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Live Football Studio

Live Football Studio

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Looking at the different games that are offered by live casinos and betting sites, the least one can say is that no day, no matter how complicated it may be, has any chance of being boring. Let's take the Live Football Studio as an example. It's almost certain that some people are wondering if it's a real game you can bet on. The answer is positive, but it begs another question. What is this game?

What is Live Football Studio?

Those who are interested in the games offered in Asian casinos will undoubtedly have the sensation of seeing a familiar game. They will not be wrong. The Live Football Studio features several highlights from the Evolution Gaming Live Dragon Tiger. The main difference between the two is that the emphasis here is on soccer. This game was developed for a European audience, so it is not surprising that it is based on the most popular sport on the continent. But what is Live Football Studio? Live Football Studio is a card game with rules so simple that they will seem childish. No need to bet and wait for the results of a game. It's a classic card game with some specific features.

How to play Live Football Studio?

The game starts with a series of bets. You will have the choice between the following options: a draw, away win or home win. Once the bets are made, the dealer deals the cards. Both are open, one is placed in the "Home" position, the other in the "Away" position. The card with the highest value wins. If the player has bet for the position it is in, he wins. It's as simple as that.

Live Football Studio rules

Given the extreme simplicity of the game, it is difficult, if not almost impossible, to talk about rules. The only thing that comes to mind is the ranking of the cards. The card with the highest value is the Ace. Next come the King, Queen and Jack. The rest of the cards are ranked according to their numerical values. The dealer may draw two cards of the same suit, the same symbol or different suits, but it is of no importance. The only thing that matters in the game is the value associated with each card.

How does Live Football Studio work?

The principles are relatively simple, that's why we'll focus on the odds. There are only three of them. And as already mentioned above, the gambler can bet for "Home", "Away" or Draw. If the first two options are easy to understand, the question arises what a draw is. It's elementary! If the value of the card in "Home" is the same as the value of the card in "Away", it's a draw.

What about the odds? The cheapest odds are from "Home" and "Away". They are only 1:1. There is no chance to win fortunes with these two. The most interesting bet, but also the most risky is the draw. It is quite rare that the dealer deals two cards of the same value, and this eventuality is so unusual that the odds are 11:1.

How to win at Live Football Studio: Live Football Studio Strategy

It is quite normal to look for ways to optimize gambling to avoid unnecessary financial losses. It works with many casino games and even some online video games. However, the situation is completely different for Live Football Studio. Although it is easy to play, it is also one of the most random games that can be played. No strategy will work in this case, the player can only rely on luck.

How can you summarize what Live Football Studio?


It is a casino game, a card game easy to play.

In what year did Live Football Studio first appear?


Live Football Studio is relatively young. It first appeared in 2018, just before the Soccer World Cup in Russia.

What are the bets in Live Football Studio?


Home - 1:1 Away - 1:1 Draw - 11:1.

How many cards do participants play with?


Two! One in "Home" and one in "Away".

Quick casino facts

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