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The status of the gambling industry in Brazil is extremely complicated. It has a so-called semi-legal situation where the federal law states that all forms of gambling are illegal in the country, but this industry is regulated by the 26 states, which have the autonomy to decide on its legal status. Even though the law still forbids gamblers to play online games, the online gambling market has had a massive growth in popularity. This is due to that the live casino industry isn´t regulated, making it possible for Brazilians to enjoy their favorite live casino games in offshore casinos.

We have compiled a wide selection of wide reviews and the best rewards, making it easier for gamblers to find a live casino suited for them. Read more about live casinos in Brazil, and how to find the best live casinos.

Top  Live Casinos in Brazil
About Brazil
About Brazil

About Brazil

Officially the Federative Republic of Brazil, this country is located in South America. Thanks to its total area of 8.5 million square kilometres, Brazil is the biggest country in this part of the world. Additionally, it has a total population of 211 million people, which makes it the fifth-largest country by area and the sixth-most populous in the world. The capital is Brasilia, while the most populated city is Sao Paulo.

Brazil has an eastern coastline that is over 7,400 kilometres long and borders the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Due to the fact that it occupies over 47% of the continent’s land area, Brazil borders with all countries in the region, except Chile and Ecuador, which is a truly mesmerizing fact. Due to the mass immigration that happened throughout history, Brazil is also known as one of the most multicultural nations.

As for Brazil's economy, this country is classified as an upper-middle-income economy. It has the largest share of global wealth in South America. It has been the largest producer of coffee for the last one and a half-century and on the international ranks, Brazil is classified as an emerging power. By nominal, Brazil has the 12th largest GDP in the world.

About Brazil
Live Casinos in Brazil

Live Casinos in Brazil

The status of the gambling industry in Brazil is extremely complicated. It has a so-called semi-legal situation where the federal law states that all forms of gambling are illegal in the country, but this industry is regulated by the 26 states, which have the autonomy to decide on its legal status.

Even though the Criminal Contravention Act of 1941 has banned all games of chance, including sports betting, the law is pretty outdated and does not mention online casinos at all. So, that means that technically, live casinos are illegal, but the government lacks the resources to control this industry.

That is the reason why so many Brazilians access live online casinos quite frequently. Not only that, but they are extremely fond of these games, hence Brazil has become one of the countries that have the biggest potential to become a gambling centre in the world.

Recently, the government has been considering applying changes and starting regulating the industry. Many experts believe that a positive change is on the way. By legalizing this industry, Brazil’s government will be able to collect a lot of money in taxes and employ many people. Both of these features are massive contributors to the country's economy.

Live Casinos in Brazil
History of Gambling in Brazil

History of Gambling in Brazil

Even though the gambling industry has had a very bad relationship in the past couple of decades, it is worth noting that casinos were allowed to operate in the country before World War II. But, after the war ended, the then- President Eurico Gaspar Dutra forcefully closed all casinos in the country and deemed them illegal.

Horse Races and the Lottery

The Constitution of 1946 states that wagering on horse races and playing the national lottery were the only casino games that will be considered legal. That was the reason why the gambling market in Brazil was not as exciting as the gambling market in the neighbouring countries.

But, as time passed by, a handful of casinos had the legal backup to operate in the country and they provided the players with the best casino experience. Not only that, but online live casinos started rising in popularity and many Brazilians were more than open to access these sites, register, and play the best casino games.

Due to the fact that the law on gambling in Brazil was outdated, it did not contain any specific regulations on the live casino industry. That was also the reason why the government did not have the resources to ban all online casinos. It wasn’t even able to prosecute/penalize its own residents for playing gambling games.

History of Gambling in Brazil
Gambling Nowadays in Brazil

Gambling Nowadays in Brazil

These days, the gambling industry has had a massive surge in popularity, even though the law still forbids people to play these games. But, as stated earlier, the live casino industry is not regulated, which is why Brazilians are free to access offshore sites and enjoy the games.

