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Pragmatic Play is committed to delivering leading-edge online gaming products and is excited to launch Who Wants To Be A Millionaire across their live casino network. Through partnerships with world-class picture production companies, the developer has designed an interactive studio for a more exciting real-time show of the much-loved Roulette. The new game is based on Live Roulette with a multiplier feature. This guide defines Who Wants To Be A Millionaire by Pragmatic Play, its rules, and potential winnings.

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What is Who Wants To Be A Millionaire by Pragmatic Play (Live Version)?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (WWTBAM) by software provider Pragmatic Play is the first live dealer online casino game to constitute bonus rounds that are activated when the roulette ball lands in uniquely designated pockets of the wheel. It is developed by top live casino software providers, including Pragmatic Play. The gameplay has some elements of Quantum Roulette, where players gather multipliers that can go as high as 2000x.

During the real-time betting session, punters accumulate multipliers when they make correct predictions. The more they accumulate, the higher they climb up the ladder, and the greater the potential winnings will be. The classic ‘Millionaire’ soundtrack gives a suspenseful atmosphere as players spin for their chance at winning $1M.

Despite being a table game, WWTBAM Roulette offers the same level of volatility as slots from the best live casinos. Table game and slot fans will enjoy this innovative cross-over product.

How to Play Who Wants To Be A Millionaire by Pragmatic Play

Punters can only win multipliers or enter the Millionaire Rounds with inside bets. There are six types of inside bets namely:

  1. Line bet: An equivalent of two Street bets, covering six numbers in a row.
  2. Basket bet: A specialized bet where the chip must be placed at the intersection of 0 and the first row. It covers numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3.
  3. Corner bet: Covers four numbers, whereby the chip must land on the intersection of the four numbers
  4. Street bet: Covers three numbers in a row
  5. Split bet: Covers any two neighboring numbers. Each number has a probability of winning half the main stake
  6. Straight-up bet: Covers the entire number on the grid and has odds of 29:1

The Gameplay Sequence

  • The player places their bet(s) on the grid and the casino live dealer spins the roulette wheel
  • If the ball hits a Millionaire Number, the player who had bet on it moves up the ladder. If it misses a Millionaire Number, a life is lost
  • The croupier announces the end of the betting round
  • The casino selects Millionnaire Numbers randomly and the wheel spins again
  • The player is granted a multiplier or a bonus round when the ball hits any of their Millionnaire Numbers.
  • Suppose the ball lands on 0 or 00: The punter continues to play with the bonus round and gets paid before the next session

Basic Rules of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Roulette

As noted earlier, a player climbs the ladder to reach higher levels. At levels five and ten, they attain Safety Nets and enjoy 10x and 320x multipliers accordingly. At this point, the player will have gained multiple lives and is entitled to payouts equal to or greater than the Safety Net level.

Whoever loses their last life before getting to level 5 loses the entire game. Losing a life between levels 5 and 10 guarantees a 10x. Similarly, a loss between level 10 and level 15 translates to a 320x. Punters are allowed to withdraw winnings at any level as long as they still have one last life.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Payouts

The aforementioned steps are similar to playing European Roulette in live casinos. But the extra Millionnaire Numbers set apart WWTBAM Roulette from the European version. These numbers enhance payouts with exclusive prizes or a series of extra game rounds when the ball lands on special pockets. When the ball lands somewhere other than the Millionnaire numbers, the player is paid according to the standards payout table if they managed to predict the correct winning number.

WWTBAM bets have different RTPs (potential winning with respect to the bet amount or multiplier). Here’s an overview.

  1. Line bet: 16.67%
  2. Basket and Corner bets: 25%
  3. Street bet: 33.33%
  4. Split bet: 50%
  5. Straight-up bet: 100% of the stake

All live casino games have a consistent overall RTP and so is the WWTBAM Roulette. The expected returns are 97.29%. The figure includes all the regular bets plus the Millionaire round wins. It should be noted that the odds may fluctuate during the Millionnaire Game rounds, so there’s a possibility to win less than 97.29%. One way to boost the returns is to leverage the bonus feature.

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