Best Live Casino Experiences & Bonuses 2017

Online casinos first started popping up around 1995. Casino-On-Net, founded in 1997, was among the first truly successful and modern online casinos. The casino featured hundreds of games and extremely fast play speeds that had, until then, only been possible playing the video poker and slot machines at live casinos.

But it wasn’t until the advent of widespread DSL and cable internet that live dealer casinos first started popping up in large numbers. Beginning in the mid-2000s, casinos such as William Hill and Betfair began offering live dealer casinos for their online offerings. These quickly became a hit with a large portion of customers. is still in production as a part of the group of 

A real casino experience, from the comfort of home

The idea behind the live dealer casino was simple enough. It provided a way for gamblers habituated to the real tables of the brick-and-mortar casino environment to play their favourite games in a familiar atmosphere. This struck a chord with many gamblers who missed the genuine feel of a real game or who didn’t fully trust the software.

The latter group represented a large subset of customers. Many players looked on the fast-paced, cartoon-like software versions of table games with great suspicion. No matter how many audit reports, fairness awards or government oversight committee approvals were pointed to by the casinos, some customers just couldn’t bring themselves to believe that an electronic game where the house had direct incentive to cheat could be fair. With a live dealer game, the perception was that it would be much harder for the casino to cheat the player. It turns out such a presumption is far from true. Nevertheless, it is what many customers felt to be the case. And those feelings helped drive the rise of the live dealer web casino.

Unique benefits, steep costs

Live dealer casino games have some unique benefits that simply aren’t present in their software-based counterparts. For starters, live dealers are often scantily clad women at the peak of their natural beauty. The ability of players to interact with these darling mixes is, in itself, sufficient justification for many to lose $50 or $100 over the course of an evening. And the interactive element adds something intangible to the game. Being able to talk to a beautiful woman while winning oodles of money is an experience that almost any man can get hooked on.

But the live dealer format also came with some costs or, depending on perspective, benefits. From the casino’s perspective, one cost is that the games are run much slower. A typical, full online blackjack table with a live dealer may only run at 50 hands per hour. Whereas even a slow player can often clock 300 hands per hour on software like that of Microgaming. That is a big, big difference. And it can’t be understated. The casinos just don’t make anywhere near the hourly money on their live games that they do on their download clients or flash casinos. If live dealer casinos are Corona Light, download games are crack cocaine.

Another problem is that the dealer needs to be paid. This varies greatly by location but $15 per hour is common.

Finally, the games are vulnerable to the same kinds of attacks as at live casinos. Blackjack can be counted. Roulette wheels can be physically analysed. Three Card Poker can be hole-carded if the dealers aren’t doing their job. The direct costs of these techniques and the costs of preventing them have driven many online casinos to scrap their live dealer offerings.

Today, live dealer casinos can be found in the biggest online operators. But many smaller ones no longer have them and the ones that do often don’t offer bonuses for playing there.

Live Casino, the Perfect Middle Ground?

Playing live casino games is the ideal middle ground between online casinos and bricks and mortar casinos. Because it provides players with the opportunity to observe how a particular table is trending before placing a bet with actual dollars. Live casino games give you the option to try the game with free money before you decide to enter the card game. The scenario is real, the dealer is real, but all the action occurs within a virtual setting. Many beginning players prefer live action to land-based and online casinos because it allows them time to master unfamiliar games and learn the rules before they go on to bet real money.

Players may need to check for spot availability at popular tables during peak hours. But other than that, live casino action, allows for control of the personal environment, while playing against real players for real money. Some games, such as roulette have very low risks, and therefore you can enter live action with a slight deposit amount. However, keep in mind that it you open play with a dollar or less, you will receive a smaller payout if you win.

Strictly from an advantage viewpoint, live casino action provides player time to observe the game flow and observe trends, if any. You can sit back and watch the live game action at multiple tables on your home computer, laptop or mobile device, before deciding on a table to begin play. There’s no possibility of card game deception because every move is carefully monitored. The dealers create background enhancements to ensure players that the card game action is happening live. Players feel like they’re in a bricks and mortar casino because everything is streaming in real time, while in the comfort of their homes.