The popularity of live casinos has never been greater here and that is the reason why many experts believe that Brazil has huge potential and can become one of the biggest gambling centers in the world. The government is well-aware of this fact which is why they are considering making changes to how the industry is regulated.

Gambling Nowadays in Brazil
Future of Live Casinos in Brazil

Future of Live Casinos in Brazil

When it comes to the legal status of live casinos in Brazil, the future is a bit uncertain, but one thing is sure – Brazilians will keep registering and playing at these sites. That is the reason why the online live casino industry will continue to grow in this country, regardless of whether the government likes that or not.

One of the games that have recorded a spike in popularity recently are live dealer games. They are also considered to be the future of online casino gaming as thousands of Brazilians are specifically looking for these games at live online casinos before they register. Thanks to their unique gameplay, live dealer games have caught the attention of Brazilian players and it is looking that the trend will keep rising.

Future of Live Casinos in Brazil
Top Live Games in Brazil

Top Live Games in Brazil

At the moment, the favourite casino games that Brazilian players like to access are live dealer games. As stated earlier in the text, this category has recorded a massive surge in popularity in the recent period. The reason for that is that these games provide the players with a unique gaming experience. Additionally, the live dealer category consists of several entertaining games.


The second most popular game in Brazil is live poker. Because this game is not considered as a game of chance, the legal approach to this game is more flexible. There are several types of poker that Brazilian players like to enjoy, but the two most popular are Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Video poker is also popular due to the fact that it is simpler than the aforementioned poker types.

Sports Betting

Sports betting and the lottery are the final popular entries on the list. The reason why these two categories are so popular is that they were legalized back in 2018. When it comes to the lottery, the state has a monopoly on the market. As for sports betting, the most betting is on sports are football and horse races. Brazil has a long and fruitful history with both of these sports, hence why they are so loved by the people.

Top Live Games in Brazil
Game Providers

Game Providers

When registering at live dealer casinos, Brazilian players are always checking which game providers supply the chosen casino site. The more reputable the game providers are, the more pleasant the gaming experience will be.

With that being said, some of the brands that Brazilians always search for are Evolution Gaming (as the best live dealer games supplier

Reputable game providers are synonymous with a quality gaming experience and that is exactly what the aforementioned brands will provide the players with.

Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin games have had a small surge in popularity in Brazil, but they are still not too impactful. The reason for that is that not many Brazilians are fond of cryptocurrencies, hence there are not a lot of players that use Bitcoin. Logically, to access Bitcoin games, the players must make a deposit with this cryptocurrency. It is worth noting that Bitcoin games are quite unique and fun.

Game Providers
Top Casino Bonuses in Brazil

Top Casino Bonuses in Brazil

Since welcome bonuses are the first bonuses that Brazilian players come across when they register at live casinos, they are the most preferred. Welcome offers vary from one casino to another, but they do provide the players with a nice head start and introduce them to all of the casino offerings in the best way possible.

Free Spins

In most cases, welcome offers come with a match deposit bonus and Free Spins. The total amount of the welcome offer is claimed after the players make their first 3 or 4 deposits. Some live casinos even provide the players with the full bonus amount on their first deposit.


The next preferred casino bonus is cashback. The reason for that is because Brazilian players frequently access live dealer games and most live dealer casinos have cash back bonuses that apply to this category. Not only that but cashback can sometimes be applied to sports betting as well. All players have to do is just play live dealer games, or bet on sports, with real money over a certain period.

The casino automatically transfers the funds to the players on a selected date. It is worth noting that loyalty programs may influence the percentage that the player receives. Many loyalty programs at live casinos offer higher cashback percentages to players that have a higher VIP level. In some cases, the percentage can be as high as 25%.

Sportsbook Bonuses

The last most preferred bonus in Brazil is sportsbook bonuses, especially those that apply to horse races and football. They may come with enhanced odds on horse races, Free Bets on football matches, as well as the popular sportsbook welcome offers. The sportsbook welcome offers work similarly to the casino welcome offers.

