Best 10 Spieldev Live Casinos 2022

Based in Argentina, Spieldev is an online slots software developer established in 2016 by a group of young professionals. In 2020, it underwent a rebranding as Vibra Gaming. It continues to focus on the Latin American online casino market and has expanded its portfolio of games. Besides slot games such as Wild Gems and Patagonia Wild, video bingo games including Chocolate Planet and El Dorado are also on offer.

Brazilian classics such as Amazonia Fantasy are likewise on the developer's title list. Their games can be played on desktop and mobile devices, where they can be oriented in either portrait or landscape mode.

Spieldev in Live Casinos
Spieldev in Live Casinos

Spieldev in Live Casinos

Spieldev is a provider concentrating its efforts on developing the best live casino software with a significant focus on slot machines. The software provider has three types of games available but plans to add five sets with time. As a result of their concentration solely on slot machines, they have invested significant time in completely understanding this aspect of the gaming industry.

With a simple look at Spieldev's game releases, players will notice that their portfolio isn't as extensive as it could be. However, the team is focused on experimenting with various themes and gaming experiences to provide games that appeal to a broad spectrum of players.

Spieldev in Live Casinos
About Spieldev

About Spieldev

Spieldev is an online slots software company based in Argentina. It was founded in 2016 by a group of young professionals. It changed its name to Vibra Gaming in 2020. Vibra Gaming helps land-based operators to launch their online ventures by providing localized content and technology. The software provider has been navigating the severely regulated European sector. Vibra is also a critical strategic partner to multinational operators looking to offer the best live games in the region.

It has grown its game library and also continues to focus on the Latin American online casino sector. Video bingo games such as Chocolate Planet and El Dorado are available in addition to slot games such as Wild Gems and Patagonia Wild.

Mobile Versions

Amazonia Fantasy, a Brazilian classic, is also on the developer's list of titles. Their games are available for both desktop and mobile platforms and may be viewed in portrait or landscape orientation. Every game currently available from Spieldev can be played on a desktop, smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices without sacrificing quality. The games are designed to fit even on a smaller screen without becoming cluttered or complicated to play in landscape and portrait mode.

Their previous releases have all included excellent, high-quality graphics, and the firm does a lot of work to make sure that their players can enjoy their games across all platforms. Spieldev had a solid debut as a new software provider, with sleek graphics, gorgeous animations, and excellent gameplay in all of their games. They mean it when they say they're perfectionists.

Unique Spieldev Features

Spieldev is trying to cater to a wide range of players based on the titles they now provide. Fruity 7, for example, is a conventional slot with typical fruit symbols, bells, bars, and everything else that fans of traditional slot machines are used to seeing. Still, the graphics set Spieldev apart among the top software providers in live casinos.

Other games, such as Codex Jackpot, take inspiration from films such as The Da Vinci Code and video games like Quake to tell their own story, produced by Spieldev's creative brains. It is clear from their recent releases that they are not content with sticking to tried-and-true themes and features but instead continue to experiment with different gaming engines and designs.

They have generally stuck to the basic 5-reel slot. However, some of their games go a step further, such as reels that merely turn over to display symbols rather than spin. Mini-games, for example, are activated by hitting specific combinations that occur outside of the reels to spice things up and keep the player engaged in the best live casinos.


  • SBC Awards Latin America 2021: Emerging Star in Sports Betting and Casino
  • GI Awards 2021: One to Watch
About Spieldev