Best Keno Live Casinos in Singapore

Live Casino Keno is a popular online game in Singapore that offers players the chance to win big. This game is based on luck and involves choosing numbers from a grid of 80 numbers. The more numbers you choose correctly, the higher your payout.

One interesting fact about Live Casino Keno in Singapore is that it is legal and regulated by the government. This means that players can enjoy the game without worrying about its legality. Additionally, the game is available 24/7, so players can play at any time of the day or night.

Another interesting fact is that Live Casino Keno in Singapore offers players a chance to win huge jackpots. The game has a progressive jackpot that increases every time someone plays the game. This means that the jackpot can grow to millions of dollars, making it an attractive option for players who are looking to win big.

To play Live Casino Keno in Singapore, players need to register with an online casino that offers the game. They can then choose their numbers and place their bets. The game is played in real-time, with a live dealer drawing the numbers and announcing the winners.

In conclusion, Live Casino Keno is a fun and exciting game that is popular among online casino players in Singapore. With its legal status, 24/7 availability, and huge jackpots, it is no wonder that it has become a favorite among players in the country.

Best Keno Live Casinos in Singapore
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Overview of Keno

Keno is a popular lottery-style game which is widely available in online gambling sites in Singapore. The game is based on the Chinese game of “White Pigeon” and is believed to have originated in the Han Dynasty in the 3rd century BC. Keno is played in a variety of ways and is available in both live and online versions.

How Keno Works

Keno is a game of chance that is played using a game board or card with numbers ranging from 1 to 80. Players select a minimum of one and a maximum of 20 numbers. The house then draws a predetermined number of balls, usually between 20 and 24. If any of the player’s numbers match the drawn balls, the player wins a prize. The amount of the prize depends on the number of matches and the amount wagered.

Live Keno at Singapore Online Casinos

The live casino version of Keno is a more interactive version of the game. Instead of using a random number generator, the game is played against a live dealer. The dealer draws the balls and announces the results. Players can watch the draw and bet on the outcome of each game.

The live version of Keno is available at many online casinos in Singapore. Players can access the game from their desktop or mobile device and can play with real money or play for free. Players can also communicate with fellow players and the dealer through the live chat feature.

Strategies for Playing Keno

Keno is primarily a game of luck and there is no definitive strategy that will guarantee success. However, there are certain tips and strategies that can help increase the odds of winning. These include playing with multiple cards, playing with a smaller number of cards, and playing with a full house.

Players should also be aware of the house edge when playing Keno. The house edge is the percentage of each bet that the house takes, and it varies from game to game. Players should play in casinos with a lower house edge in order to improve their chances of winning.


Keno is an exciting game that is popular with Singapore players. The live version of the game offers an immersive gaming experience with the chance to interact with fellow players and the dealer. Players should be aware of the house edge when playing and take advantage of strategies that can help improve their chances of winning. With the right strategy and a bit of luck, players can make the most of their live casino experience with Keno.