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Every day there are new releases in the live casino sector. Live casino software providers are working day in day out to ensure they meet the dynamic needs of casino players. SA Gaming is among the most reliable software developers for live dealer online casinos.

Among the best-selling casino games live by this top software provider is the Live Dragon Tiger Shanghai. This game has become a customers' favorite in live casinos due to its high RTP and a favorable minimum bet. The casino live dealer can be accessed either through mobile phones or desktop devices and relies on a robust platform that is a player-favorite among Asian punters.

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What is Live Dragon Tiger Shanghai

Live Dragon Tiger Shanghai is a live casino game that is common in Asian countries and gaming sites. The highly played game was designed by SA Gaming, a software provider that has built a strong reputation in the live casino sector since it was founded in 2009. The 4-star game has earned a high rating mainly due to its top design and sound, unmatched streaming quality, interactivity, and most of all, its favorable win potential. Being a game with an international fan base, it has enabled popular languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi. Players do not enjoy side bets here and can access the live casino game on devices with android or windows operating systems. Card game enthusiasts refer to the game as 'the two-card baccarat version.'

How to Play Live Dragon Tiger Shanghai

This is one of the simplest card games players can encounter. It is characterized by fast game rounds and instant payouts. Live Dragon Tiger Shanghai is played using 8 decks. Each deck has 52 cards; jokers are not used.

Players are given some time to place their wagers before the rounds commence. After the betting stage, the host deals one card each to both the Tiger and the Dragon hands. Points are awarded after the first draw. Players are given 20 seconds to make a betting decision. Betting in this live casino game is quite simple because it involves three decisions which are Tiger, Dragon, or a Tie.

Among the two cards, the one with the highest value wins. If neither hand has a higher figure, the game is settled as a draw. In case of such a scenario, players who have staked on either win receive a 50% refund of their stake.

Side Bets

With the absence of side bets, a player’s options are narrowed. The live dealer in this SA Gaming live casino game does not play any of the hands, Tiger of Dragon. Their sole responsibility is to deal cards and announce the side with the highest points. Cards here have different values with the King having the highest figure of 13 and an Ace being the lowest card with a value of one.

Rules and Tips of Live Dragon Tiger Shanghai

Having only two possible bets in this game, it is difficult to have sure tips to ensure a win. Despite this, some tricks have been known to work. Experienced players advise it is best to avoid the tie option. The bet has an 8:1 chance, making it attractive. Still, with the large wins that may be reaped from this, the chances of losing are very high.

Also, players should avoid relying on betting systems in this live casino game. To have a better chance at it, it is recommended to use the suit-based strategy. There are no special rules applied during the game rounds. Provided players guess which spot to wager on and let the dealer do the dealing. Also, no complex skills are required to play.

Live Dragon Tiger Shanghai Payouts

Live Dragon Tiger Shanghai by SA Gaming has a payout of 96.27% which is relatively high assuring some good return for gamblers. The Tiger and Dragon bets have many similarities and have uniform chances of winning. This means that the payouts for each attract an equal amount of money.

A tie bet in this game has a low return to player which is at 67.23%. When placing a bet with this game, the minimum bet to use is $1 and a maximum of $500. Half of the bet is saved in case the player bets on Dragon or Tiger and the Tie wins. This means a tie has 50% insurance on the stake. The Dragon bet has a payout of 1:1, similar to that of a Tiger bet. If a player opts for the tie option, they stand a chance of 8 to 1.

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