No table game is isolated, players can partake in any live play. When you log in, there are multiple dealers and various casino games already underway. In addition to providing a controlled environment, low risks and the opportunity to learn new games; players have the unique advantage of direct dealer communication with live chat.

Live chat provides an added layer of realness to gameplay. Because home players receive the same benefits of playing at a land-based casino, without having to drive anywhere. And unlike regular online casino play, nothing is animated or prerecorded tape; all the table action occurs in real time. Every game scenario is broadcast in its entirety, for example, one of the most popular games is roulette, players can watch or participate in one-hour increments; before a new game is started. Typically, the game will have 100 spins before a new one begins. You can play the entire game or only select a round or two to place a bet.

The driving force behind live casino games is the latest state-of-the-art technology, without animation. There aren’t any recorded loops or commercials during game play. It’s real time action, with dealer lead rounds and not a robot performing simulated rounds or electronic card games.

Players can relax in the controlled environment of their choice while placing large or small wagers on various live casino play. There are extra bonuses offered, and most live games have a higher percentage of winners; for popular games such as slots. The technology is the same as the reputable online casinos, powered by reliable leaders in the gaming industry, such as Realtime Gaming, Microgaming, and Playtech. At any time, players may speak to the live dealer, because the software automatically converts the physical chat conversation into data, using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

Live Dealers at Online Casinos, How does it work?

As far back as the Elizabethan Age and Ancient Rome, games of chance have been thrilling people from all walks of life. In 1638 the first-known gambling house was erected in Venice, and soon after the social activity was spreading through saloons across America, bringing together drink, cards and shady characters.

Fast forward to 1994 and the passing of the Free Trade & Processing Act, giving the world access to the first online casino and the ability to win or lose money without leaving the comfort of home. For many people, gambling isn’t just about money, but the entire casino experience. From the sounds of poker chips and playing cards to the continual murmur of players in varying tones of excitement to the seizure-inducing strobe lights of thousands of slot machines, this is the casino vibe.

Initial online casinos tried emulating the brick & mortar casino vibe with browser-based games and basic interactive controls, but the social element was sadly missing. Even though online casinos allow even the shyest person to experience the fun and convenience of gambling, trusting RNG (Random Number Generator) games is still difficult for some. While playing an online game such as BlackJack, Sic Bo, Baccarat, Roulette or Hold em’, being able to watch the dealer shuffle and deal cards in real time creates a level of trust and transparency that only enhances the gameplay.

Deciding what type of live dealer to engage with depends on the casino. Whether it’s in a studio specifically designed as an online casino or it’s inside the physical casino itself. It can also be a broadcast game, regardless, gambling with a live dealer gives you as close an experience to a physical casino as you can get. (Although hologram dealers are probably in the works already)

Utilising the power of a broadband connection allows unhindered streaming and good video quality. If playing on a mobile device, using a 4G connection is usually sufficient to take any game on the go. Most live casinos do the work for you to reduce the need for software downloads, simply step into the virtual lobby and access the dealer of choice. Often preferences are catered to as far as having an American, Asian or European dealer. A male or female, or even a popular Playboy Bunny. Effortless management of funds, instructions, and prior bets are handled via the interactive control display. Placing bets and communicating directly to the dealer ensures a personal experience that is exciting and authentic, allowing anyone to be completely at home, while inside the virtual casino environment.

