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Visionary iGaming, one of the most regarded live casino software providers for American audiences, adds a new twist to traditional table games with truly rewarding settings. Among their most popular live casino games is the American Blackjack. Its tables are ever packed courtesy of the Bet Behind feature. The game seems to attract proficient players as they appreciate more the Pairs and Rummy bets, which are unique to this blackjack version.

The American Blackjack is broadcast from live casino studios in Costa Rica where Visionary iGaming owns avant-garde streaming facilities. No player is locked out because the provider ensures there are several tables at any given time. Unlike the standard blackjack game, the American version offers immense entertainment.

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What is Live American Blackjack?

The live American Blackjack is an RNG live dealer online casino game where players compete against a computerized system rather than a live dealer. A 7-player table for the live American Blackjack is managed by electronic dealers. It is characterized by a Surrender feature which allows players to fold their blackjack before drawing subsequent cards. Meanwhile, this live casino game by Visionary iGaming has a remarkable user interface and clean live feed enhance the gamers’ experience as they play from their homes and comfort zones.

The interface boasts a functional design with two viewing modes: classic and full-screen HD. The latter offers an immersive experience as it emphasizes the video stream and the electronic casino live dealer. Classic mode is a mixed style that showcases the gameplay, movement of cards, and minimized scenes of the dealer and blackjack table.

How to Play Live American Blackjack

Some players prefer a loud video stream while others a quiet one. They can make the necessary adjustments using the volume control button. The HD mode comes with additional options for gamers to turn on card animations, auto-stand on 18 or higher, and auto-hit 8 or less. Animations are exciting but those who don’t like glamor may turn them off.

Once a player opens the ViG Live American Blackjack, they have to take a seat by clicking on it. Then they place their chips in the middle of the table which becomes their main bet. A Pairs or Rummy bet is made by placing chips in the top lefthand and righthand corners respectively.

If there is no open seat, the player should select the Bet Behind feature. There is very little one can do with their wagers with the Bet Behind position. Only seated players are allowed to make major decisions. Ideally, those behind the seats gamble on the outcomes of the hands of seated players.

Live American Blackjack Rules

The best live casinos present American Blackjack rules on a pop-out window along with the stakes. The main bet is governed by standard American blackjack rules but uses 6 decks of cards. When a player selects the Surrender option, half of their initial stake is taken back to the stack of cards. They lose the other half to the electronic dealer.

In an open seat, players should place their bets as soon as possible because wagering time is limited to 15 seconds. A timer will be ticking in HD mode, displaying different colors to show how much time is left. Punters will find chip denomination at the lower right-hand corner and can wager up to the maximum number allowed at the table.

Players should keep the following points in mind when playing this RNG variant of Blackjack.

  • The dealer hits on a soft 17
  • It’s okay to double on any bet even after splitting
  • Split Aces are dealt one card
  • There are three side bets: Bet Behind, Pairs, and Rummy
  • Betting insurance rarely pays off

As noted above players can bet with the Pairs and Rummy side bets. The Rummy bet is synonymous with a standard 21+3 side bet. It is indicated by three cards on the right while the Pairs bet is labeled by two cards on the left side of live casinos.

Live American Blackjack Payouts

The payout or RTP (Return to Player) ratio provides a rough idea of what blackjack players should expect. The RTP figures are only theoretical but it is important to know them- the higher the better. The Pair bet in Live American Blackjack has odds of winning in the ratio of 11:1. The player wins a bet if their first pair of dealt cards is identical. On the other hand, a Rummy bet has a probability of 9:1. It wins when the player’s first pair of cards and the dealer’s first card feature a perfect suit, similar ranking, or a three-card straight.

The main bet has a fairly high RTP of 99.31% RTP, though it’s a bit low compared to the most competitive tables at the best live casinos. In terms of percentages, the Rummy and Pairs bets have average RTPs of 95.86% and 93.89% respectively. Beginners are advised to avoid these side bets until they gain considerable skill sets.

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