Best Sign-up Bonuses 2024

One of the most exciting types of bonuses that many live casinos offer is the sign-up bonus. What makes this live casino bonus so appealing is that players are not required to deposit any of their own money in order to play the selected games being offered by the casino. When a gambler registers at a live casino, a sign-up bonus is received. Continue reading to learn more about sign-up bonuses in online casinos.

Best Sign-up Bonuses 2024
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What is a Sign-up Bonus?

What is a Sign-up Bonus?

When a player registers one of the top live casino sites, a sign-up bonus is given to the player. It is usually a way for the gambling platform to appreciate players for joining. Sign-up bonuses are also meant to motivate gamblers to place wagers.

This kind of casino bonus is one of the most common in the online casino world, with many casinos competing to offer a promotion that can be listed among the best live casino bonuses available. It is offered by casinos from every corner of the world, from Sweden to the US and Switzerland.

The offer a gambler receives is a predetermined percentage of the first deposit, but some sign-up bonuses aren't required to make any deposit. It could be 100% or even more, depending on the chosen platform. For new players, it is important to understand how sign-up bonuses work, since the sign-up bonuses enable players to enjoy their favorite games without risking their money from the very beginning.

What is a Sign-up Bonus?
Most Common Types of Sign-up Bonuses

Most Common Types of Sign-up Bonuses

Live casino sign-up bonuses come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. There are six main categories that most of the live casino bonuses fall into:

Deposit Match Bonuses

Deposit match bonuses are quite straightforward. If a player activates a deposit match bonus, the casino will match a percentage of the player's first deposit. An example of this would be a deposit bonus that provides a 100% match for players who deposit up to $100.

Although a 100% deposit match bonus is the most common sign-up bonus, players can find live casino sites offering a 200% deposit bonus, 300% deposit bonus, 400% deposit bonus, and even 500% deposit bonus.

It is important to note that this type of live casino bonus is usually accompanied by a minimum deposit amount, wagering requirement, and expiry date stating the latest date a player can claim the bonus by using the bonus code.

Players can make deposits more than the amount a live casino agrees to match, but they will not receive more than the maximum bonus they are offered by the casino.

Free Spins

Free spins are also among the most popular casino sign-up bonuses. With this live casino bonus, players receive a certain number of free spins that they can use on selected online slots instead of receiving bonus money.

Players are rewarded with this kind of sign-up bonus either right after their first deposit or as a no deposit bonus provided by the live casino.

Free spins come with specific terms and conditions that feature wagering requirements, expiry date, and maximum wins as well.

No Wagering Free Spins

No wagering free spins are very similar in the way they work to regular free spins, but they don't include wagering requirements. To put it simply, players can withdraw their winnings by using these free spins without needing to wager them a certain number of times. This, of course, makes it one of the most appealing live casino bonuses available online.

Welcome Package

Today, many live casinos blend match deposit bonuses and free spins to form the Welcome Bonus Package. This package is usually bigger in size and range and can feature complimentary points as well as reload bonuses that are offered on a player's second and third successive deposits.

The welcome package is usually divided into 3 or 4 deposits instead of being given all at once. Online casinos apply this to encourage their players to keep playing and depositing more often. Commonly, players can claim this live casino bonus by using a bonus code or requesting it in the bonus section of their choice of live casino site before they make their first deposit. After they sign up for it, they will receive the casino bonus if they manage to clear the wagering requirements and make further deposits.

No Deposit Sign-up Bonus

Players are rewarded with no deposit bonuses without having to make a deposit first. This bonus can be given either as credits that players can choose to play popular games at live casino sites, or as free spins on certain online slots.

Naturally, this type of bonus is accompanied by a higher wagering requirement than a regular casino bonus.

Most Common Types of Sign-up Bonuses
Dos and Don'ts of a Sign-up Bonus

Dos and Don'ts of a Sign-up Bonus

It is usually challenging for players to get their heads around the concept of a casino bonus. The following list will help players learn about the top 5 dos and don'ts of a sign-up bonus.


  • Do review the wagering requirements
  • Do deposit through an approved method
  • Do find out the games that are eligible
  • Do look for the best bonuses
  • Do look at any cash-out limits


  • Don't pick a casino only because it offers a big bonus
  • Don't skip reading the terms and conditions
  • Don't take it for granted that every player is eligible for a sign-up bonus
  • Don't attempt to withdraw without meeting the wagering requirements
  • Don't be scared of accepting sign-up bonuses from several casinos
Dos and Don'ts of a Sign-up Bonus
Common Terms and Conditions of Sign-up Bonuses

Common Terms and Conditions of Sign-up Bonuses

Many players are thrilled when they discover the best sign-up casino bonus available online. But it is crucial to slow down and take a rational look at the bonus.