Live Casinos Online vs. Land-based Casinos

Every person should go in a land-based casino and play casino games once in his life. The nonstop commotion, glamour, bright lights, the presence of half-clothed waitresses, and the excitement adds up to a memorable lifetime experience. As the internet population in the world continues to increase, online gambling is gaining popularity, and growing successfully. This has made internet casino gambling more advantageous form of gambling, as compared to traditional land-based casino gambling in the following ways.
Online casino games can be played freely at no cost
To play in a land-based casino, you must have money. Besides, practice games are not available in land-based casinos.
However, online casinos allow players to play practice games as much as they want. This important especially when a gambler is playing a casino game which has been introduced recently. Free games allow players to experiment with the different strategies of playing the game, to recognise all rules governing the casino game, and to become familiar with the game. When the player feels that he is comfortable with the online casino game, he can start gambling for real money.
Online Casino Has New Games
Every month, Wild Jack Online Casino establishes brand new casino games due to the presence of an infinite cyberspace. Players therefore always have something new to play in the casino. Additionally, players will not be bored of playing the same old game while gambling in an online casino.
In land-based casinos, the only way to initiate a new game is by discarding the old game. This is not good as the land-based casinos might be dumping one of their player’s favourite game. Thus, as a player, the only way to add something interesting to your casino gambling collection is by playing casino online.
Online Casino Provides Variety Casino Games
As a player, online casino games offer a greater variety of choice as compared to land-based casinos. Whereas an online casino can provide a player with more than twelve sets of distinct blackjack games, a land-based casino presents only one to three kinds of blackjack games. Players playing blackjack game over the internet at Wild Jack Casino have an option to choose from various blackjack games such as Pontoon Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Spanish Blackjack, Classic Blackjack, Bonus Blackjack, European Blackjack, and more. Under no circumstances can Land-based casinos present a player with that much variety in blackjack games. Additionally, online casinos provide players with Triple 7s Blackjack. Triple 7s Blackjack Is a particular type of blackjack game played online where players can win a jackpot which is progressive. Worldwide, no land-based casino offers Triple 7s Blackjack game.
Moreover, players gambling at a land-based casino are only offered one roulette wheel while playing a roulette game. Players are only provided with a single choice in which they can decide whether to take it or leave it. On the other hand, an online casino provides players with different kinds of roulette games, for instance, Roulette Royale which is a progressive jackpot, American roulette, French roulette, or European roulette.
Online Casino Games Are Always Accessible Anywhere
Many times, players go into a land-based casino with an intent of playing a blackjack game but gets disappointed to find that all the chairs at the blackjack tables are occupied. The player can also want to play a specific slot machine, only to realise that there is someone else playing on the same slot machine. This leaves a player with two options; to wait, or play a game which is not his favourite.
In an online casino, this can never happen. Players are always offered with a room at the blackjack table which is virtual. Moreover, there is always an available slot machine that lets players try their luck without waiting on line.

Online casinos with live dealer bonuses

Live dealer games are a little-known niche in the online casino industry. First appearing in the mid-2000s, live dealer games quickly caught on. By 2010, many casinos were offering live dealer versions of games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and even craps. While these games have proven a hit with a certain segment of the online gambling market, they proved to be much slower and more costly to operate for the casinos than software-based games. For this reason, many casinos no longer have extensive live dealer offerings, and the ones that do typically have higher betting limits to make up for the decreased speed and added costs.

Live dealer casino bonuses. What are they and how should they be played?

As recently as 2010, many online casinos were offering live-dealer-only bonuses. Today, the only reputable online casino that has a live-dealer-only sign-up bonus that’s regularly worth playing is William Hill. However, players should be aware of live-dealer-only bonuses because good ones do pop up from time to time, and many casinos maintain live dealer games in their online casinos, for which they may offer ongoing redeposit or other special bonuses.

Post wager live dealer bonuses

William Hill currently offers a post-wager sign-up bonus for its live dealer casino. This is a 100% match bonus up to $50. This bonus is a superb deal because of the wagering requirement, that is, the amount that the deposit amount needs to be turned over is only eight times the bonus amount. In this case, the bonus can be wagered on blackjack. That game has about a .5 percent edge. So for the optimal strategy player, the player who uses the optimal strategy for blackjack, he will expect to lose just $4 while completing the wagering requirement for this bonus. That means the value of the bonus play is $46!

