1 Top-Rated Live Gambling Sites in Georgia

A majority of Georgians are active gamblers. That is particularly the case for online gambling. Statistics indicate that more than half the adult population in the country has tried commercialized gambling. An increasing number of Georgian players are shifting towards live gambling for the numerous benefits that live gambling provides over mainstream online gambling.

Live gaming sessions are managed by dealers or croupiers who help punters get a realistic and immersive experience. It also tends to be more credible as players do not rely on programmed software simulators, but rather on real humans they can engage with as they play along. Real-time communication with other punters also comes in handy. Read more about live casinos and how to find the top casino site in Georgia.

1 Top-Rated Live Gambling Sites in Georgia
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Georgian Live Casinos

Are casinos legal in Georgia? Georgian laws currently prohibit punters to gamble at both local and offshore live casinos. Casino operators invest in huge marketing campaigns aimed at attracting new punters. As such, punters are likely to get overwhelmed by the options available to them. Here are some considerations to make when choosing a live casino in Georgia.


The licensing status should be a top concern among casino players. Punters must ensure that their casino of choice has a valid license from reputable regulating authorities.

Games Offered

Georgian punters should pay attention to the range of games offered by the Georgia casino they choose. Ideally, the best fit should have the particular live games they wish to play. Live casinos with a wider variety of live games also allow punters to try more games without switching casinos.


Security should also be a top concern among live dealer casino players. Ideally, punters should avoid all live casinos that do not have reliable security features such as data encryption and privacy policies.

Ranking and Reputation

An easy way to filter out some options is by considering live casino rankings. The reputation of the casinos should also influence the decision. Reputation can be determined from user casino reviews and user feedback. Highly ranked reputable casinos will likely offer the best gaming experience.

Reasons to Choose a Local Live Casino

One of the main reasons punters should choose live casinos based in their specific countries or regions is they o not have to worry about the language barrier. That means the punters can communicate with live dealers and other players without challenges. The same applies when communicating with customer support service representatives.

Another benefit is that punters will be able to use local payment options. Most punters are usually more familiar with the local payment options, which are also easier to access. They will also not incur currency conversion costs as local live casinos accept local currencies.

History of Gambling in Georgia

Gambling in Georgia only became legal in 1990. This started with the land-based casinos, and later the online casinos were added.

The laws have been quite relaxed compared to some other countries, so extending the gambling industry has happened rapidly since its legalization, and thanks to the tourist industry, the traditional casinos quickly became very popular.

Before legalization, there was some illegal gambling, and the penalties could be quite severe. However, legalization means that the industry is now regulated. Rules can be put into place about what people can and cannot do when gambling.

Gambling Nowadays in Georgia

The authorities in Georgia have actively encouraged the gambling industry by giving tax breaks to organizations that want to operate in certain parts of the country.

The online gambling industry in Georgia has also been able to keep pace with the technological developments that have been seen in other parts of the world.

As an example, they have been able to take advantage of the wide range of payment methods found elsewhere, including digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

It is estimated that the gambling industry in 2021 will be above $2 billion, boosted because some of the standard casinos are offering online playing platforms.

Future of Live Casino in Georgia

Casinos are strongly linked to the tourism industry in Georgia, so it is expected that the casino in Georgia will continue to grow. Statistics suggest that a high proportion of adults have indulged in some sort of gambling activity, even if it is only to place a bet on a sports match.

The advances in technology mean that there is no reason to believe that this will change any time soon. It is also expected that Georgia will be one of the first countries to develop land-based and online casinos that accept Bitcoin.

Top Casino Bonuses in Live Casinos in Georgia

Casino bonuses in Georgia consist mainly of sign-up bonuses that players receive when they register with a live casino. These vary according to the casino, but some will give a match bonus. The initial amount of money paid into the casino account is matched.

This is popular as it means that players can potentially double their money and their chances of a win, but these bonuses often have terms and conditions, so there may be some restrictions on what people can win.

