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Ultimate Sic Bo by Ezugi is a new version of Ezugi Sic Bo that has been designed to multiply winning positions up to 1000 times a player’s bet. This live casino game uses tables and a dealer, similar to other standard casino games. It is an Asian dice game that is played using three dice. The dice are shaken and cast to rest on a glass dome. The objective in this live dealer online casino game is to bet on which number on every dice will be displayed facing up once the dice rests. Several outcomes give live casino players a variety of betting options. Gamblers can wager on the outcome of one dice or even mixed combinations of the three.

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What Is Ultimate Sic Bo?

Ultimate Sic Bo by Ezugi is a popular casino game in Asian live casinos that can be played on a PC or a mobile device. The game, an upgraded version of Sic Bo, has additional multipliers and paytables as the most notable difference. The dice game can be accessed at top online live casinos offering quality gaming.

It is an exciting game to wager on because players’ anticipation when watching the dice brings the suspense and thus the fun aspect of the game. Based on live casino game enthusiasts' reviews, it is right to say that there are no specific strategies that enhance players' chances at the game. The multipliers incorporated in the new version of the game are an exciting feature that has increased the game's thrill. It has become popular among players as they love the new feature.

How to Play Ultimate Sic Bo

This best live casino game released in 2021 by top live casino software providers Ezugi is available on mobiles and desktops and has introduced a new twist to the normal dice-throwing formulae. Multipliers have ensured the game retains its exciting nature and volatility without compromising on the return-to-player rate.

Ultimate Sic Bo has an outstanding design with a simplistic design user interface that makes the live casino game friendly to new players. Physical dice rolled using mechanical shakers are meant to ensure fair play. Also, there are configurable roadmaps that help in tracking hot/cold numbers and statistics from previous games.

Placing Bets

When taking part in a gaming round, one can be sure seats are not limitated and it can be played round-the-clock. The minimum stake required to play here is $0.50. Once a player launches the game, A Ultimate Sic Bo betting table will appear. With every game round, there's a 20-second interval meant to allow the player to place bets. The time is enough to bet on preferred combinations. Bets are dealt and resolved efficiently ensuring there is no downtime. It has a quality design that offers a relatively fast pace.

While playing this live casino game, one can look out for some tips that can boost winning chances. It is good to try and cover as many outcomes as possible. While maximizing the number of outcomes, players should be keen not to drain their balances. Balancing the outcomes and bankrolls is key to having a smooth Ultimate Sic Bo experience.

The Rules of Ultimate Sic Bo

The live casino game has simple rules that are easy to master. It revolves around casting dice which may vary in number and the players make predictions on the likely face-up value. A mechanical shaker conducts the roll and the host announces the results. Players receive guidance to avoid being stuck considering the playtime is little and has fast rounds.

The bets that one can place in this game include Small/Big, Odd/Even, Total, Single, Double, Triple, Any Triple, and Combinations. It is necessary to understand these options before engaging to avoid unnecessary losses. For example, Small/Big predicts whether the sum of the three dice is bigger or smaller than 10 while Odd/Even predicts the nature of the total dice number, whether odd or even.

Ultimate Sic Bo Payouts

Payouts in Ultimate Sic Bo are determined by multipliers. Base payouts are given to wins that do not have a multiplier. The type of bet determines the maximum possible payout. When the base payout of a specific bet is high, then the multiplier is likely to be high. Generally, the game has an RTP of 97.22%.

For individual bets like Small/Big and Odd/Even, the base and maximum payout are 1:1. The double bet has a base payout of 8:1 while the maximum payout stands at 87:1. In the triple bet, players enjoy a base payout of 150:1 and a maximum payout of 999:1. For the Any Triple bet, the base RTP is 30 to 1 and the maximum is 87 to 1.

The increased number of betting options significantly increases the amount and number of payouts that players can get in a single gaming round. It is, however, important to take time and learn about the betting combinations while not playing this fast-paced game.

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