Actually, all online sign-up bonuses come bundled with terms and conditions that will feature one or more of the points listed above.

Minimum Deposit

Nearly all casinos set a minimum deposit limit, which means all players have to make a minimum deposit of at least that certain amount to qualify for the sign-up bonus.

Commonly, the minimum deposit amount at most online casinos varies between $10 and $30, but players can find other online casinos offering lower minimum deposit amounts.

Cash-Out Limits

Some online casinos put a cash-out limit on their sign-up bonuses, and that means players can make a maximum withdrawal of that amount even though they clear the wagering requirements.

However, remember that an ideal casino sign-up bonus with a cash-out limit will include a lower wagering requirement and the other way around.

Wagering Requirements

Every online casino, except online casinos that offer free spins with no wagering, attaches wagering requirements to their casino sign-up bonuses.

The wagering requirement is commonly represented by a figure with an "x" before or after it, like 35x or x35. The x stands for the number of times players need to wager their bonus in order to be able to withdraw their winnings. Let's say the casino offers a $100 bonus with a 35x wagering requirement. Players will have to wager $3.500 before they can withdraw their winnings.

A regular wagering amount varies between 25-45x, but it's important to know that each online casino places wagering requirements on different parts. So, the wagering requirement can be attached to:

  • The money a player deposits
  • The bonus amount a player gets
  • The winnings a player earns out of free spins


Almost all gambling sites put a time limit on casino offers - something that players mostly overlook but is still very important. This is the last day on which players have to:

  • Claim their bonus
  • Use their free spins
  • Clear any wagering requirement attached to the bonus

Game Restrictions

This is another factor that can help decide if a sign-up bonus is worth it or not. Some of the offers only enable you to play specific live casino games. For instance, the sign-up bonus could be for roulette players only. If a gambler doesn't play this casino game and isn't willing to learn, the offer might not be worth one's time or effort. But it's useful for an experienced roulette enthusiast.

Common Terms and Conditions of Sign-up Bonuses
Pros and Cons of a Casino Sign-up Bonus

Pros and Cons of a Casino Sign-up Bonus

We think sign-up bonuses, like any other casino bonuses, have their advantages and disadvantages.


  • Provides players with extra money to play online casino games
  • One of the most exciting casino promotions available for new players
  • Includes both deposit match bonus and free spins
  • Available at most online casinos


  • Valid for new players only
  • It can usually only be used in eligible games
  • There may be fewer payment methods
  • Comes with expiry dates
Pros and Cons of a Casino Sign-up Bonus
How to Choose the Best Live Casino Sign-up Bonus

How to Choose the Best Live Casino Sign-up Bonus

We've compiled our top tips to help players choose the best sign-up bonus out there.

Compare different casinos to find the best sign-up bonus

Today, there are a large number of online casino sites offering welcome bonus packages. Therefore, it is important to compare different casinos before deciding on the one to sign up for. Also, almost every online casino improves its promotions every now and then. So, don't forget to check them out frequently.

Check the bonus rate and maximum amount

Make sure to compare the bonus rates offered by different casinos. In addition, pay attention to the maximum amount given after making a deposit.

Read the Terms and Conditions and wagering requirements

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of reading the terms and conditions and wagering requirements. Players may even end up being unable to withdraw their money earned by using their sign-up bonus if they fail to meet the wagering requirements.

Feel free to reject a sign-up bonus

Players should keep in mind that they don't have to take every bonus offered by a casino. If they think it isn't suitable for their funds or its wagering requirements are too difficult to meet, they can, of course, reject the bonus or search for another online casino offering a better promotion.

Take a look at LiveCasinoRank's above-recommended casinos list

Before registering at a random casino, check out our top live casino sign-up bonuses list above. This list includes ranked and reviewed casinos that provide players with the best sign-up bonuses to help everyone who is trying to choose a casino to start playing online right now.

How to Choose the Best Live Casino Sign-up Bonus
How to Claim a Sign-up Bonus

How to Claim a Sign-up Bonus

Claiming a sign-up bonus is usually straightforward. See below for the steps to follow when claiming the sign-up bonus:

  1. Create a live casino account.
  2. Deposit the required minimum amount and select the offer you want.
  3. Enter the bonus code if there is any. It's usually a unique combination of numbers and letters that must be input to receive a substantial bonus. If a gambler signs up for the gambling platform through an affiliate website, the bonus code will be received from them. This will enable gamblers to enjoy a good deal.
  4. Check the balance to confirm that the platform has credited the account. It should be done as soon as the required bonus code is entered.
  5. Meet the wagering requirements set by the live casino. It could be to play the preferred casino games through the bonus and the initial deposit.

Note that the first deposit bonus can be withdrawn or sticky. It depends on the gambling website's terms and conditions. When wanting to claim a no-deposit sign-up bonus, it is not required to deposit any cash. Register at the live casino and wait for them to credit the account with the offer instantly.

