Italy to Fast-Track Gambling Reforms to Fix the Retail Sector



Benard Maumo

Lawmakers in Italy have been urged to fast-track a bill seeking to bring about the much-anticipated reforms in the land-based gambling industry. In mid-March, Italy's Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, and her cabinet approved a proposal which was then presented to Parliament on April 20. The mandate seeks to reorganize the country's gambling sector by using constitutionally binding laws and uniform standards throughout all Italian provinces. 

Italy to Fast-Track Gambling Reforms to Fix the Retail Sector

The government aims to gradually move land-based gaming establishments, like casinos, sports betting shops, arcades, and bingo halls, to safe and regulated areas. The idea is to move these establishments from places such as schools, youth centers, and welfare facilities.

In addition, the proposal prioritizes secure gambling, compelling businesses to guarantee the complete safety of problem gamblers. These encompass decreasing stake limits and payouts and regularly training concessionaires, live dealers, and operators compulsory. Operators will also need to improve their self-exclusion systems.

Meanwhile, for licensed casino operators, the bill may seek to change gaming taxes, dealer fees, payout percentages, and concessionaire commissions. 

This is the third time in 8 years that the Italian government is looking to reform its gambling laws. The government is committed to safe gambling, thus pushing ahead with the 'Meloni Government' model, based on police authorization and state concession.

The law will need approval from 12 parliamentary committees, including:

  • Finance
  • Constitutional Affairs
  • Productive Activities
  • Labor

Treasury Deputy Minister Maurizio Leo is spearheading the adoption of the reforms. The minister is upbeat that the reforms will get the green light from the parliamentarians in the early stages of 2024. If approved, the Italian government will proceed to draft the necessary decrees.

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