William Hill, in this case, is paying the player, on average, $46 to go through the sign-up process and complete the wagering requirement. Of course, they know that this is a good deal for them because many customers will have great winning sessions then come back for more, this time playing without a bonus. But for the player who completes the wagering requirement and leaves immediately, this is a deal on which he will expect to make out quite well over the long term.

However, it should be noted that, at the last time we checked, the minimum bet size was $10. This can present a potential problem because, over the short term, it is possible to lose many hands in a row. That means that a player must be properly bankrolled to place at least 40 $10 bets without going broke. We would, thus, recommend a minimum bankroll of $200 for this play. Anything less and the chance of going broke before the wagering requirement is met, therefore not getting the bonus money, becomes too high.

Other reputable casinos with live dealer games which offer decent reload and other bonuses include Slotocash and Bovada. These casinos may offer different bonus structures than the post-wager bonus just explored above. The two other main types of bonuses are cashable and sticky bonuses. Both of these are credited before the wagering begins so that the player can use the bonus amount while he is completing the wagering requirement. However, cashable bonuses can, as the name implies, be cashed out in their entirety. Sticky bonuses, on the other hand, can only be played with. The player can keep the winnings, but the bonus amount cannot ever be withdrawn.

Roulette Online With Live Dealer

Roulette is a game that has been around for many years. The first traces of the game came about in 1655, according to some researchers. Many people say that a French person by the name Blaise Pascal developed roulette. Pascal was a well-known mathematician and inventor. Pascal’s invention of the game of roulette is widely accepted by the masses, although some other theories do exist. One alternative theory about roulette is that a French monk created the game so that he could escape the boredom of monastery life. The Pascal theorists believe that he created the game by accident when he was trying to come up with a motion machine. Two or three less popular alternative theories exist. The result is that we now have one of the most fantastic games on the planet to play inside of casinos and in the comforts of our homes. The online roulette industry grows immensely every single day that it exists.

The Basics of Roulette

The French named the game of roulette. The name refers to the “little wheel” that players watch spin around and around when they play the game. This little wheel is separated into red and black sections with a number on each section. It holds a white ball on it that falls into a specific section of the wheel when the wheel stops spinning. The entire game of roulette revolves around where that white ball drops. Players enjoy the excitement of watching the wheel spin, not knowing whether the ball will end up falling in the area in which they need it to fall. Roulette’s popularity is widespread because it is an easy game to learn.

Roulette Bets

A player can engage in a wide variety of bets in the game of roulette. He can bet whether the little white ball is going to land on red or black. Alternatively, he can bet on whether the ball will land on an even number and an odd number. Players can bet on a single number such as 10 or 12, as well. The benefit of betting on a single number is that a win will bring in a larger amount of money than a colour bet or an odd or even bet will. Other bets that a player can make are corner bets, splits, top line bets and more. Different bets have different payouts. The bets that have the most difficult odds provide the player with the largest advantage if they get the guess correct.

Various types of the game of roulette exist. Some of the most prominent types of roulette are French roulette, European roulette and American roulette. The American roulette wheel has 38 numbers on it. The French roulette wheel has 37 numbers on it, and the European roulette has the same. The French betting field is different from the others.

Live dealer roulette is a version of the game that gives the online players a realistic feel. They connect with a real dealer who is dealing roulette at a real casino. The players connect with this person through a video feed. The live dealer aspect helps the players feel like they are playing a true game of roulette because it feels like a video game without the live dealer on the scene. The live dealer aspect attracts more players than regular roulette does, and it keeps them playing for longer periods of time, as well. The rules are the same for live dealer roulette as they are with regular games. The difference is that the players battle a person instead of a machine.