How to Claim a Sign-up Bonus
Are Sign-up Bonuses Worth It?

Are Sign-up Bonuses Worth It?

Most gamblers wonder if the sign-up bonuses offered by some of the most exclusive casinos today are worth it. Well, that depends on a couple of factors, as follows:

It depends on whether a player is eager to follow all the given rules to turn bonus credits into real money. It is vital to read the wagering requirements before getting a sign-up bonus. Some bonuses include easy-to-achieve wagering requirements, while others are more difficult.

It depends on what game a player wants to use the sign-up bonus. Sign-up bonuses are particularly advantageous for those who want to play online slots. Almost all slot games offer players free spins, which will extend the time they can play and, therefore, increase their chances of winning.

Are Sign-up Bonuses Worth It?
How to Use a Sign-up Bonus?

How to Use a Sign-up Bonus?

A sign-up bonus can be used in many ways. A gambler can discover new casino games without staking any money. Although one might be unable to withdraw one's winnings, a punter will gain experience and confidence. These will come in handy once one dives into real money gambling.

If players are looking for quality entertainment, they shouldn't hesitate to claim sign-up bonuses. These offers allow them to play various live casino games for hours on end without depleting the bankroll. Players should make sure to choose only top-rated casino games to enjoy the most thrilling gambling experiences. If a live casino doesn't offer players the privilege of selecting the games to play, the player should give the specified ones their best shot.

Players could also use a sign-up bonus to evaluate a new live casino. Once they claim their live casino bonus, they should play some of the games the platform provides. Are their graphics high-quality? How about the site's mobile responsiveness? If they like the live casino, they should proceed to gamble their cash. If they don't, they should leave and look for another gaming website that meets their standards.

How to Use a Sign-up Bonus?
Turn a Sign-up Bonus into Real Money

Turn a Sign-up Bonus into Real Money

Players can easily turn their bonus into real cash. These tips could help them do that.

Learn How to Play Live Casino Games

Researching the best live casino game to play is advisable. It helps players to understand the odds and the most probable outcomes. If a particular game comes with unfavorable odds, players should steer clear of it, especially if they are beginners. They might lose the bonus cash before they win anything.

Adhere to the Live Casino Rules

If they want their sign-up bonus to help them win real money, players need to understand their gambling platform's terms and conditions and avoid violating them. These could be wagering requirements for them to access the welcome offer's cash. They might also be about the specific games players should play with their bonus.

Some online casinos may release a sign-up bonus in installments. Players must be cautious, patient, and optimistic. Also, they need to remember they may lose one game but win the next one.

They always need to make sure that they are in control and gamble responsibly. If they are unsure or in need of any help, visit these websites:

Turn a Sign-up Bonus into Real Money

What is included in a Sign-Up Bonus?

Casinos offering the signup bonus will each have their own unique offering. Some will give free cash to play with while others may allow a specified number of slot machine spins. This bonus acts as an introduction as to what the online casino has to offer. There will be rules pertaining to any winnings that occur.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is a sign-up bonus?

Also known as a welcome bonus, this reward offers new players a match on the amount they deposit, free spins, or both. The sign-up bonus is mainly provided after the first deposit. Still, some casinos offer it on the second, third, or even the fourth deposit.

Are these sign-up casino bonuses mobile-friendly?

Yes. Sign-up bonuses can be claimed on all devices, be it desktops or mobile. Interestingly, some casinos have custom-tailored sign-up bonuses for mobile users.

How do I claim a sign-up bonus from a casino?

Players can claim their sign-up bonuses by simply signing up for a casino and making their first deposit. However, keep in mind that each casino is different, so don't forget to read the terms and conditions before accepting any offers.

How do casinos earn from sign-up bonuses?

Casinos use these promotions to encourage players to keep coming back and it means more money being deposited in the long run.

Is a casino sign-up bonus worth it?

It depends on the type of bonus and the playing style of the applicant. Take a look at the relevant section where we examine it in more detail above.

Are casino sign-up bonuses a fraud?

Casino sign-up bonuses recommended by us are offered by licensed and legal casinos, and therefore they are completely lawful and reliable.

What is the "bonus balance"?

It stands for the money players have in their casino account.

What is a "playthrough bonus"?

A playthrough bonus refers to a sign-up bonus that is accompanied by wagering requirements. All casino sign-up bonuses are playthrough bonuses, except for free spins with no wagering.

What does a "no wagering bonus" mean?

A no-wagering bonus gives players the chance to withdraw their winnings without having to clear wagering requirements. Free spins are the most popular no-wagering bonuses offered by casinos.

What online casino has the best sign-up bonus?

It depends on what a player is looking for. Our list at the top of the page includes a wide range of sign-up bonuses that will be suitable for everyone's needs.