Top Software in Georgia Casinos


Evolution is one of the best casino game providers in Georgia. This developer offers tailor-made solutions for most Georgian casinos, most of which have proven to be a favorite among punters. Evolution games also have a wide variety of live gaming software and unique features, giving punters more gaming options.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play came into the gaming industry only about half a decade ago but took the industry by storm. It has a substantial portfolio of premium live gaming software that punters trust and love.


Ezugi focuses on providing cutting-edge live gaming software, with streaming done from their state-of-the-art studios located in several locations across Asia, Europe, and South America.

Xpro Gaming

Xpro Gaming has been developing live gaming software for over a decade, providing some remarkable live dealer solutions and attractive offers for live casino operators. Xpro Gaming's live games are usually streamed from their three studios located in Moldova and Bulgaria.

Lucky Streak

Lucky Streak is another reputable provider that has risen to the ranks rapidly, offering a new and fresh approach to live casino gaming. They have some of the best casino equipment and live dealers for a flawless gaming experience.

Depositing in Georgia Live Casinos

Georgian punters can access numerous payment method options while making payments in live casinos or withdrawing their winnings. Most payment methods have their unique pros and cons. That means punters will have different preferences when choosing the most suitable payment options. One way to go about it is determining the most suitable payment method independently and then selecting a casino that supports the payment method.

One of the top benefits punters gets by choosing a live casino that supports their preferred payment method is peace of mind. Familiarity with the service is highly welcomed, plus the punters do not worry much about things like security, user-friendliness, and transactions processing times, among other things.

Another benefit of choosing a casino with the preferred payment method is the punters will not have to worry about creating payment accounts with different merchants. They can continue using the payment method they have already set up and used before.

Playing with Real Money in Georgia

Playing with real money is relatively easy. Punters must choose a suitable live casino that offers real money games. The casinos must be licensed and should accept Georgian punters. The next step will be to register for a live gaming account using the relevant procedure required by the live casino provider.

Punters must first deposit funds to their gaming accounts to play for real money. Most live casinos offer various deposit options, according punters the much-needed variety to choose from. In most cases.players are advised to read through the T&Cs when sifting through different options.

Reasons to Play with Real Money

Access to a Wider Game Variety

One of the main benefits of playing with cash is that it allows punters to choose from a wider variety of live games. Punters can also access all the gaming features when playing using cash, unlike in free games where punters are usually limited regarding features, time, and access to games.

Access to Bonus Rewards

Most casinos usually reward punters with bonuses and other rewards for playing with real money. Players can use the bonuses and rewards to enjoy the game more and improve payouts. Free live games typically do not come with bonuses.

Enhanced Entertainment

Most punters delight in real money play. However, the entertainment factor gets even better when money is involved. The idea of winning or losing money introduces thrill and adrenaline, which helps make the live games more interesting and entertaining.

Access to Competitions

Some live casinos usually host live tournaments and competitions occasionally. Such competitions are typically limited to real-money punters. Playing with real cash allows punters access to such competitions, which usually have attractive rewards for winners.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

How old do players have to be to play in a casino in Georgia?

An individual has to be at least 21 to go into a land-based casino in Georgia. To register with an online casino, the minimum age is 18. This is the same age as the slot machine outlets.

What games are available in Georgia casinos?

All the traditional casino games are available. For those who are new to casino games, it is a good idea to register with the online casinos and use their ‘test’ games, where people can play without gambling any money just for practice.
Many of the online sites will also offer information about the rules of the individual games.

Is the gambling industry regulated in Georgia?

Yes, the industry is regulated. Licenses are issued to the companies that want to operate both land-based and online casinos, and the laws relating to gambling are reviewed regularly. The aim is to protect the player as much as possible.

Are there casinos in Georgia?

Yes. We know how hard it can be to find safe and reliable casinos, therefor we at CasinoRank has compiled a list of the top live casinos in Georgia for players.

How do I find the best casino sites in Georgia?

A gambler who is looking for the best casino sites in Georgia can have a look at Live CasinoRanks list reviewed thoroughly by experts.