Best Roulette Bonuses 2024

Live casinos offer their players an epic way to enjoy their favorite games alongside professional dealers. The live dealer games open players' doors to immersive, interactive, and exciting game sessions. The ability to interact and communicate with dealers and fellow players is a lively feel and an allusion to a physical land-based casino.

Apart from the thrilling nature of live games, casinos worldwide also offer their players several perks to make their games more exciting and increase players' engagement. Bonuses are some of the approaches top live casino sites use to lure and retain their players.

Here's a comprehensive guide to the different types of live roulette bonuses, the terms and conditions, and whether they're worth taking.

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Top Live Casino Roulette Bonuses

Top Live Casino Roulette Bonuses

There are several incentives roulette players can enjoy. Here are the common types of live roulette best casino bonus offers.

Roulette Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are often the first packages players enjoy after registering at the gaming site. The main aim of offering a welcome bonus is to attract new players to the casino.

Each gaming site has a specific welcome offer to its players. Some offer 50%, 100%, or even 500% matching bonuses. In some cases, the casino may give out dollars as staking chips to their players.

Roulette Reload Bonuses

While welcome bonuses are one-time offers, reload bonuses can come at different occasions in a player's journey at a casino. Reloads are for existing players. They can take the form of percentage matches of every amount a player deposits at the casino.

The matching percentage of reload bonuses aren't as high as in welcome bonuses. However, these offers are sufficient ways to help the operator build and retain their roulette players' loyalty.

Roulette Fixed Bonus

Here, top live casino sites offer a bonus margin urging players to make deposits. The gamers will need to reload their bankrolls with the exact amount in the offer to qualify and receive a boost in their staking account.

For instance, a casino may announce a 50% fixed bonus to all deposits amounting to or exceeding the specified limit, say $100. In this case, a player who makes a $100 deposit will end up with $150 in their staking account. A $200 deposit will attract an additional $100, etc.

Roulette Cashback Bonuses

The cashback bonuses are some of the most exciting offers for live roulette players. In this case, a player receives a percentage of their losses over a period. For instance, a 20% weekly cashback may mean the player will receive 20% of all the losses they made over the week.

Other Promotions

These are additional offers and advantages a roulette player receives for playing at a given casino. For instance, a casino can start a lucky ten daily promotion. In such a promo, the casino may award free $10 to every player who joins their live roulette table between 10 pm and 11 pm daily.

Some casinos can also have tournaments and promotions on specific days, attracting varying bonus amounts to the qualifying players.

Top Live Casino Roulette Bonuses
How to Find and Claim Live Roulette Bonus

How to Find and Claim Live Roulette Bonus

Live casino roulette bonuses are easy to find and claim. The first step is identifying top live casino sites with the best offer and signing up, especially for the welcome bonus.

After registering an account and logging in, the player will receive their matching welcome bonus into their account after the first deposit.

Most of these matching percentage bonuses come with limits. For example, a casino may be offering a 100% bonus match capped at $500. That way, the matching percentage will only double the deposits up to the maximum ($500). Players who deposit $501 and above will receive a standard $500 boost into their staking account.

How to Find the Other Bonuses

While welcome bonuses are easy to find, a player may need to make an effort to find the other promos and bonuses the live casino offers. Here are some ways to find the bonus offers.

Subscribe to the Live Casino's Newsletter

Most casinos have newsletters through which they share their current news, information on upcoming promotions, tournaments, and any other offers. Through the newsletter, the player will receive emails concerning the upcoming reload bonuses, cashback, or any other form of bonuses they offer.

Also, casinos sometimes offer bonus codes that players can redeem for free spins and staking chips.

Check online

Several platforms share information about live casino bonuses and promotions. Researching the latest information about reputable platforms and their offers will help players know if there are any bonuses to take advantage of before their expiry. Type "X casino promo codes" on the search box, and the results will be overwhelming.

The Casino's homepage and Promo page

Apart from the emails, most casinos also share information about their latest promos and bonus offers on the homepage and promo pages. It's worth the effort for players to frequently log out of their account and check their favorite platform's homepage and promo page. There could be a lot to see and enjoy there.

How to Claim It

After finding a bonus that delights, the player can choose to claim or dismiss it. Here are some steps to follow.

  • For new players, click the "visit casino" button
  • Fill in the needed information to register an account
  • Make the first deposit (every casino has limits for deposits. It can be anywhere between $10 and $100 or more)
  • Check the terms and conditions and see if they're fair
  • Claim the bonus

The process is the same for the welcome and reload bonuses. For bonus codes, the casino will have a designated spot for filling in the code. Customers simply enter the secret numbers/characters and claim the bonus.

How to Find and Claim Live Roulette Bonus
How to Turn the Bonus into Real Money

How to Turn the Bonus into Real Money

Live roulette bonuses are strictly designed to boost a player's wagering power. Thus, the only way to turn the bonus into real money is by staking it on a live roulette platform. That also means players can't transfer the bonus from one casino to another. The idea behind the incentive is to entice the player to spend more time and money at the casino site.

Also, terms are involved in changing the bonus amount to real money. For instance, the winnings undergo specific wagering requirements to meet the merit of withdrawal. These requirements differ from one site to the next.

The player will only turn their bonus winnings into real money if they meet all the playthrough conditions. Therefore, it pays to spend some time perusing the T&C section.

How to Turn the Bonus into Real Money
Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

There's a caveat to the offers that may make them cumbersome to cash out. Even worse, the bonuses may make the player lose their winnings in a flash. Here are some standard terms as they apply to casino bonuses.

The Minimum Deposits

Every gambling website has a deposit requirement for qualifying for a given bonus. Fixed-deposit bonuses are a perfect example. To qualify for these, a player must deposit an amount with respect to the casino's limit. For example, a fixed deposit bonus roulette offer aiming at $50 and above will require the player to reload their account with $50 or more.

