Best Baccarat Live Casinos in Nigeria

Live Casino Baccarat is a popular online casino game in Nigeria. It is a card game that is played between the player and the banker. The objective of the game is to get a hand with a value of 9 or as close to 9 as possible.

One interesting fact about Live Casino Baccarat in Nigeria is that it is played with a six-deck shoe. This means that there are six decks of cards used in the game, which makes it more challenging and exciting.

Another interesting fact is that Live Casino Baccarat in Nigeria is available in different variations, including Speed Baccarat and Baccarat Squeeze. These variations offer different rules and gameplay, which makes the game even more interesting.

Live Casino Baccarat in Nigeria is also available in different languages, including English and French. This means that players from different parts of the country can enjoy the game in their preferred language.

Overall, Live Casino Baccarat is a great online casino game that offers a lot of excitement and entertainment. With its different variations and language options, players from Nigeria can enjoy the game in different ways and have a great time.

Best Baccarat Live Casinos in Nigeria
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History of Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most popular and oldest gambling games, having roots dating back to 15th century Italy. Initially, the game was exclusive to high-society members but has since spread throughout the world and is played by millions. Baccarat is particularly favored in Nigeria, a large and diverse country with a strong culture of gambling and card games. Each year, millions of Nigerians flock to casino resorts like Eko Hotel & Suites in Lagos to experience the game's high-stakes excitement.

Online Live Casino Experience

Live dealer baccarat has become increasingly popular in Nigeria since the emergence of the internet. Nigerian players can access the game in numerous online venues, connecting with a real dealer and playing the game in real-time. Live dealer baccarat offers a more immersive and realistic experience than software-based versions, with dealers using real baccarat tables and equipment. The vividness of the video feed can make a player feel as if they are really in the casino, with real dealers interacting and responding to game decisions.

Live dealer baccarat tables usually include multiple players, allowing players to socialize with each other from the comfort of their own home. Players can communicate via a microphone or chatbox and feel the same thrill and enjoyment they would feel in a land-based casino. Most live dealer baccarat sites also offer other features such as a full range of betting options, statistics, and the convenience of mobile access.


The basic rules of baccarat remain the same when played in a live dealer version. The primary objective is to correctly guess whether the Player or the Banker will have the highest total card count (or if they will tie). The game also includes side bets such as Player Pair, Banker Pair, Perfect Pair, etc. which can further enhance a player's excitement.

Before beginning a game of live dealer baccarat, players must first choose the size of the bet. Once the bet is placed, each player (and the dealer) receives two cards. Card values are as follows: Ace (1) through nine (9) count as face value; tens and face cards count as zero; and others are disregarded. The first two cards are usually displayed in the players' bet boxes, and the Dealer will announce the winning hand. Players can then adjust their bets accordingly.


While luck is certainly a factor in the game of live dealer baccarat, experienced players also utilize various strategies to maximize their chances of winning. Nigerian players can find an abundance of strategies online to help refine their method. One of the most popular strategies is the Martingale strategy, which involves increasing the size of your bet after each loss in order to eventually win back the money lost in previous games.

Players can also focus on betting on the banker to increase their chance of winnings. On average, the banker hand is the most likely to win approximately 45.8% of the time, giving players a slight edge compared to the player or tie hands. In addition, most casinos only charge a 5% commission when a player wagers on the banker, making the banker a more attractive option.

Concluding Remarks

Live dealer baccarat is a hugely popular game in Nigeria, offering a wealth of high-stakes excitement for players. At online live casino sites, players can enjoy a more realistic and immersive gambling experience, with real dealers responding to their decisions. Players can also find an array of bets and side bets, including the banker bet which offers a slight edge to the player. With numerous online casino sites offering live baccarat, Nigerian players can now enjoy a more convenient and social form of gambling.