Best Blackjack Live Casinos in Macau

Live Casino Blackjack is a popular online game in Macau, a special administrative region of China known for its vibrant gambling scene. In this game, players can enjoy the thrill of playing blackjack with a live dealer in real-time, from the comfort of their own homes.

One interesting fact about Live Casino Blackjack in Macau is that it is often played using a special set of rules known as Macau-style blackjack. This version of the game allows players to surrender their hand and receive half of their bet back, even after the dealer has checked for blackjack.

Another unique feature of Live Casino Blackjack in Macau is the use of a multi-deck shoe, which can contain up to eight decks of cards. This makes the game more challenging and unpredictable, as players must keep track of a larger number of cards and potential outcomes.

Overall, Live Casino Blackjack is a fun and exciting way for players in Macau to experience the thrill of blackjack without having to leave their homes. With its special rules and multi-deck shoe, this game offers a unique and challenging experience that is sure to keep players coming back for more.

Best Blackjack Live Casinos in Macau
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Rules and Regulations

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in Macau. According to the law of Macau, blackjack is allowed to be played in a live casino only if the gambling house has an official license. The rules in Macauā€™s live casinos vary from one house to another. In most of the live casino rooms, the following rules apply: the dealer must stand on soft 17, the player must hit on all hands of eleven or less, the player can split two cards of the same rank, and the player can double down on the first two cards only. There is usually a maximum of two splits allowed in each hand.

House Edge

Live casinos in Macau have a house edge of 1.5% to 2.5%, depending on the specific rules that are in effect. The house edge refers to the fact that the casino always has a built-in advantage that can't be beaten in the long run. This means that even though the player may win in the short-term, the casino will eventually start to take the player's money back over time.

Social Aspects

Live blackjack in Macau offers a unique social experience. The game is played with real dealers, and players can interact with them while they are playing. Players can also talk to each other during the game, often making it a fun and sociable experience. Players can also take part in side bets, which adds to the excitement and can potentially increase the player's winnings.

Live Casino Bonuses

Many of the live casinos in Macau offer special bonuses and promotions to attract new players. These can include sign-up bonuses, cashback offers, reload bonuses, and other promotions. Players should take advantage of these bonuses to help increase their chances of winning.


Live blackjack in Macau is an exciting experience that offers players the chance to take part in a thrilling game of chance. The game offers a unique social experience, with players able to interact with the dealer and other players. It also has a low house edge, giving players the chance to turn a profit. Meanwhile, players should also take advantage of bonuses and promotions offered by live casinos in Macau to increase their chances of winning.