Top 10 Live Casinos accepting Saudi riyals 2024

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East has the Saudi riyal (SAR) as its official currency. It is issued by the Saudi Central Bank and subdivided into 100 halalas. Saudi riyals have been used as the kingdom's currency even when it was still known as the Kingdom of Hejaz.

Today, the Saudi currency is pegged to the United States dollar at a fixed exchange rate. Saudi Arabian fans of live casinos typically can't gamble using SAR. However, online casinos can electronically convert SAR deposits to USD, GBP, or EUR, enabling gamblers to play live casino games for real money.

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Saudi Arabian Riyal in Live Casinos

The Saudi Arabian Riyal is a currency that is widely used in the Middle East. The currency is issued by the country’s Central Bank and it has a fixed exchange rate with the United States dollar. Saudi Arabia is the only country that has the riyal as an official currency. It is possible for people in Saudi Arabia to use this currency when carrying out transactions online but there are some limitations to its use and it is important to be aware of these before attempting particular retail transactions, such as those with live casinos.

Best Saudi Arabian Riyal Live Casino Sites

One of the first things that any online live casinos user in Saudi Arabia needs to know is that this currency cannot be used to gamble online. There are some casinos that will accept players from Saudi Arabia, but for them to play they need to use one of the payment methods that will convert their deposit into a different currency such as the US dollar, the Euro or Pounds sterling. The transaction to convert the currency will only take a matter of a couple of minutes, making it easy for Saudi Arabian citizens to use live casinos.

There are no online live casinos that are based in Saudi Arabia. This is because gambling is not a legal activity within the country and gambling companies are not permitted to operate. Residents of the country are able to sign up to online live casinos based in other countries and can gamble this way, but they need to be aware of the risks. The online casinos that are available to them do offer the full range of casino games such as roulette, poker, blackjack and online slots and some of these will be live games.

Individual site rules

Customers can check in advance if a casino accepts users from Saudi Arabia by checking the terms and conditions of the individual casino.

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