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Announcement of the Sportsbooks Platform of Alpha Affiliates to Gunsbet Casino



Katrin Becker

Alpha affiliates are arguably one of the biggest Casino affiliate programs that work with only the top-ranked casino. They started their journey from the start of 2021. And to this day, the company is known to represent some of the best online casinos out there.

Announcement of the Sportsbooks Platform of Alpha Affiliates to Gunsbet Casino

And in the middle of May, they rolled out the sportsbook platform for the very first time to Gunsbet Casino. The sportsbook launch was a big decision for the company but a fruitful one.

The affiliate manager of the company, Valeria Mukhina has explained that everyone wants to keep all the options and benefits under one roof. And this made them go forward with the plan and create the perfect marriage between sportsbook and casino here in Gunsbet.

Upon further inspection, it is clear that Alpha affiliates plan on launching new brands very soon, in addition to the brand, Roku, Savarona, and Evospin released in 2021.

The Gunsbet casinos were running on the famous online casino platform named Softswiss. Reacher at Softswiss shows that users had to switch between online casinos and sports betting at times. This made the situation complicated and full of a hassle for the players. And with the launch of the sportsbook platform, the player can now enjoy the uninterrupted switch between sports betting and online casino games.

To make the experience more seamless for players, they can now use only one account to manage all the finance of the casino slots, sporting events, and live games in all the OS platforms like IOS, Android, and Windows.

They are slowly going through all the feedback they are getting from the customers. And with demand, they also plan on expanding the sportsbook solution and add it to other existing or new brands in the future.

Future In Other Regions

As online casinos are very popular all over the world, the affiliate partners are aiming to offer more sites in various parts of the world with native languages. Valeria Mukhina also stated that the main priority target for the moment is the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking regions. They also have a keen interest in India.

Even though the pandemic prevents many live events for the moment, they plan on offering the players unique events and betting solutions.

And with the betting option for over 60 unique sports and more than 1200 marketers, they are sure to see massive development in the near future.

AUTHORKatrin Becker

I always dreamt about writing ever since I was a little girl. Growing up on the DDR border to West Germany I was curious about ‘the other side’. I knew nothing about gambling and casinos, I had never heard the words ‘slot machine’ or ‘baccarat’ . It was all foreign to me, but after the reunification I found a job as a writer for a German Casino. I was tasked with writing game instructions and later on the casino's own weekly letters, and I was hooked. The atmosphere really suited me and what I was about. There is something so liberating about casinos and it’s all about having fun! I found the game of roulette thrilling and poker nerve-racking, few places of work can offer either of those feelings. As casinos moved online, I found myself busier than ever. There is always something new to write about, and I am excited to see where the next 10 Years have installed for the Casino industry.
Best gambling quote: “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.”
Favorite Casino Game: Baccarat

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