Top 10 Live Casino High-roller Bonuses in Hungary

High roller bonuses are lucrative incentives offered to casino players with a history of placing big bets. Most casinos, thus, offer this bonus as a way of providing high rollers with a soft landing in case they lose their bets. But overall, high roller bonuses are aimed at improving the player's chances of winning.

The government has been forcing unlicensed online casinos out of the market. And due to lack of options, Hungarians are choosing foreign online sites when placing their live online bets. WIth live casinos booming in the world, Hungary is keeping in its footsteps.

Online casinos are booming in the world, and Hungary is no exception to this. Until 2013 the restrictions for the online gambling sector in Hungary meant that there were no legal online casinos operating in the country. However, under pressure from the EU, the government legalized online gambling in 2013, but only for operators who already had land-based establishments in the country.

ambling in Hungary is legal, but the regulation for it is quite tight for land-based operators, and even more for online gambling sites. The gambling laws of Hungary were established in 1991, with changes coming a few times, the most notable one being in 2014.

In 2013 the Government allowed for foreign operators to launch live casinos in the country, but the conditions were that they have active land-based establishments in the country if they wish to serve Hungarian customers. This is a quite limiting factor in the live casino market of Hungary, and players are forced to play at the numerous offshore live casinos that accept players from Hungary.

Because of the restrictions, as of now, there are no online live casinos in Hungary that hold a licence issued by the Government. This speaks volumes about how tight the restrictions are, and what operators think about it.

However, the good news is that there is yet no case of Hungarian punters being legally prosecuted for gambling at an offshore live casino. The government tries to blacklist and block the sites, but it seems it is not very interested in chasing individuals who play at these live casino sites.

This situation has paved the way for international live casinos to enter the market and try to attract as many Hungarian players as possible, and it seems to be working. Hung

Top 10 Live Casino High-roller Bonuses in Hungary