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VIP and high roller live dealer online casino players have tons of options when it comes to blackjack. However, only a few of those options compare to Live Diamond VIP Blackjack by Evolution Gaming. Streamed from the provider's Latvian and UK studios, this title is a haven for thrill-seeking players who appreciate a luxurious gaming atmosphere and professional casino dealers. And what else could be said of a product from one of the leading live casino software providers? Of course, it goes without mentioning that Diamond VIP Blackjack is streamed from multiple HD camera angles.

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What is Live Diamond VIP Blackjack?

Live Diamond VIP Blackjack by Evolution is a popular title found at the best live casinos. With a minimum betting limit of $1,000, the game's concept lies right in its name; it is exclusively designed for the VIP crowd. The title plays in a high-end gaming environment painted in gold and crimson, and it features a VIP casino live dealer with just appropriate mannerisms. However, in casino live table games like blackjack, the rules remain the same no matter the variant; players can still double down on their initial two cards, split their hand if they have the same value, and see the croupier drawing and standing on 16 and 17 respectively.

How to Play Live Diamond VIP Blackjack

The round starts with a player occupying one of the seven seats available at the table. Players are allowed to take multiple seats in case spaces are available. Once that is done, they can choose their cons and place them on the main bet or side bet. Then, players can select Deal Now to receive cards. For every occupied seat, the croupier will deal two cards to the player, after which the gamer will be required to Stand, Hit, Split, or Double Down.

While the Split bet requires players to have a pair as their first two cards, Double Down, Hit, and Stand bets can be placed freely. Double Down and Split bets come with an extra wager. If a player Splits a pair of Aces, it means they will receive only one extra card per hand, and there is no option to Hit.

Once the decision-making time expires, the dealer reveals their face-down card and continues to draw cards until their hand hits a hard 17 or more. Pushing the dealer above 21 will result in a win for the player. Otherwise, the closest hand to 21 wins the round. If the player hits exactly 21 with their first two cards, they get what is known as a blackjack win, whose worth is a lot higher.

The Rules of Live Diamond VIP Blackjack

Apart from the high stakes associated with Diamond VIP Blackjack, the game has kept all the basics of live blackjack intact. Every table accommodates up to seven players, although the popular Bet Behind feature is conspicuously absent. This is the feature that allows players to place bets even if all the seven seats are occupied. But even so, the VIP scene is defined by exclusivity, so the provider did not include this feature for a good reason.

Decks and Card Values

The game used the standard blackjack deck with 52 cards. One beautiful thing about playing casino games live is that players can see the dealer shuffling and dealing the cards. In Live Diamond VIP Blackjack, cards carry the same values as the standard blackjack cards. The values are as follows:

  • Aces carry a value of either 1 or 11 (it all depends on the situation)
  • 2's to 9's hold the value of their numeric ranks
  • Face cards (K's, Q's, and J's) and 10's are valued at 10

Live Diamond VIP Blackjack Payouts

Who doesn't know that Live Diamond VIP Blackjack is synonymous with big wins? The minimum bet limit of $1,000 says it all. Any pair results in a win, and the side bet encourages players to get the best possible pair. The strength of the payout varies depending on how close the two cards march. The closer the match, the higher the payout. A colored pair delivers a 12:1 payout, while a mixed pair boasts a 6:1 payout. If both suit and color match, it is called a perfect pair, and it pays a whopping 25:1. Three of a Kind earns 30:1, while Straight and Flush pay 10:1 and 5:1, respectively.

In terms of RTP, Live Diamond VIP Blackjack returns 99.29% to live casino players. This means casinos keep only 0.71% of the total bets placed. Hence, it is one of the titles with the highest RTPs in live casinos.

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