10 Top-Rated Live Gambling Sites in Iraq

Even though online gambling is illegal in the country, live casinos are very popular. There have been no cases of punters being prosecuted for gambling online, which has resulted in players playing in live casinos. All punters have to keep in mind is to pick a live casino that is safe and trusted, since in case of fraud, the government won´t go in and help. Making players responsible for their protection if they decide to gamble. For Iranians to be able to gamble, they access offshore live casinos and thereafter being able to play their favorite live games.

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Iraq Live Casinos

The number of live online casinos available to Iraqi punters is always increasing. As such, picking the best live casino can be challenging. Punters should ensure they consider several factors to make informed choices. Below are some of the factors they should consider.

  • Trustworthiness - The numerous live casinos based in Iraq operate without any licenses, making them illegal. That makes it difficult to trust any local live casino, especially because there are many scam live casinos. One good idea is to opt for live casinos that have been operating for a while and have great reviews. Another alternative is to choose licensed international live casinos that have proven trustworthy over the years.
  • Game Variety - Variety is also another essential consideration when examining different Iraqi live casinos. Punters should limit their options to casinos that offer the particular live games they are interested in. Punters should thus choose live casinos that guarantee them access to their preferred live games at their convenience. Some live casinos also offer live games only on specific days or times, which means that punters should be keen to ensure that the casino of their choice caters to their needs.
  • Payment Options - Live casinos offer diverse payment options. Players should limit their choices to those that offer their most preferred payment method. That ensures they enjoy the convenience of easy payment and lower transaction costs.

Why Choose a Live Casino in Your Country

Choosing a local live casino usually offers numerous advantages over offshore alternatives. For starters, they typically accept transactions to be made using the local currencies. That eliminates all the related challenges, such as currency conversion costs. Punters can also make transactions using locally available payment options, which can be more convenient.

Another good reason to choose a local live casino is that accessing customer support services is usually easier. In some cases, customers can even get in-person assistance by visiting the casino's offices. However, the situation in Iraq might be a bit different from in many other countries. Most experts recommend renowned international live casinos for the best and safest live gaming experience.

Best Bonuses in Iraq

Bonuses feature prominently among strategies used by live casino operators to attract new players and retain existing ones. Different operators offer different types and amounts of bonuses, each having specified wagering requirements. Getting the right bonus type and correctly utilizing it can benefit punters. Some of the best bonuses offered to Iraqi punters are highlighted below.

Welcome Bonus

New punters who sign up for gaming accounts are usually awarded a welcome bonus in most live casinos. The bonus is usually aimed at attracting new players and giving them a chance to try the platform without much risk to their funds. However, most live casinos typically offer the bonus only after players make the first deposit into their casino account. The bonus amount in such cases is usually a multiple of the amount deposited.

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses are usually awarded to punters who spread the word regarding the live casino platform. In most instances, players have to share specified information with their preferred casinos, usually online, to qualify for the bonus. Whenever a new user joins the live casino using a player's referral link and loads funds to their account, the referring player is entitled to a referral bonus.

High Roller Bonus

Various live casinos usually offer special bonuses to punters who are willing to deposit or wager high amounts at a time. Such bonuses at times also apply to VIP members of a live casino. VIP membership comes with numerous other benefits, such as special benefits and guaranteed access to events. High roller bonuses also have friendlier wagering requirements.

Live Casino Payment Methods in Iraq

Iraqi live casinos offer various payment options to offer the most convenient option to all punters. Each payment option has advantages and disadvantages. That means no particular method can be ranked as the best because different punters have different preferences. Below are some of the Iraq payment methods.

Banking Cards

As is the case in many other countries, banking cards are a popular online casino payment method. Banking cards include:

  • Debit card and Credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Interac
  • Prepaid cards like Paypal

Using such is as easy as inputting the card details to the live betting site where a punter wants to play. Many banks in Iraq offer banking cards, meaning that most bank account holders already have at least one card.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are the second most popular option for Iraqis looking to make deposits to live casinos in Iraq. The main mobile payment option is through mobile phone service plans where the transaction amount and costs are charged to the carrier bill. Examples include Boku and Mobiamo. Mobile payments are popular because they are more convenient and support the use of the local currency, the Iraqi dinar.

Other popular payment method alternatives include mobile wallets and direct bank transfers.

Laws and Restrictions in Iraq

Iraqi laws prohibit all forms of gambling. That includes gambling in live gaming, even for tourists visiting the country. A main contributing factor to the prohibiting laws is religion. Iraq is predominantly an Islamic nation, a religion against all forms of gambling. However, the economic state in Iraq does not allow it to enforce the Law. The authority charged with regulating the gambling industry and enforcing the Law cannot undertake this mandate effectively owing to some legal loopholes.

In over a decade, there has also been almost no case of a punter being prosecuted for gambling online. That means that the authorities go to the extent of ignoring such offenses. As a result, the gambling industry in Iraq is currently thriving in the underground world. That is especially the case for online casinos, including live casinos.

The 1969 Penal Code is the Law under which all forms of gambling are prohibited. The Law states that all individuals participating in gambling activities of any kind are punishable by a prison sentence, monetary fine, or both. The penalty for gambling operators is significantly greater than that for players.

The Law is clear on the government's position on gambling. There have thus been no significant amendments or changes in the 1969 Penal Code in recent times. There are also no signs of politicians looking to change the laws to support any form of gambling, mostly because of the Islamic law limitations. Furthermore, the country cannot afford effective regulation of a legalized gambling industry, though it would benefit from its revenue.

Gambling is illegal in Iraq, meaning that there are no particular laws, regulations, or authorities set to protect punters. Players are thus responsible for their protection if they decide to gamble.

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How do I play live casino games in Iraq?

Playing live casino games in Iraq is relatively easy. Punters only need to find the right live casino, local or international. The right choice depends on personal preferences. The next step is signing up for a live gaming account and depositing enough funds to play. Players can then choose their preferred live game and enjoy their gambling experience.

What are the best live casinos in Iraq?

To find the top live casino in Iraq suited to your needs, have a look at Live CasinoRanks list. Some of the best live casinos in Iraq include Betwinner, Megapari, 1xSlots, ViggoSlots, Rocketpot, and Betfinal. Most of the live casinos are offshore-based.

Are live casinos legal in Iraq?

Live casinos are illegal in Iraq. The Law does not allow any casino providers to operate within the country or the Iraqi citizens to participate in gambling activities in any way. However, the Law is currently not being enforced. Gambling is a common activity in the country, albeit being illegal.

Who regulates online gambling in Iraq?

There is no particular authority set in place to regulate gambling in Iraq. That is because the Law prohibits all forms of gambling. The police are tasked with arresting and charging individuals who break the Law, though gambling-related arrests are not common.

What are the most preferred casino bonuses in Iraq?

No deposit bonuses are ideally the most preferred bonus types in Iraq. That is because they allow punters to enjoy the experience of live gambling without risking money. Welcome bonuses and loyalty bonuses are also quite popular.

What are the most popular game providers in Iraq?

The most popular game providers in Iraq are Asia Live Gaming and Evolution Gaming. Other providers include Microgaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, and Red Tiger Gaming.