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The gambling industry in Canada is complicated because of unclear regulations. It is only legal to gamble in a few provinces and can only operate with those that are licensed by Kahnawake (First Nations Tribe). Residents in this country can only gamble in some provinces – Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Alberta.

With a bright future where it is believed that the live casino industry will be regulated in a better way, live casinos will follow the trend and have massive growth in the country. If you are a player who is looking to play at the top live casinos in Canada, you´ve come to the right place. Read on for more details about the best live casinos in Canada that have been thoroughly reviewed by experts.

Top  Live Casinos in Canada
About Canada

About Canada

Known as the country that has the nicest and politest residents in the world, Canada is located in North America. The total area that this country occupies is almost 10 million square kilometers and that makes Canada the world's second-largest nation. Throughout history, various Indigenous people have inhabited this area. Ottawa is the capital and Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are the three largest metropolitan areas.

When it comes to its borders, the only country that Canada borders with is the United States of America to the south. It is interesting to mention that the border stretches 8,891 kilometers and due to its length, it is the largest bi-national land border. Canada is a parliamentary democracy and a monarchy that is part of the Commonwealth. Additionally, it is a bi-national nation as both English and French are the official languages.

As for its economy, Canada is a highly developed country that ranks extremely high on every list. It has the 17th highest nominal per-capita and 16th largest ranking in the Human Development Index. Overall, Canada’s economy is ranked 10th in the world and it mostly relies on natural resources and well-developed international trade networks.

About Canada
Live Casinos in Canada

Live Casinos in Canada

The gambling industry in Canada has a pretty complicated relationship with the government. Land-based gambling is legal in every province. Just a reminder, there are a total of 10 provinces and three territories in Canada. Alberta and Saskatchewan are the two provinces where gambling is extremely developed. An interesting fact here is that 4% of Alberta’s budget comes from gambling revenue.

But, when it comes to online gambling, this area is regulated a bit differently, which is why it is stated that the relationship that the gambling industry has with the government is a bit complicated. Residents in this country can only gamble in a few provinces – Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Alberta.

The state gives power to the provinces to decide whether online gambling should be legal or not, which is why residents in the aforementioned provinces can access live casinos in Canada online. But, here is the thing. The only casino sites that can operate in these provinces are those that are licensed by Kahnawake (First Nations Tribe). Additionally, online casinos can only accept players from the province that they operate from.

Every live casino in Canada that is not licensed by the provinces of the Kahnawake Gambling Commission is illegal, which is why it is advised for players to stay away from these sites. Live casinos that operate illegally are prosecuted, but only if they have a physical branch in the country.

Live Casinos in Canada
History of Gambling in Canada

History of Gambling in Canada

The year that marked the start of the rise of the gambling industry in Canada was 1985. This is the year when the first gambling-related activities were legalized in the country, but it took several years for them to develop.
In this year, the federal government allowed the provinces to have control over the gambling industry. The lottery was among the first casino games that were legalized in Canada. The Criminal Code, which was altered in 1969, allowed these games to take place in the territory.

Winnipeg’s Crystal Casino

The first government-owned casino, which was named Winnipeg’s Crystal Casino opened its doors in 1991 and it paved the way for other land-based facilities to be established and developed. However, this famous casino closed its doors in 1999.

As time passed by, provinces were able to control the land-based gambling industry very well, but all of that changed with the rise of live dealer casinos. These sites became extremely popular, which is why the need to regulate them rose quickly. But, as the country was fast to create regulations on the online casino industry, it made them both straightforward and very confusing.

In order to operate legally, live online casinos had to possess a license, but the laws did not specify whether the players would be prosecuted for accessing unlicensed sites.

History of Gambling in Canada
Gambling Nowadays in Canada

Gambling Nowadays in Canada

Since the laws are a bit unclear on live gambling, players can access both casino sites that are licensed by the provinces and by the First Nations tribe, but they are also fond of accessing unlicensed sites, which does come with a small risk. Due to the unclear regulations, the live casino industry has a very complicated relationship with the government, which is why they demand a change in regulations.

As for land-based gambling, this industry is booming as well nowadays. Many people visit land-based Canada casinos to play the best casino games quite frequently. As stated earlier, the gambling industry is even a massive contributor to the budget in some of the provinces. In Alberta, 4% of the annual budget comes from the revenue made from the gambling industry.

Gambling Nowadays in Canada
Future of Live Casinos in Canada

Future of Live Casinos in Canada

The future of live casinos online in Canada is looking positive to some extent. It is believed that the live dealer casino industry will be regulated in a much better way, thus helping the players have a better and safer experience on these sites. But, that may take time. The good thing is that the government is open to changes and it is reportedly already crafting amendments to the laws that apply to online live casinos.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that when it comes to the future of live casino games, live dealer games have the highest potential in Canada. They have quite a unique gameplay and allow players to wager on the games in real-time by joining a stream. The pleasant gaming experience that they provide Canadian players with is the reason why they have the potential to be the future of live casino gaming.

Future of Live Casinos in Canada
Best Live Casino Games in Canada

Best Live Casino Games in Canada

Live dealer games are extremely popular in Canada and as it was stated earlier, they are considered to be the future of live casinos in this country. To play these games, players must be registered at live casinos. Live dealer games are hosted by real dealers and players can join the game via a stream and wager on the games in real-time.


The number one favourite game of Canadian players is poker. This is a casino game that requires a lot of skill and it is the number one chosen game for more experienced players. There are several variations of poker games. Those that have experience can join:


Next up, slot games are the third most popular casino category in Canada. They are extremely simple to play and depending on the type of slot that Canadian players access, they may be in for a huge reward. Progressive slots are played often and these games have jackpots that keep increasing. In many cases, the reward can exceed several millions of dollars.