Blackjack Games at Online Casinos

Online casinos have been growing in popularity over the last ten years. How could it not be successful when it offers players 24/7 access to all of their favourite games, and convenient deposit and cash out systems? Though there are different restrictions for every region, that hasn’t stopped players from enjoying the ever-growing industry.
Growing popularity is great, but what happens when the market starts to get saturated? It can get stale pretty quick.
But the online casino lot are pretty creative. It didn’t take them long to start offering mobile casinos so that players could enjoy all of their favourite games on the go.
Now that most online casinos offer some mobile casino (some much better than others), what’s the next step? Not to worry, online casinos constantly strive to reach the next step. They want to encourage both new players to join their casinos and regularly players to keep coming back.

That’s where live dealer games come into play.

Though there is a wide variance with live dealer games from casino to casino, more and more online casinos are starting to add them.
Whether the online casino you prefer offers them on a limited schedule or gives you 24/7 access to live dealer games, you can now enjoy a more personal touch to your experience.
You can count on the dealers to be helpful, fun, and pretty fun to look at. Some casinos even allow their dealers to hold conversations with players, though this is not allowed at every casino.

Live Dealer Blackjack

When you play live dealer Blackjack, you can expect to have a great experience. It’s just like playing Blackjack in a land-based casino; only you can play it at your convenience from wherever you are. In fact, many players have said that they feel they get a more genuine experience due to the small room sizes and the fact that they get to see the same few live dealers over and over.
So if you’re a fan of Blackjack and online casinos, you have got to try out live dealer Blackjack. It will take your online gambling to the next level.
As more online casinos offer live dealer Blackjack games, it’s interesting to see how the industry continues to grow and change. For example, already some casinos are offering live dealer Blackjack games that you can enter without playing. You can simply watch others bet high stakes, or even pick up a few tricks.
Where will the industry go from here? Who knows? But one thing we do know is that we love the direction it’s headed!

Baccarat Live Dealer

Tips On Dealing With a Live Baccarat Dealer in Casino

This is a game where very little skill is required. Many claim it is a game of luck. This may or may not be true, but you still need to play it smart. Playing it smart is a must when dealing with Live Dealer Baccarat. Dealers know how to play the con, especially why those who are a bit more naive to the game. These five tips are aimed at educating those less skilled and removing the con.

1) Do not bet on the tie. Every player needs to follow this rule. No matter what the situation is, do not do it. Tie bets tend to offer a large payout. This is part of the con. Most players do not win in these cases. The only time a player may win is when card counting is part of it. This only happens when 1-2 decks are being used. Avoid it.

2) Betting on the banker is considered acceptable. In fact, it is a very popular thing to do, one of the more preferred methods. The main reason why many are scared to do it is that of the commission. It is about 5% or less. The payout may only be 1 to 1, but the odds are more favourable. The player will have a 1.25 edge over the house. The banker is the one with the lower edge in this case. It may appear not to feel right, but it is a good thing to do. Only use this tactic when you feel skilled enough to do it.

3) There is something called Live Zero. Do not get involved. It does not matter how enticing it looks or feels; players should not do this. Live Zero was started to convince players the commission is not there. This is a lie. Say the banker’s hand is at 8. The odds for the payout are 1 to 2. It is a complete rip-off. It is there to scam players who are not as skilled with the game.

4) Players need to be consistent with their betting. There are two ways to do this. Players can plan out a bet and stick with it each time. Players can increase their bets as they win and decrease as they lose. This second option is only for the skilled players. It is better to plan out a bet for each game and use it.

5) The fewer decks of cards being used, the better off the player is going to be. Games with low tables have a higher chance of presenting wins. The more decks a dealer and table uses, the lower the odds of winning are. Most live games offer decks of 6-8 decks of cards. The VIP tables tend to have fewer decks. The high roller tables tend to have fewer decks, too. Players need to choose accordingly.

Texas Hold’em online variants – is there a live dealer version?

Texas Hold’em has become the unquestioned heavyweight champ of the poker world. But it wasn’t always that way. Before the year 2003 or so, the game was only infrequently played in casinos throughout the world. Most poker was of the stud variety. But starting in 2003 with the poker boom, the popularity of Texas Hold’em exploded dramatically.