Withdrawal Limit

Withdrawals are also subject to a given cap. This can be anything between $50 to $10,000 or less or more. Before claiming the bonus, punters must learn about the withdrawal requirements to be sure it's something worth committing time and money.

Wagering Requirement

Wagering requirements and time limits are the main factors determining the value of a live roulette bonus. Every casino has unique wagering requirements for its offers. A wagering requirement (playthrough) is the number of times a player needs to stake their bonus amount (or bonus + deposit) to be able to cash out.

For instance, some casino bonuses will require the player to stake down the bonus amount for up to 20 spins before withdrawing the winnings. That means if they received a $100 bonus, the player would have to use up to $2,000 (100x20) to be able to withdraw the winnings.

But, there's more than just the number of times a player wagers on the bonus. Various games contribute to the wagering requirement differently. Slots often contribute more to the wagering requirement than table games.

While checking the bonus terms and conditions, read how live roulette contributes to the playthrough requirement. If roulette contributes 10% to the wagering requirement, and a player uses $100, only $10 will go towards clearing the playthrough.

The percentage wagering contribution of roulette towards playthrough differs from one casino to another. Also, some casinos don't have the option for roulette at all.

Game Restrictions

While picking a bonus, the player should ascertain that it is available for use in all roulette variants, or at least on their favorite games. Most offers like the welcome bonus are available to almost all roulette versions. However, some casinos don't have a bonus for auto roulette, which doesn’t feature live dealers.

Time Limits

Roulette bonuses come with time limits. While the offer could be alluring, it is good to check how much time is remaining before expiry and whether the duration is enough for the player to meet the wagering requirement.

For example, a casino may be offering a 500% welcome bonus, valid for seven days and with a wagering requirement of 40 times. A player who makes a $50 deposit will receive an additional $2500 to their staking account. To withdraw the winnings, this player must use at least $10,000 (40x2500) on playing roulette within a week.

Remember, the $10,000 is subject to a roulette percentage contribution to the wagering requirements. This means the actual amount will be over $10,000. And it's more tedious because roulette has a meager contribution to playthrough requirements. The player might lose the available bonus plus all the winnings accumulated over the past seven days if they don't meet the time requirements.

If a live casino offers a no-wagering bonus, it does not impose any wagering conditions that demand players wager through their bonus money a specific number of times before cashing out any prize.

Terms and Conditions
Live Casino Roulette Bonus Dos and Don'ts

Live Casino Roulette Bonus Dos and Don'ts

Roulette promotions offer an exciting way to play at the dealer's table for free. However, the preconditions tied to these bonuses may be restrictive. Before pressing the "Claim" button, here are some points for players to remember.


  • Read through the bonus' terms and conditions
  • Check the time limits
  • See how much roulette contributes to the bonus playthrough requirements
  • Check the number of roulette games allowed and which variants are excluded from the bonus
  • Check out the cashout limits (some sites raise the bar too high, making it unable to reach within the given period)


  • Avoid bonuses with very short timeframes
  • Don't claim the bonus if the wagering requirement is too high
  • If a player enjoys roulette exclusively, they should only claim if roulette contributes a higher percentage to the playthrough requirement
Live Casino Roulette Bonus Dos and Don'ts
Is Live Casino Roulette Bonus Worth It?

Is Live Casino Roulette Bonus Worth It?

Bonuses can be worth it or not depending on the type of player. First, roulette isn't so friendly with their bonus offers. Thus, meeting the time limits with high wagering requirements demands the player to spend heavily on the game.

High rollers or gamers who spend a lot of time on the live roulette tables may be at an advantage. Also, casinos allowing slots to add to the wagering requirement may make the conditions a little easier to reach. The secret lies in reading and understanding the fine print, then weighing the odds to get the best option.

Is Live Casino Roulette Bonus Worth It?
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Everything you need to know about casinos

Must all punters claim these bonuses?

No. Casinos offer bonuses to entice their players and increase the amount of time they spend on the platform. Whether a player claims or leaves the offer is their personal decision.

Why are roulette bets not included in most bonuses?

Roulette and other table games typically have a lower house edge than slots. Thus, most casinos don't consider them for bonuses, and those that do typically have strict wagering requirements for roulette.

What can I do to beat the wagering requirements quickly?

Players can hit the wagering limit faster by playing slots if they contribute to the playthrough requirements. Most slots have a higher contribution percentage than roulette.

Why is it hard to withdraw bonus winnings?

Players will have to spend more money playing roulette than in slots to hit the wagering requirement.

Why does the Roulette wagering requirement contribution lower than other games?

Roulette's house edge is lower than other games like slots. That's why casinos limit roulette contribution to a minimum.

Why doesn't roulette have a no-deposit bonus?

Roulette isn't entirely a game of luck. Thus, players can design strategies to have an edge over the house. Offering a no-deposit bonus may mean a double loss to the house.

How can you tell if the bonus covers roulette?

The only way to find out is by reading the bonus' terms and conditions. Check the games covered, the wagering contributions, and other information before claiming the bonus.

Can I turn my roulette bonus into real money immediately?

No. All bonuses are subject to a wagering requirement within a time limit. That means the player must spend the bonus and subsequent deposits up to a designated limit. Only then can players make a withdrawal of the winnings.

Are live roulette promotions available worldwide?

That depends on the casino a player uses. Checking through the terms and conditions will help the player understand if their country is allowed to claim the bonus.

What are live casino roulette bonuses?

They are the bonuses that casinos designate to their live roulette players. While some bonuses cover certain types of roulette from specific software providers, some are meant to benefit all live roulette players.