October 24, 2022

Ezugi Targets the Thai Market with the Release of EZ Dealer Roulette

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Ezugi, part of the Evolution Group, is not a new name in the competitive live casino world . The company is known for its innovative and entertaining live casino games targeting the broad Asian market. 

Ezugi Targets the Thai Market with the Release of EZ Dealer Roulette

On August 31, 2022, Ezugi announced the debut of EZ Dealer Roulette in Thai. As the name suggests, this live roulette game is presented in the Thai language by a famous Thai presenter. It offers an excellent live-like video presentation that captures the core essence of this beautiful and classic casino table game. 

EZ Dealer Roulette uses traditional European Roulette rules. In other words, the game is played on a roulette table with 36 numbered pockets and a single zero pocket. The objective also remains the same; to predict the correct number after the ball lands. Note that the game uses a pre-recorded video and a random number generator to select the winning numbers. 

A no-live Dealer Roulette Game

Ezugi’s Business Development Director, Pang Goh, was full of praise for this brand-new release. The official said that EZ Dealer Roulette uses a pre-recorded video, making it perfect for gambling markets where live dealing is illegal. He continued that the company will soon add more languages to EZ Dealer Roulette, which is the first version. 

“When it comes to providing innovative localized content, we always look to take a “first-to-market” approach, delivering modern and sophisticated services. We provide genuine, tailor-made game formats with native language-speaking dealers, to enhance the gameplay’s attractiveness and capture a player’s continuing attention. EZ Dealer Roulette is another step forward in providing our partners with a broad portfolio of games that make them stand out from the competition.” Pang Goh said.

Ezugi will deliver this live roulette experience to players in a stunningly created environment. The game uses a modern, simple-to-use, and well-thought-out interface. The developer also adds live statistics to complete the game. 

A Brief Overview of EZ Dealer Roulette

Apart from the Thai presentation, what’s so different about this new live roulette release? Not much! The game has a 97.30% RTP, which is the standard rate for all roulette games using European rules. The minimum/maximum bets players can place in EZ Dealer Roulette is 0.10 to 1,000 credits. 

The game starts with a betting round which lasts for around 15 seconds. Technically, you’ll be playing with many other players on the table, unlike first-person roulette games. So, all players will see similar outcomes and statistics. By the way, the in-game stats can help you track the hot and cold roulette numbers. 

Regarding the bet types, players can place inside wagers like straight-up, street, corner, line, and split. You can also place outside bets like dozen/column, red/black, odd/even, and high/low. The straight-up bet pays out the most at 35:1. Playing EZ Dealer Roulette is nothing new if you’ve played a roulette game before. 

Ezugi Also Strengthens its Poker Collection

On August 10, Ezugi announced the addition of Royal Poker to its online poker collection. It’s a unique game that’s popular in Eastern and Central Europe. Royal Poker allows players to play against the casino and make multiple favorable decisions. For example, gamers can buy an extra sixth card and get insurance for a stronger hand. 

Players can also buy the dealer an additional card to help them qualify. The dealer needs nothing less than an Ace + King to qualify. But the game’s objective remains to create a 5-card poker hand stronger than the dealer’s. Royal Poker streams from Ezugi’s state-of-the-art studio, managed by highly trained and professional dealers. 

Pang Goh said Royal Poker gives players who want to play against the house something different. The official said Royal Poker adds new choices to this classic card game and adds an extra layer of challenges and complexities. Goh expressed confidence that poker players would love this unique experience.

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