditions attached to them, sometimes even having wagering requirements. All this needs to be checked by the player before they decide to use the bonus or the promotion. There may be certain bonuses that are simply not worth taking.

The welcome bonus traditionally has the most terms and conditions, and it is only applicable to players that have just registered on the site. Sometimes, the welcome bonus is paired with free spins, and all winnings made from these free spins will be converted into bonus money, which the player needs to wager again.

The cashback option and the no-deposit bonuses are self-explanatory, and they are very popular, but they are not that common in live casinos.

Best Bonuses in Kenya
Live Casinos Accepting Kenyan Shilling (KES)

Live Casinos Accepting Kenyan Shilling (KES)

If you're planning to explore Kenyan live casinos, it's essential to know that transacting with your local currency - Kenyan Shilling (KES) - can make a significant difference. Here are some advantages of using KES while playing at live casinos:

  • Streamlined Gaming: When you use KES, you don't have to worry about foreign exchange rates. You can play with a currency you're familiar with, which makes it easier to choose games and place bets.
  • Localized Experience: Live casino sites that accept KES often offer games and promotions that reflect the vibrant Kenyan culture. This can make your gaming experience more enjoyable and immersive.
  • Value for Money: With KES, you won't have to pay any hidden conversion fees, ensuring that every shilling you invest retains its full value. This can make your gaming sessions more profitable.

If you're looking for KES-friendly live casinos, CasinoRank can be your guide. Our team has curated a list of the best live casino sites that cater to Kenyan players' unique preferences.

The trend is clear: more and more live casinos are embracing the Kenyan Shilling, offering bespoke gaming experiences to Kenyan players. If you're ready to embark on this journey, start with CasinoRank's handpicked selections.

International Payment Solutions

There are many alternatives for Kenyan players who don't want to use their local payment methods because of the reasons explained above and many others. And especially for players who wish to play at international casinos, international payment methods are always the best choice.

Neteller and Skrill are popular in Kenya because they are anonymous, easy to use, and quick. They are also available at most live casinos in Kenya. PayPal is also available, though not as popular as Neteller and Skrill. Other popular international payment methods include cards, such as Mastercard and VISA.

Any live casino that has integrated these is sure to be very reliable and trustworthy.

Less Popular Payment Methods in Kenya

Kenyan players tend to avoid certain payment methods, due to the speed of their withdrawal procedures. Prepaid vouchers and e-checks tend to have the longest withdrawal times, and it may take up to a month before players get access to their winnings.

They are safe to use, but the speed of the transactions is a big negative side of them. Another emerging payment method is Bitcoin, but it is yet to gain popularity among Kenyan punters. So far, players from the country tend to stay loyal to e-Wallets and credit/debit cards.

Kenyan Currency

The Kenyan shilling (Ksh) is the currency of Kenya. Hence, it enjoys the support of many live casinos in Kenya. However, some casinos may not support Ksh, forcing playing to convert their shillings into major currencies, such as USD and EUR.

Live Casinos Accepting Kenyan Shilling (KES)
Languages at Kenyan Live Casinos

Languages at Kenyan Live Casinos

Swahili is both the national and official language of Kenya. Another official language is English. And while most Kenyans speak Swahili, there are as many Kenyans who speak English. There, it is only natural that the best live casinos in Kenya support both of these languages. But there are Kenyans who may prefer to play live games in other languages, such as French and Germany. In fact, many schools in Kenya teach these languages. So, there is a good chance that some live casinos may want to capture this segment of players.

Languages at Kenyan Live Casinos
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Everything you need to know about casinos

Is online gambling in Kenya legal?

Yes, online gambling is legal in Kenya, but that sector is not well-developed, and currently, there are no active, licensed live casinos operating in the country.

Can players be safe at foreign live casinos?

The government of Kenya does not prosecute players who play at international live casinos, but they need to look out for fraudulent sites, as in case of fraud, they will not have any authority to turn to and seek justice.

What is the main legislation covering gambling in Kenya?

The main law that regulates all gambling activities in the country is the Betting Lotteries and Gaming Act from 1966, as well as its revised version from 2018.

Can games be played for free at live casinos accepting players from Kenya?

Apart from playing games for real money, Kenyan players have the option to play for free. The vast majority of the games can be played on demo mode, and it is a good way for players to get to know the rules and the gameplay before deciding to wager real money.

Can these games be played from a mobile phone?

Playing games from a mobile device is gaining in popularity among Kenyan punters, and it is no surprise. They can play their favorite games from everywhere, and make money “on the go”.

Are there welcome bonuses at live casinos accepting Kenyan players?

Yes, every new player will be eligible to claim a welcome bonus upon signing up on the site. These bonuses usually match the first deposit made by the player, and they have certain wagering conditions.

How can these welcome bonuses be claimed?

Some welcome bonuses are activated automatically when the punter makes the first deposit. Other types of welcome bonuses require promo codes to be entered when the deposit is made. These codes can be found on the site, they can be received via email, or on the promotion page of the live casino.

Which are the most popular payment methods among Kenyan players?

Punters from Kenya tend to enjoy using the e-Wallets, such as PayPal and Skrill, as well as credit/debit cards for their transactions. This is owed to the speed of the withdrawal procedures. Certain other payment methods, like prepaid vouchers and e-checks, tend to be avoided by the players, as by using them, they will wait for a long time for their withdrawal request to go through.

Do Kenyan players use Bitcoin as a payment method?

Bitcoin is not yet very popular in Kenya, but as it gains popularity in the world, it is expected that Kenyan players will start using it more in the near future.

What is the legal gambling age in Kenya?

Players in Kenya need to be 18 or older to be allowed to gamble.

Which is the best live casino in Kenya?

While this may depend on the player's preference, offshore casinos tend to offer better services by far. But even these sites are not the same. So, one may want to look at such factors as the game library, payment methods, and security situation.