Evolution Gaming Partners Up With QTech



Evolution Gaming has definitely stepped up its game now that they have partnered up with Qtech Games. This means that their worldwide footprint has grown, which is something very good for this brand and it was one of their goals for 2021. This agreement is one of the best they could have made and it will surely bring them a lot of happiness along the years, especially when it comes to give Evolution and also Qtech plenty of clients.

Evolution Gaming Partners Up With QTech

Qtech’s improved platform capabilities

Under the terms of the arrangement made between QTech and Evolution Gaming, QTech has further improved its platform’s capabilities, with the content suite from Evolution that they put available for their clients and also for their players.

This partnership will see the distribution, through the QTech platform, of classic games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette and even 3-card poker to regional preferred games such as India’s Andar Bahar. This is surely a great advantage for those who want to play these games and, obviously, for those who are interested in trying new ones. Besides, there are plenty of players who always want to try new games, so it’s perfect for this platform to have all types of games included.

Incredible live-dealer portfolio

CCO at QTech Games, Ulf Norder stated that they’re very happy to have a partnership with Evolution Gaming. It’s obvious that their stunning live-dealer portfolio needs no introduction. The QTech Games is integrated with the greatest games from the world’s top providers – and Evolution is now part of that group, thankfully.

It is obvious that there’s a massive opportunity when it comes to the revenue for operators because of the fact that live casino remains an exciting sector in its own. Seamless integration equips QTech clients with best-in-breed live games for their in-end users.

There are also unrivalled customization option, dedicated tables and native dealers who will speak other languages besides English to make it easier for other people to play. Besides, this is what the market needs. There is definitely a huge growth regarding casino vertical although there’s the pandemic going on nowadays, and QTech can’t wait to see how these games will perform across a range of new markets.

Platform for each country

With mobile apps, comprehensive reporting and also marketing tools, plus 24/7 local language support, QTech’s platform is localized for each country. This agreement is surely praised by Evolution as offering regarding as it is a boost to its global ambitions.

A spokesperson from Evolution said that this deal definitely broadens Evolution’s international scope, since it unlocks untapped markets in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. The brand has a commitment to deliver engaging live-player experiences for customers, who absolutely love these games, the thrill of playing in a real-world casino, all while QTech’s peerless localized expertise is the perfect fit for Evolution.

QTech is a pioneer regarding the distribution across Asia and other regions, so it’s completely natural for Evolution to look forward to see how their games connect with different and diverse audience sets. Evolution is always creating innovative and exciting content for their players in order to offer the best experience.

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