The Lottery

The last entry on the list is the lottery since this is one of the earliest casino games to be legalized in Canada. Mostly, people of elderly age are fond of this game, but nevertheless, it remains a popular choice for many Canadian players.

Best Live Casino Games in Canada
Live Casino Software Providers

Live Casino Software Providers

When accessing live casinos, the live casino game provider list is among the first things that Canadian players check. They are always looking for reputable names such as Netent casinos in Canada. Other popular live casino game software is:

Considering the fact that live dealer games are popular as well, they are also on the lookout for Evolution Gaming as this provider is known for supplying live casinos with the best live casino games.

It is worth noting that all of these reputable providers only form partnerships with licensed live casino sites. Considering the fact that unlicensed sites also operate in Canada, players will not be able to find these names at those sites. That is why they are advised to only access licensed live casinos. Not only will they have a more secure time, but their gaming experience will be much better.

Bitcoin Games

In the last couple of years, even Bitcoin games managed to make an impact in Canada. As this cryptocurrency rose in popularity, some live casinos started offering special games that can only be accessed when players deposit with Bitcoin. These games are not as nearly as popular as the ones mentioned above, but they deserve a mention since they left a good mark on the industry.

Live Casino Software Providers
Top Live Casino Canada Bonuses

Top Live Casino Canada Bonuses

Since welcome offers are the first casino bonuses that Canadian players receive, they are the most popular bonuses in Canada. They are claimed right after players register at a certain casino site. In most cases, welcome offers provide the players with match deposit bonuses and Free Spins. It’s also worth noting that players might need to deposit the required minimum amount for 3-4 consecutive days to receive the full bonus amount of the welcome offer.


Next up, cashbacks are the second most preferred bonuses in Canada. They are usually applicable on live dealer games, which happen to be among the most popular games in Canada. The percentage that the player receives from the lost amount on live dealer games varies from one live casino to another, as well as from the loyalty program. Loyalty programs usually offer higher percentages to cashbacks on players that are ranked higher.

Free Spins

Free Spins as a standalone bonus is also a highly preferred bonus for Canadian players. But, one thing to keep in mind with it is that these bonuses often come with numerous terms and conditions such as wagering requirements and a specific timeframe in which they are valid. Additionally, they can only be used on certain slot games.

How To Claim These Bonuses

Each bonus comes with general and specific terms and conditions that the player must fulfil. General terms and conditions state that the player must be of legal age and be registered at the casino site. Specific terms and conditions for the welcome bonus state that a minimum deposit amount is required to claim it. The offer is only available to newly-registered players and can be claimed just once. Additionally, they come with a maximum bonus amount that players can receive.

Cashback bonuses do not have very complicated terms and conditions. All players have to do is access live dealer games over a certain period. They have a minimum and a maximum amount that can be returned to the players.

Free Spins are probably the most complicated when it comes to claiming them. As stated above, they come with wagering requirements on winnings, specific timeframes, and are limited to the games that can be used on.

All of these T&Cs vary from one casino site to another, which is why it is important to give them a read.

Top Live Casino Canada Bonuses


Everything you need to know about casinos

Can players access live casinos in Canada?

Players can access online casinos in Canada, but only those that are licensed by the Kahnawake Gambling Commission. This is a First Nations tribe regulatory body that holds a monopoly on the market of online casinos.

Who regulates the gambling industry?

The federal government has given the power to the provinces to regulate gambling activities in Canada. Each province has its own regulatory body that is in charge of overseeing all casino-related activities. As for online gambling, the Kahnawake Gambling Commission is the authority that licenses and oversees online casinos.

Is the Canadian dollar an accepted currency in Canada?

The Canadian dollar (CAD) is often accepted at online casinos, but even if the chosen site does not consider it as eligible, Canadian players can easily choose another currency then exchange it to the CAD when needed.

What is the role of the First Nations tribe in Canada?

The First Nations tribes hold numerous land-based casinos in Canada. According to the statistics, around 25 land-based casinos are owned by them, which equals to a third of the total number in Canada. Additionally, the only regulatory body that can license online casinos is owned by the First Nations tribe.

Can players withdraw their winnings using e-wallets?

Yes, players can withdraw their winnings from online casinos using e-wallets. But, one thing that they need to remember is to make sure that they have fulfilled all the terms and conditions. E-wallets might even come with withdrawal fees.

Do unlicensed sites operate in this territory?

Even though the government regulates online gambling, they haven’t imposed a system that blocks unlicensed sites. So, there are sites of this type that offer their services to Canadian players, which is why they need to be careful.

Is gambling well-regulated in Canada?

Land-based gambling is regulated very well in Canada. But, when it comes to online gambling, the laws are a bit confusing, which is why the situation is a bit complicated.

How to gain access to the most popular casino bonuses in Canada?

To gain access to the most popular casino bonuses in Canada, players must register at the chosen online casino. Additionally, they need to fulfil the specific terms and conditions.

Are credit cards accepted as a deposit method at Live Casinos?

Yes, credit cards are accepted as a deposit method at online casinos. Not only that, but they are the most commonly chosen deposit method in the country.

Are welcome offers popular in Canada?

Welcome offers are the most popular bonus in Canada. To claim them, players must register and deposit the required minimum amount.

Are there live casinos in Canada?

Yes, even though the gambling market is complicated in the country, there are live casinos in the country that are regulated. Look at ours list of top casino sites available in Canada.