Soon, everyone wanted to not only play the game that all their favourite TV pros and tournament winners had gotten rich playing, but they also wanted to play its big, bad cousin, No Limit Texas Hold’em. A game where the player could lose every cent sitting in front of him on any round and any street.

Today, when anyone talks about Texas Hold’em, they are almost assuredly talking about the No Limit variety, where there are no restrictions placed on bets at any point in the game.
But there are still a few other variations of Texas Hold’em. Some of these are casino versions where the player bets against the casino. Others are exotic versions of the peer-to-peer game. While there are no major online poker rooms that deal peer-to-peer Texas Hold’em variants with a live dealer, there are a few that offer live dealer versions of the casino game variants.

Peer-to-peer online Texas Hold’em versus brick and mortar Texas Hold’em

The reason that some online casinos offer live dealer versions of most casino games, but no online poker rooms offer live dealer online poker is simple: The main reason people play online poker is that of the hugely increased pace of the game. A typical live casino blackjack game might run at 100 hands per hour with only one or two players present. Online, that blackjack game might run at twice that speed.

However, with Texas Hold’em, the live poker room game might run at just 30 hands per hour. A good, multi-tabling online pro may be able to play more than 1,000 hands per hour online. That’s over 30 times the live rate. This is why there is no live dealer option for online Texas Hold’em; there just isn’t any demand for it.

But there are live dealer versions of some of the game’s casino variants. Games like Texas Hold’em Bonus, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em can be found in live dealer formats at various online casinos. It should be noted, though, that these are just gimmicks designed with only the loosest resemblance to the game of No Limit Texas Hold’em itself. Many of the casino version offshoots of Texas Hold’em have very simple optimal strategies which allow the player to maximise his expectation against the house. All casino versions of the game have a built-in house edge, where the casino is guaranteed to win over the long run.

On the other hand, No Limit Texas Hold’em is orders of magnitude more strategically complex than even chess. While chess was solved in 1996, Texas Hold’em is currently nowhere near being solved. Modern supercomputers simply aren’t powerful enough to solve the entire game.

And the casino variants all have built-in house edges, in other words, the eventual outcome is always known, the house always wins. But No Limit Texas Hold’em is such a strategically deep game that a good player can gain such large advantages over a bad player that the bad player would hardly have a chance to win a single session of more than 100 hands or so. Likewise, it’s always very difficult to tell which of two great players will end up on top because the game is so vast that determining who has the edge can take tens of thousands of hands.

Sic Bo Live Dealer Online

Sic Bo is a gambling game of Chinese origin. It is popular in Asian casinos especially in Macau where it is widely played. IN the Philippines the game is known as hi-lo. Early 20th-century Chinese immigrants introduced the game to the US. Currently, the game is widely played in the US and can be found in many US casinos. The UK licensed the game for play in casinos in 2002 under The Bankers Games Regulations. The game is played using three dice and has helped variants such as chuck-a-luck and grand hazard. During gameplay, players bet on certain conditions that can be satisfied after rolling the dice.
Sic Bo has simple gameplay mechanism. All players will place their bets on certain areas of a marked table. The dealer will then open a box or chest containing the dice and then close it again. The dealer will open the box to reveal the combination that has occurred. Sic Bo is an unfair game of chance as each dice roll is random. However, the betting house or casino will always have a betting edge. Players have various options for betting depending on the sum of the numbers of the dice and whether the sum is odd or even. When players bet on Big, they are wagering that the sum of the score will be between 11 and 17 inclusive. A Small bet wagers that the score will be between four and ten inclusive. An Odd bet wagers that the total score will be odd. The Even bet wagers that the total score will be an even number. All the four, mentioned bets exclude triples for example if a player wagers small, and all the dice have one after being rolled the player will lose the bet. The exclusion of triples gives the casino its betting edge. These four bets have a payout of 1 to 1.
There are other bets with low probability combinations. There is the Alls bet that wagers a specific number will appear on all three dice, this is a low probability bet with a payout of 180 to 1. Players can also choose to bet on Specific Doubles where they predict that one number will appear on at least two of the dice. There are other bets each with its payout.
Due to sic bo’s popularity the game can be played online. Many companies such as bet365, Dafabet, Bodog88 and m88 offer websites where users can play sic bo. Bodog88 has a live stream option whereby players play a game that is streamed live from Makati in Manila. There are also various websites that offer comparisons on sic bo statistics for each website. Players should read the rules for each website as different companies have different playing rules. Players who want to experience the game live can visit any local Asian casino, and they are sure to find a table playing the game.
Many players have come up with strategies for playing sic bo that can be divided into three broad categories. The categories are defensive playing, medium risk method and high-risk method. In the defensive playing method, players make simple bets such as Small or Big, and they accumulate wins slowly while also limiting their losses. The medium risk method entails making small combination bets that increase the chance of winning, this strategy is best suited for insiders who have a small to medium sized bankroll. The high-risk method requires players to combine many bets together at once. Some players combine this strategy with betting large amounts of money. Novice players are advised to start with a defensive strategy as they gain more knowledge about the game.

