Melbet has been named among the most trusted gambling platforms in 2021



Katrin Becker

Melbet, a gaming platform established in 2021, has been listed at the rate of most credible and trusted platforms. Such a high rate was mostly the result of the players` activity during the recent UEFA EURO 2020.

Melbet has been named among the most trusted gambling platforms in 2021

According to the existing data, the platform was among the most popular and top-rated among active football fans as well as casual gamblers during the period. The rate has considered both the publics activity and traffic towards the platforms official website, as well as the number of search results and references to the platform on related websites and feedback hosting.

The Features of Melbet

One of Melbet`s distinctive features is that the platform offers its customers some advance bonus options as well as the most popular welcome bonuses. Moreover, the incentive is usually a 100% return on the total deposit.

Melbet has also recently introduced the specially-developed mobile app, which has significantly broaden players` possibilities and options. Moreover, the platform has provided special welcome bonuses for mobile app users, even those who have been registered in the system through the traditional desktop option.

The company famous for its advanced marketing strategy in the live online casino industry has recently adopted an innovative approach offering its affiliates an opportunity to collaborate directly with the company promoting it through their social media and YouTube channels.

Such an approach is quite popular in the online casino industry. However, most brands prefer collaboration with massive bloggers and influencers.

As long as the recent trends of social media marketing have demonstrated the promotion through microbloggers appears to be more efficient than the traditional commercial purchase from professionals, Melbet managed to benefit most from the trend promoting their services and letting regular players and experienced enthusiasts collaborate with the brand directly.

The recent recognition of Melbet as one of the most popular online betting platforms is the direct result of such policy and innovative approach to digital marketing.


Melbet is a platform that is widely known for its user-friendly and customer-oriented policy. Above all, Melbet is widely known about gamblers as a bookmaker that stays legit corresponding to the local gambling legislation in every country it operates.

All those features combined with comprehensive websites and complimentary mobile apps have gained Melbet the status it has obtained by results of the recent most significant sports gambling events, including the long-anticipated UEFA EURO 2020.

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