How To Claim These Bonuses

In order to claim the aforementioned bonuses, players must be registered at an live casino. Some bonuses, such as the casino and sportsbook welcome offers always come with a minimum deposit amount that the player needs to make. In most cases, the minimum amount is between $10 and $20.

Cashback bonuses are the easiest to claim as they do not have any specific terms and conditions. All players have to do is log in and play live dealer games with real money over a certain period. Each live casino has a maximum amount that they can return to the players.

One thing that players always need to keep in mind is that many bonuses come with specific terms such as time frames in which they can claim the bonuses, wagering requirements, as well as market restrictions. That is why they need to read the terms and conditions of the live dealer casino and the bonus before they claim it.

Top Casino Bonuses in Brazil
Payment Methods in Brazil

Payment Methods in Brazil

Credit and debit cards are methods that are accepted in pretty much every live casino and that is the reason why they are the most popular and most preferred payment method in Brazil. A majority of players in Brazil own cards and they provide them with pretty fast and secure transactions. Deposits are instant while withdrawals have a processing time of around 3 business days.

Bank transfers and e-wallets are also extremely popular. The two most commonly used e-wallets for deposits and withdrawals in Brazil are Skrill and Neteller. While they may give players instant withdrawals, they often come with fees. Not only that, but many live casinos do not consider them eligible for claiming the featured bonuses.

Mobile pay is the third and final popular payment method in Brazil.

Less Popular Payment Methods in Brazil

The two less popular payment methods in Brazil are prepaid cards and Bitcoin. Out of these two, Bitcoin is the superior method because it provides the players with tons of advantages. First, all deposits and withdrawals made with this cryptocurrency are instant. Not only that, but players never have to pay fees.

And since security is a massive concern for them, they can rest assured knowing that Bitcoin is the safest and safest payment method out of all that are mentioned above. Security is a massive benefit, especially in times where live scams are happening often. Bitcoin provides its users with a certain level of live anonymity, which greatly increases their security.v

Payment Methods in Brazil


Everything you need to know about casinos

Can Brazilian players register and play at live casinos?

Even though the law states that online casinos are illegal in Brazil, the government does not have the resources to pursue and penalize the players. Hence, many people from Brazil register and play at online casinos.

Are there any land-based casinos in Brazil?

There are a total of 6 land-based casinos that are allowed to offer their services to the players in Brazil. Just a reminder, the gambling industry remains illegal in Brazil.

Is gambling legal in Brazil?

As of 2021, gambling is mostly illegal in Brazil. The only two gambling-related activities that have been legalized are sports betting and the lottery. Online gambling is not regulated fully, which is why players can access online casinos and play the latest gambling games without facing any repercussions.

Who regulates the gambling industry in Brazil?

The gambling industry in Brazil is regulated by the Ministry of Finance. They are in charge of overseeing and regulating all of these activities and make sure that the law is obliged and respected to the fullest.

What are some of the accepted payment methods at live casinos?

The two most popular payment methods that Brazilian players like to use at online casinos are credit and debit cards. All online casinos accept them and they are pretty secure. E-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, Klarna, and PayPal are often used as well.

On rare occasions, players might even use mobile pay, prepaid cards, and Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency has risen in popularity to some extent in Brazil and has tons of great adventures over the regular methods, which is why some players are fonder of it.

Are live dealer games available in Brazil?

Yes, live dealer games are available to play in Brazil. Not only that, but they are among the most popular casino games in the country.

Do live casinos charge withdrawal fees?

In most cases, online casinos do not charge fees for withdrawal, however, that depends on the chosen method and the casino itself. The best way to check that is to visit the Banking tab of the casino and read the terms and conditions.

What is the future of live casinos in Brazil?

As Brazil’s government is considering making changes to how gambling is regulated here, the future's looking bright. Some believe that Brazil will become one of the main gambling markets in the world.

What is the processing time for deposits and withdrawals?

Deposits at online casinos in Brazil are instant, while withdrawals come with a processing time that depends on the chosen method. The most common waiting time is 0-3 business days.

Is the lottery legal in Brazil?

Yes, as of 2018, the lottery, along with sports betting is legal in Brazil.