Pros and Cons Associated with Online Casinos with Live Dealers

Casinos are always reinventing themselves. They are always looking for new and exciting means to capture imaginations of the millions of gamblers. In 2017, the in-thing happens to be live online dealers. This is how they work. To start you open an online account with your preferred casino. You top it up with money, and you are all set to start. Alternatively, if you don’t feel confident enough to start placing stakes with your money, you could use the demo accounts.


Next step, you log in to your account and then select your favorite games. In a dramatic shift from the Random Number Generators gamblers used to deal with, here they deal with a real-life person. An actual dealer appears on your screen and takes your bets. You can ask the dealer any questions you have, and they respond in real-time. This makes for one surreal experience. One feels as if they were in Las Vegas and not at their homes. Additionally, there’s an element of trust in dealing with a person instead of getting results from a machine.


• It’s very convenient
• Wide variety of games are available
• Software are user-friendly
• Your security is guaranteed
• Fast payouts
• Excellent customer care
• Countless bonuses and offers available
• Major credit cards accepted


• Your bets are limited
• Video streaming requires high-speed Internet
• Very addictiveWith that said, now let’s look at the top casinos offering the live dealer experience to their online-based customers;


This website features all the favorite games you all love. These include baccarat, roulette, card games, and poker. Customers get rewarded with bonuses among other inviting offers. There’s no deposit required for you start playing. Players can choose to partake in the VIP player programs if they so wish.

William Hill

New customers get a cash welcome bonus upon signing up. William Hill live casino offers a vast plethora of fun games to customers. The dealers at this live casino are fun and very easy-going in nature. Clients have a wide berth of options to use when depositing and withdrawing funds.

BETFRED have live casinos powered by Playtech. Getting started is quite easy and straightforward. One does not even need to download any software. The chat function is enabled, and you can play from your Android devices, iOS smartphones and even on PCs. Users can top up their account using any currency they have. Their support team is fantastic. The portal withdrawal and deposit system accept virtually all of the leading cards.


This established casino is another viable option one could choose. It has all the features meant to give you a superb gambling experience. Users can top up and withdraw from their accounts using Mastercard, Moneybookers, Visa Electron, Neteller, and PayPal.


This casino is trusted by millions of gamblers for their efficiency and transparency. They offer a wide assortment of online live dealer games. The payout is just a day or two at most. The terms and conditions are relaxed and friendly to the users. The site accepts a vast array of credit and debit cards. Recurrent promotions and other sumptuous offers are also a fantastic point of the casino. Bet365 offers its customers an extensive selection of games and other events to place their bets on.

NetBet Live Casino Dealers

The site is powered by state of the art software to ensure a seamless end-user experience. Bonuses are in plenty, and the sexy dealers are fantastic. Tournaments are held regularly for interested gamblers. Users are free to withdraw using any of the leading Visa cards and online merchants like PayPal and Money Bookers.