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Evolution Gaming has chosen to tweak its familiar gaming interface to accommodate the new form of dice game in Super Sic Bo. The game is divided into two primary sections, one of which is a digitally produced betting arrangement and the other of which is a specialized video feed.

The virtual betting table is located at the bottom of the screen, where players can place all of their bets. These are available in various sizes, with a banner displaying the betting time. Individuals may also view previous rounds' results and the percentage of small, big, and even triple wins in the game.

What is Live Super Sic Bo?How Does Super Sic Bo Work?How to Play Live Super Sic BoLive Super Sic Bo Payouts
What is Live Super Sic Bo?

What is Live Super Sic Bo?

Evolution Gamings Live Super Sic Bo is a casino live dealer Sic Bo game released in 2016. The video stream from the studio where the game is played takes up most of the screen in the game. Punters have a clear view of the dealer, the table, and the dice at all times. Whenever participants desire, they can change the camera angle.

There is no music in this live dealer online casino game. Instead, players hear the sound of the dice tumbling inside the container. Participants hear the dealer speaking to them throughout the game. Also, one can communicate with dealers using the live chat feature as common with major games from top live casino software providers.

It's an upgrade of the traditional Sic Bo. The gameplay and some rules are still similar. Still, the most glaring difference is the inclusion of multipliers that pay up to 1000x. Gamblers have to be thrilled with this feature since it offers the opportunity to land substantial cashouts.

What is Live Super Sic Bo?
How Does Super Sic Bo Work?

How Does Super Sic Bo Work?

The game's objective is to land the perfect combination between the three dice. The live Sic Bo table details all these dice combinations and might look overwhelming to the novice player. Since there are no limits placed, punters can wager as many combinations as they wish. Players can wager on any single number to appear, the total of the three dice, two particular numbers to appear, or any number combination. The amount payable is based on probability.

There are different Super Sic Bo bets that players can make. Here are some of the common wagers.

How Does Super Sic Bo Work?
How to Play Live Super Sic Bo

How to Play Live Super Sic Bo

The player begins by wagering on one or more betting options on the layout at the live casinos. The betting arrangement is relatively straightforward, with all corresponding rewards indicated, even though there are several options. Once the bets are complete, the dice are shaken in a unique glass container, which adds to the suspense while waiting for the numbers to show. At this moment, the betting period ends, and the dice are shown after a few seconds. The objective is to forecast the roll's outcome.

The Rules of Live Super Sic Bo

Small Bets expect a total of no more than ten, while Big Bets predict eleven or more. Although these are even money, a Triple outcome loses the wager regardless of the total. Odd or Even is another even money bet that predicts whether the three dice's total outcome is odd or even. On a Triple, the bet also loses.

A Total Bet selection ranges from four to seventeen. Players win when the overall result matches their guess. The probability of the outcome determines this payout. Single bets predict that one of the dice shows a number between one and six. The payment is enhanced when two or three dice appear with the same number. At least two dice display the same number according to double estimates. Players could, for instance, bet on a double two or double four.

When the outcome is a triple, the payouts stay the same. Triple means "three similars," such as "triple 2," "triple 6," and so on. Any Triple wins regardless of the dice outcomes when the result is a triple. Combination selects a specific two-die combination from fifteen possibilities.

What is Essential to Consider Playing this Live Game?

Live Super Sic Bo is a traditional Asian game with a modern touch available at Evolution-powered best live casinos. The multiplier, which may go up to a thousand times, is a new feature introduced with this edition of the Sic Bo game. The game is aired on daily basis from Evolution's major studio in Riga, Latvia, hosted by English-speaking dealers.

Super Sic Bo may not be as famous as other casino games live, but the Evolution version with random multipliers appears appealing. They give players additional excitement and the chance to win large prizes. It features HD images and crystal-clear sounds, and two different views – broad and close-up – for players to fully experience the gameplay.

How to Win at Super Sic Bo: Super Sic Bo Strategy

Since Super Sic Bo is a game of luck, gamblers cannot rely on a specific strategy. The multipliers are randomly assigned, and winning them is dependent on chance.

One strategy that some gamblers use is staking two bets. One of the wagers is safer, while the other one plays for solid wins. These bets are still risky since players can either win or lose both bets. The vital thing to keep in mind while playing is that the house edge slightly favors the house.

How to Play Live Super Sic Bo
Live Super Sic Bo Payouts

Live Super Sic Bo Payouts

The RTP in Super Sic Bo varies from 95.02 percent to 97.22 percent, depending on which bet users place. Compared to conventional live table Sic Bo, the payouts are slightly lower across the board. Also, keep in mind that these are the base payouts, not multipliers.

The game has a minimum bet of 0.20 USD and a maximum bet of 2,500 USD. It is playable on both desktop and mobile devices and adds a twist to the traditional live Sic Bo formula.

Players are advised to stick to even money bets like Small or Big and Even or Odd for the most consistent Live Super Sic Bo strategy for regular returns. However, it isn't fascinating and does not use the multiplier feature. Players can hedge their bets, covering as much of the betting table as possible in Live Super Sic Bo. It is also important to strike a balance between doing so and not squandering too much money on stakes.

Big and Small Bets

Players can gamble on the total of the three dice being big (between 11 to 17) or being small (4 to 10). 3 and 18 are missing because the big and small bet loses whenever the triple appears. Because they are even chance bets, they pay 1:1.

Odd and Even

In an odd and even bet, a player predicts whether the sum of the three dice will be even or odd. Both the odd and evens pay 1:1.


Totals are bets placed on a specific number being the total of the three dice. The payout is dependent on the number selected.

Single, Double, and Triple Wagers

These bets are based on individual dice as opposed to the cumulative sum of the three dice.

Live Super Sic Bo Payouts


Everything you need to know about casinos

When was Super Sic Bo invented?

Super Sic Bo was launched in 2019.

Which gaming provider powers Super Sic Bo?

Evolution Gaming launched and continues to power this game.

What bets and odds are available?

The odds vary depending on the type of bet. Common bets include big, small, even, odd, totals, singles, triples, and doubles.