Ezugi launches live dealer games in Lithuania



Ezugi , which is an incredible live dealer provider worldwide, realized the latest step in the brand’s global expansion strategy after ensuring a game certification in order to go live in Lithuania . They’re definitely trying to grow across the world in regulated markets, Ezugi, which is part of Evolution Gaming Group since 201 9, becomes the first live dealer to launch in this country.

Ezugi launches live dealer games in Lithuania

Several titles will become available

Making sure that its suite of titles will be live with many operators then the games certified for launch include live variations of roulette, baccarat and blackjack, with several more titles and variants that are due to be approved.

This brand targeted the jurisdiction because of the huge potential in the market since live casino keeps gathering popularity with players worldwide. Certification came after testing standards were successfully met. This certification that was done in Lithuania came rapidly after Ezugi secured approvals from regulators on the Isle of Man as well as in Estonia and Bulgaria.

Thoughts from business people

Pang Goh, who is the busines development at Ezugi, said that they’re completely thrilled to have secured certification and will be completed many launched in the upcoming weeks with their key partners. Their team has done a remarkable work regarding ensuring that their game meet all the standards that are set by the regulator, which makes them confident of their ability to actually meet them.

To obtain approvals in regulated markets across the world is what makes gives this brand motivation regarding their growth strategy and their most recent certification marks their arrival as the leading live dealer provider. They see an enormous potential in Lithuania and believe that live dealer will become significant as the market keeps to grow and mature.

The intelligence of Ezugi

As always, Ezugi was very smart and made it. They are now the number one in Lithuania when it comes to distributing live dealer games in this country, which is an enormous advantage. They provide for multiple online casinos, which is natural since they’re the only brand in Lithuania who has these types of games. Fortunately, they’re incredibly smart and took a chance which was the right one.

The opportunity was there and Ezugi took it, which was very important since they managed to be the first live dealer in Lithuania this way. Ezugi was highly smart to do this and they definitely have an incredible team behind.

Ezugi’s new golden era

It’s obvious that Ezugi is now managing to grow even more and, hopefully, they will find new markets where they can be the first to launch their live games, which can be a huge deal. These games have an incredible quality and are definitely high-end, which makes it even better. So, delivering them to new online casinos all over the world to regulated markets it’s something good for Ezugi and for players.

There’s an opportunity to have this brand’s name across the world, which is easier when you have such high-quality and high-end games like it. Online casinos will benefit from having Ezugi’s live games and that’s something very important nowadays, where there are so many providers.

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